In the last few months, we have been working to improve our offering. We are pleased to tell you that some changes have been made in our size chart.

Why was change in size chart necessary?
Simple! To make it more universal and easy-to-adapt. 

So what is the change all about?
Let's take an example, if you used to purchase Amydus size 1 then you may now select our size 3XL. To make it more clear please refer to our size chart and we are open for any queries related to size or you may also call on 9560740007. 


Amydus Size Generic Size Body Bust/Waist in Inches
0 2XL 40”
1 3XL 42”
2 4XL 44”
3 5XL 46”
4 6XL 48”
5 7XL 50”
6 8XL 52”
7 9XL 54”