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Tortoise Blue Flare JeansTortoise Blue Flare Jeans
Tortoise Blue Flare Jeans
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Tortoise Blue Straight Fit JeansTortoise Blue Straight Fit Jeans
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Denim Blue Tummy Tucker JeggingsDenim Blue Tummy Tucker Jeggings
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Blue Denim Inspiration PantsBlue Denim Inspiration Pants
Blue Denim Inspiration Pants
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Yale Blue Straight Jeans
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Ice Wash Bottom Design Tummy Shaper Boot Cut DenimIce Wash Bottom Design Tummy Shaper Boot Cut Denim
Ice Wash Bottom Design Tummy Shaper Boot Cut Denim
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Introducing Women's Plus Size High Waisted Jeans by Amydus

A recent report (1) published in BuzzFeed, a New York-based leading digital media company proves that jeans and bootcut pants fall under the category of most versatile clothes. So it’s safe to say that no wardrobe of curvy beauties feels complete without a pair of plus size bootcut jeans for fat women. Finding jeans for plus-size women in standard clothing brands is a feat next to impossible. But there is no shortage of plus-size bootcut jeans on Amydus, a brand dedicated to dressing plus-size ladies in clothes designed for them. Let’s take a nosedive in the selection of jeans for women in plus-size in our virtual store:     

Check Out Our High Waisted Plus Size Wide Leg Jeans Collection

Jeans are always a good idea especially when they offer a perfect fit. And at Amydus we want to see women of all shapes and sizes enjoy this goodness. With this thought in mind, we have created an entire collection of jeans for plus-size women. If you are a chubby woman who has faced trouble finding the perfect pair of jeans, the one that hugs your curves in the right way, you are at the right place. 

No matter if you are looking for plus size bootcut jeans, plus size wide leg jeans, or plus size high-waisted jeans, Amydus has a collection of jeans for fat women that many love. And we are sure, you will as well, after wearing it for the very first time. Our denim collection is available in sizes 2XL to 9XL. 

Note: It is seen that women who shop from our jeans for women plus size collection hardly visit any other online store after that. As they say and we quote, they found comfort and the right fit, they always craved. 

Explore Stylish Patterns And Designs in Jeans For Plus Size Women

Denim jeans plus size

All denim fabrics are made from cotton fibers using a twill weave. Denim is ultimately the same in appearance, but some types of denim have slight variations. Denim pants are soft and comfortable. Plus size baggy jeans for women offer comfort to women with a modern taste.

Denim is one of the most versatile garments when we talk about trendy casual wear. You can style them in many ways to suit the order rig your day. More often than not, women with fuller figures shy away from wearing types of denim as they think that it might accentuate their curves in an unflattering manner. Amydus is here to debunk this myth and help you embrace your style with confidence. Our plus size denim jeans are a wardrobe classic, available in several cuts, washes, and styles, suitable for dressing for more polished occasions or casual outings.

Denim Crease Seam Pants 

Crease, also known as whiskers, fades on the thighs of jeans. They are thin diagonal or horizontal creases that form as you wear your jeans.

These kinds of plus-size jeans for women have a slightly formal look and you can easily wear them to the office or any other formal occasion. At Amydus, you can get these jeans in 20 exquisite colours in sizes ranging from 2XL to 9XL. 

Denim Chain Printed Plus Size Straight Leg Jeans

If you are looking for something super stylish and comfy, these plus size jeans are going to be an ideal pick for you. Our Denim print plus size bootcut jeans have a flattering fit and an amazing chain print on them. You can style these trousers with a solid coloured top and own your look as you step out in style. These trousers are made from polyester spandex which facilitates an amazing fit and stretch. 

Mid-Wash - Blue denims-mid wash jeans are denim that has undergone a longer washing process to remove more of the indigo dye color. The extra washing makes the jeans softer than raw denim.

Rubbed Wonder Fit Denims - Just like the term implies, a process of rubbing and scraping the denim fabric with sandpaper or pumice stone, is used to make jeans look aged. It is called rubbed denim.

Mid Ice - Wash, denim- medium wash denim is a shade lighter than dark wash denim, as it is washed and dried many times.

Basic Denim - Denim is a sturdy cotton material that is used to make jeans. Basic denim is raw denim that is not washed after the dying process.

Sky Wash Denim - Light wash denim is two shades lighter than medium wash denim.

Distress Denim - A style of denim that is given a vintage worn look through the manufacturing process.

