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How To Dress When You Are Overweight?

You are not alone; around 39% of the adult population is overweight. There can be multiple reasons for an overweight body which can depend on health (PCOS in women), sedentary lifestyle, and eating habits. However, it is wrong for the world to shame you for these reasons or change your eating habits; ultimately, it is your body and your choices. 

Dear overweight women, don't alter your choices or be victims of body shaming as your body is beautiful. If you feel insecure about your body, there is nothing we can do. There are multiple fashion choices that will help you overcome the insecurity and feel confident about your overweight body. 

Every individual on this planet is unique, and your one-of-a-kind fashion choices can establish your essence. However, you must remember certain aspects of your plus-size body and jaw drop on people's faces the next time you walk down the street. 

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Commonly faced fashion issues by plus-size women.

Plus-size women are often victims of limited fashion choices as many brands don't have oversize or 4XL sections. Apart from this, the stereotypes from the media and ad campaigns featuring zero-size models make it quite difficult to embrace your own fashion sense. Fat girl dressing style is something that the media have often neglected. However, that shouldn't stop you from exploring your fashion choices and establishing your plus-size fashion trend. We have put together some plus-size fashion tips to help you choose outfits that will help you embrace your curves. 

Things that you should avoid 

You need to keep certain limitations in mind for your plus-size body. Limitations exist to everything, including zero-size models or women. Hence, you shouldn't be disappointed about it. Coming back to the limitation, you need to avoid wearing outfits that have a tight fit. Outfits that have a tight fit tend to make you feel uncomfortable and make your body look disproportionate. Apart from this, you should consider avoiding light-coloured clothes and choose outfits with broader shoulders. In fact, dark-colored outfits make you look leaner and mitigate your body proportions.

Essential Wardrobe add-on

You should dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable in your sleeves. Your outfit choices should be based on this primary rule. Another suggestion is opting for outfits that make your body look proportionate. For instance, adding your wardrobe with A-line dresses will make your shoulders look wider than your waist. Apart from this, you need to include shapewear and tummy tucker in your wardrobe that makes you look leaner. You should buy tops that have puffed sleeves instead of tight sleeves. Traditional outfits like Anarkalis and Kurtis also look good. 

Trial & Error for an outfit change

Despite generic outfit ideas for plus-size bodies, you need to check out the ones that actually suit your body. You can try multiple outfits and get suggestions from your close ones. The trial & error method will help you finally get the outfit that is unique to your body signature. For instance, some individuals look good in traditional wear, whereas some rock the western outfit. 

Wear outfits that don't stick 

Another dressing tip for plus-size ladies is that you need to avoid outfits that stick to your body. For instance, body con dresses should be completely avoided as they highlight your curves and make your body look disproportionate, especially when your tummy is out, or your bust and hips will protrude out. Hence, don't wear outfits that don't stick to your skin. 

how to dress when you are overweight

Recommended Accessories

While the focus of your dressing style should not be completely focused on your outfits. You can also make use of accessories to look stylish and project a leaner look. For instance, you can wear a belt with a frail skirt or earrings with wider bottoms. This makes you proportionate. Another recommended accessory is heels or wedges that make you look taller. You can combine this with your western outfits or with palazzo pants. You can find tons of content on fat girl heel hacks and indulge in a complete fat girl makeover. 

Opt for a frail skirt 

If you are still wondering how to dress when you are fat and short, the most iconic outfit is a frail skirt. Frail skirts make your lower body proportionate with your upper body. They don't stick to your hips or thighs and hide your curves with finesse. Additionally, there are also dresses that have a frail lower portion that looks gorgeous. Finally, you can opt for a frail skirt and an oversized printed or solid shirt that gives a formal look. 

Mitigate Body Proportions

If you are wondering how to dress over 50 and overweight, the best fashion advice is to choose outfits that make your body look proportionate. For instance, printed top-wear and solid outfits shift the focus. You can also opt for oversize outfits that make your body look leaner and make you feel comfortable in your skin. 

Recommended Hairstyles

Now it is time to focus on your face. You can opt for a short shaggy hairstyle with a wavy look to balance out the curves on your face. You should try out hairstyles that add volume to your hair and make your face look smaller. Another suggestion is highlighting your hair and shifting the focus. Wavy hair is highly recommended for chubby women as it brings out your gorgeous face. 

how to dress when you are fat

Outgoing Thoughts 

Following these tips, you can be an icon for a fat girl's dressing style. These recommendations are based on a generic fashion sense. However, you must find your own fashion essence that goes well with your body type, unique face, and hairstyle. 

You no longer need to wonder how to dress when you are fat and short, as these tips will open you up to a new world of fashion possibilities. So hop on to fill your brain with fashion ideas for plus-size women with these tips allowing you to look stylish and modern.