Shopping for Plus size women needs to be made simpler and understanding Size Convection for Plus women helps making shopping more pleasurable...….

Where To Buy Plus Size Clothes For Plus Size Women? 

Many plus size celebrities are breaking the way the fashion industry has been focusing on petite and slim bodies. Models like Ashely Graham and more have set an example for around the world, the Industry is a business and there are no beauty standards when you feel beautiful. Essentially, many brands are not very Inclusive of plus sized women and hence this causes less shopping options for plus size women. 

While shopping for plus size women there are important parameters that need to be taken care of includes: 

  • Knowing your body type. 
  • Knowing your style. 
  • What is the occasion you are shopping for? 
  • What type of dresses make you feel comfortable and which do no. 

Whether you shop online or offline, Plus size women shopping can be very difficult. Amydus is one such online platform which provides a wide range of shopping options for plus size women, you can get your hands at the latest fashion trends and clothing in Plus size range with ease.

How To Understand Size Convection For Plus Size Women?

Plus size women fit models are selected differently than fit size women and while shopping for plus size women it is necessary to understand the shopping terms. This is important as you can purchase the right size of clothes. The standard size for Plus Size Women starts from 0X which is size 12, 1X size 14/16, 2X Size 18/20, 3X size 22/24, 4X size 26/28, Size 5X 30/32. 

Plus Sizing Differ From Fit Sizing

When we look at fit size women sizing, there are chances that many brands may take a woman with Size M (8/10). A fit size woman is not much curvier than a Plus size model. When a sizing of a plus size clothing is done, more fabric needs to be added at a certain portion of the dress or clothes to flaunt your body. As you move down or up the size scale, you'll realize there is a lot of difference Between 1X and 5X. 

Chic Minimalistic Outfit Ideas For Plus Size women

  • Using Denim Shirts: It's now about the Time to Up style your wardrobe and add some denims. A light washed denim can help you achieve a Chic look for any casual occasions like brunch and hanging out with friends. 
  • Maxi Dress: Having a Maxi Dress with Empire line dress helps in enhancing your curves and hugs your body perfectly. You can style them with a minimum amount of jewelry and give you a very sophisticated look. 
  • Pleated Skirts: For a retro appeal, and more feminine look one can choose pleated skirts, its a game changer for women. It can easily be glammed up and give you that statement outfit. 
  • Long Sleeved Dress: Another formal and chic outfit is what you are looking for, the. A long sleeved dress is one of the easiest dresses you can wear and is a wardrobe essential.