Types of Plus Size Jeans

  • Denim Tummy Tucker Pants

Tummy tucker pants are ideal for you if you want a slender and more tapering fit. Our tummy tucker pants can be pulled on and they do not have a button closure. These facilitate ease of eating and an amazing fit.  

  • Denim Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom Jeans Plus Size

These plus size jeans have a wide fit around the shin area and a sleek fit around the thighs and knee. Bell bottoms can make you look slender and they can be paired with almost any top of your choice. 

  • Plus Size Boot Cut Jeans 

Our Boot Cut Trousers have amazing colours that will completely spoil you for choice. Style plus size bootcut jeans with fitting tops to provide a balanced appearance, plugging blouses to highlight the high waist, and bold belts to give some flair. You can also pair our bootcut jeans for chubby women with a formal top to nail the appeal of your formal style. 

  • Plus Size Straight Leg Jeans

Our straight fit jeans are simple pull on denims that can be worn to any formal or casual event. The high waist, broad tummy shaping belt will give your jeans a seamless fit. 

  • Ice Wash Bottom Design Tummy Shaper Boot Cut Denim

Our Ice Wash Bottom Design Tummy Shaper boot cut Denim has the perfect flare at the bottom which gives an amazing fit to these denims. The superior spandex facilitates a two way stretch that facilitates ease of wearing. 

Material of Plus Size High Waisted Wide Leg Jeans

Authentic denim is made with cotton fabric. It is a durable, comfortable, and stylish outfit. But nowadays a small percentage of spandex polyester is used for additional comfort and stretch.

  • Cotton - Up to 98%
  • Spandex - 2% -8%
  • Polyester - Up to 25%

Styling Ideas for Plus Size Jeans

Workplace Jeans Plus Size

A pair of sky ice wash jeans paired with Amydus’ collar shirt or dark shade roll-up sleeve collar pleated top with heels and handbag would be an eye-catching office look or for an event. Put on a jacket and oversized jeans to look comfortable for corporate meets and workplace events.

The Casually Formal Look Plus Size Wide Leg Jeans

Blue denim tummy tucker pants blended in nylon viscose spandex, Butter soft fabric, and tummy shaping belt give a nice firm shape around the waist. a nice crease seam to give a smart look.

Summer Exclusive Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans

Nothing beats a good pair of sky-wash light blue jeans as it is perfect for a summery look. It’s also great for dressing down with any outfit like a Kurti, top, or shirt. Therefore, plus-size women's jeans in India are a great option to look stylish yet neat.

Casual Plus Size Straight Leg Jeans

Dark denim is versatile and can be used for both daytime and nighttime outfits. Pair with heels and a cooler top for a night out. Pair it with a t-shirt or floral Kurti with flats for a day out. Well, at Amydus, you can also get beautiful plus-size women's wide-leg jeans for a comfortable fit based on your body measurements.

Winter Wear Jeans Plus Size

Mid-ice wash jeans are an all-rounder as it goes well with anything and suits most people. Pair it with a jacket and casual shoes for warm and stylish winter wear.

Explain about different types of plus size jeans

We have listed different types of plus size jeans for women which are available on Amydus. You can take a pick as per your choice and style preference: 

  • Flare Jeans Plus Size

Flare jeans have an elongated silhouette and they are wide around the bottom part of the jeans. You can pair them up with normal t-shirts or formal tops depending upon the order of your day. 

  • Plus Size Straight Leg Jeans

Plus size straight leg jeans have a consistent fit throughout. These work well with casual t-shirts or formal shirts. These jeans are super versatile and can be used for putting together clean and crisp daily looks. 

  • High Waist Plus Size Bootcut Jeans

These are plus size wide leg bootcut jeans that start widening around the knees till the bottom. Our plus size high waisted bootcut jeans combine fashion and comfort, appealing to individuals who value elegant styles with a touch of retro flair. These bootcut jeans are created with a high waistband for extra support and a modest bootcut below the knee, making them flattering for plus-size individuals. Boot-cut denims have a very appealing fit and you can style them with boots or heels at your discretion. 

  • Bell Bottom Denims

Bell bottom denims have a distinct bell shaped silhouette. Since this style of denims is quite old, bell bottom denims are perfect for creating a retro look. However, they look super stylish and can be styled as per the look you have in mind. 

  • Plus Size Stretch Jeans

Our plus size stretch jeans come in a variety of designs and colours. They have a uniform fit and work very well with any kind of topwear. 

Stylish Occasions for Plus Size Jeans

Plus size jeans for women can be worn for different occasions such as:

  • Jeans Plus Size For Birthday Party

No matter if you are attending a child’s birthday party or your colleagues’, jeans work very well for putting together a nice outfit. 

  • Plus Size Wide Leg Jeans For Anniversary Party

For your own anniversary or for those of your loved ones, you can choose different kinds of jeans and style them with matching topwear to create a cohesive look. 

  • Big Size Jeans For Office Party

You can wear plus size boot-cut jeans or plus-size wide-leg denim to an office party. With the right styling and accessories, you can create a smart and well-put-together look for an office party. 

  • Plus Size Jeans For Night out Party

For an evening soirée or a rendezvous with friends or family, you can easily opt for flare jeans or stretch jeans for a gorgeous look. 

  • Jeans For Christmas Party

You can browse through our website to look for some amazing prints and colours that resonate with Christmas festivities. Style a bold colour Jean with a solid top for a structured yet fun look for a Christmas party. 

What To Wear With Plus Size Baggy Jeans

While styling plus size jeans, you can wear the following options:

  • Tops 

You can wear satin tops, cotton tops, velvet tops or any other top of your choice to create an aesthetic colour combination.

  • Tshirts

Stretch jeans, bell bottoms or boot cut denims can be worn with basic t-shirts and sneakers  for a casual and funky look. 

  • Shirts

Crisp cotton shirts look amazing with boot cut denims. Try out this combination for a formal office look and believe us, you are going to love it!

  • Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts look super cool and they are a staple part of one’s winter wardrobe. They bring about an understated charm to any outfit and you can use that appeal with any of our plus size jeans for women. 

A Detailed Look at Plus Size Denim Over the Decades

It’s an undeniable fact that stylish jeans for women have been truly one of the most versatile clothing items anyone can have in a wardrobe. Take any event, season, mood, aesthetic preferences, shape, size, or gender, there’s a pair of jeans for everyone.  From workwear to everyday essentials, XXL jeans have come a long way since their introduction during the 19th century. If you’re also intrigued by the journey of jeans for women and men, why not explore it in detail? Let’s do it: 

May 20, 1873: The Origination of Jeans

It’s the year when the renowned Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patented the first blue jeans, initially designed in the form of an overall rugged workwear. These sturdy denim pants became a symbol of durability and resilience as they were made for miners to help them work in the brutal environment of mines. It didn’t take long for the utilitarian outfit to turn into a fashion staple.

1920s to 1930s: Evolution of Plus Size Flare Jeans From Formal Occasions to Fashion Icon

While jeans were manufactured for cowboys, laborers, miners, and farmers, during the 1920s and 1930s, Hollywood took notice of jeans and introduced them as an attire fit for actors and actresses or a movie prop. And from there, there’s no looking back for jeans in XXL size.  

1950s: Plus Size Denim Jeans Making their way to Hollywood

Though denim had already reached Hollywood by then, it was during the 1950s when popular actors or personalities like Marlon Brando and James Dean transformed them into a symbol of freedom, rebellion, and individuality. Large-size jeans turned into the notorious symbol of rebellious youth who put them on while opposing the Vietnam War.

1960s: The Evolution of Plus Size Flare Jeans

It’s the era when the hippie revolution took place and from being a men’s wear, jeans turned into a unisex outfit. It was also the birth period of cult favorite bell-bottom jeans and plus-size boyfriend jeans.  

1970s: Stylish Jeans for Women/Americana

The 1970s saw the emergence of various denim styles, including bell bottoms and flared jeans, inspired by showbiz's cool-girls of the era. From being a fashion icon in the USA to all over the globe, jeans became global. 

The 1980s: Introducing Designer Plus Size Ripped Jeans

While blue bell bottom or straight-fit jeans were still popular, during the 1980s men and women alike came out of the trance state and popularised black ripped jeans or the grunge style. Experiments with denim reached its peak in this period. These edgy styles reflected the rebellious spirit of the decade, empowering men and women to be bold with their styles.

1990s: Baggy and High-Waist Jeans For Fat Ladies

As fashion is volatile, so are the trends surrounding jeans. From slim-waisted stylish jeans for women to high-rise jeans for plus-size women, the shift during this era is remarkable. In the 1990s, baggy jeans and high-waisted styles garnered the most attention among plus-size women, and its proof is captured in pictures of this era. 

2000s: Skinny Jeans for Women’s Plus Size

The 2000s witnessed the rise of skinny jeans, catering to the altering tastes of women. With advancements in fabric technology, designers created stretchy skinny jeans for women plus-size. Being the epitome of flexibility and comfort, women of modern times couldn’t even dodge these. The only tweak modern skinny jeans showcase is these are high-waisted instead of low-rise pants. For example, Denim Blue Tummy Tucker Jeggings. 

A Closer Look at How All Plus Size Jeans Introduced in India

When the global fashion market was falling in love with jeans, India didn’t restrict itself from joining the squad. While the admiration for jeans among Indian youth dates back to the '70s and '80s, it was during the '90s when the infatuation for jeans turned into a love for this apparel. Amidst all the hustle-bustle surrounding this pair of ‘blue wonder’, Arvind Mills revolutionized the Indian denim industry by introducing plus-size denim jeans in 1986.  This pioneering initiative paved the way for inclusive fashion, challenging conventional beauty standards and promoting body positivity.

As time progressed, women became more experimentative, and instead of being content with the regular plus-size flare jeans, they asked for more. But where to find the perfect jeans for curvy women? Body-positive brands like Amydus came to the rescue. We understood how random jeans for fat women are no good. They need something special, something that makes them feel feminine and womanly. And voila! We introduced jeans for fat girls in styles that were unheard of before. 

Today, jeans have diminished the distinction between jeans for men and women. The prevalence of unisex jeans is a major reason behind this. It’s not any more workwear of the labor class, but rather a class-neutral apparel that people from all walks of life confidently rock throughout the year. 

India, just like the Western countries, is not afraid of accepting jeans as everyday essentials. With the growing demand for plus-size boyfriend jeans, plus-size mom jeans, or high-waist jeans for fat ladies, here at Amydus, we are proud to meet the demand for jeans for chubby ladies. 

With so many jeans shades, styles, cuts, waist rise, length, and fly type, women now have endless choices. The collection of Amydus is strong proof of this. From flare jeans to straight-fit pants, bootcut denim to bell bottom, jeggings to printed plus-size ripped jeans - Amydus is the epitome of inclusivity. Irrespective of your preferences, you’re sure to find a piece or two or more amidst our selection of jeans for women. Just check the size guide listed beside every product and pick the best fit for yourself! 


Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. To get your elegant comfortable and stylish look, Amydus presents a wide range of comfortable and stylish denim for you in sizes 2XL-9XL. We have broken the norm of jeans not being available to plus-size women due to size restrictions in manufacturing. We have broken down this barrier by curating jeans for plus-size women and it's time to trust yourself. Be confident and happy. 

Why Choose Amydus?

Amydus is a brand that specializes in plus-size fashion. We truly believe that fashion is a very powerful way to express yourself. Not only does it work wonders for your appearance but elevates your confidence level as well. In addition to our plus size stretch jeans, you can also browse through other varieties of garments like dresses, tops, shirts, shapewear etc. 

FAQs on Large Size Jeans or Plus-Size Jeans For Women

Q. Which type of jeans is best for plus-size ladies?

A: Straight-fit jeans, bootcut jeans and flared jeans are considered best for plus-size ladies. Check out the best plus-size denim jeans from Amydus. 

Q. Can plus-size women wear jeans?

A: Yes, a plus-size woman can wear jeans. Amydus brings you an amazing collection of plus-size jeans for women. 

Q. What are the different types of plus-size jeans?

A: The different types of plus size baggy jeans for women are narrow fit jeans, straight fit jeans, high waist jeans for plus size women and bell-bottom jeans

Q. What jeans are best for a chubby woman?

A: Chubby women can get themselves bootcut trousers, flared pants or tummy-shaper boot-cut denim to slay in style and embrace every curve. 

Q. Should plus-size women wear high-waisted jeans?

A: Yes, chubby ladies can wear high-waist jeans. It will give them a slimmer silhouette.

Q. Is Levi's the first pair of jeans?

Yes. Levi’s is the oldest brand that also has the patent of blue jeans and is recognized to make it mainstream among the youth all over the globe. 

Q. When did girls start wearing jeans?

Women during the 1950s started to welcome jeans in their wardrobe.  

Q. Who invented jeans for girls?

Levi’s is the jeans brand that remained behind the invention of jeans for girls in 1934.

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