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Beige LeggingsBeige Leggings
Beige Leggings
Sale priceRs. 899
High Waist White JeggingsHigh Waist White Jeggings
High Waist White Jeggings
Sale priceRs. 2,499
Black Essential Tummy Shaper JeggingBlack Essential Tummy Shaper Jegging
Navy Essential Tummy Shaper JeggingNavy Essential Tummy Shaper Jegging
Olive Essential Tummy Shaper JeggingOlive Essential Tummy Shaper Jegging
Black LeggingsBlack Leggings
Black Leggings
Sale priceRs. 1,399
White Basic LeggingsWhite Basic Leggings
White Basic Leggings
Sale priceRs. 1,299
Wine Red Tummy Tucker JeggingsWine Red Tummy Tucker Jeggings
Wine Red Tummy Tucker Jeggings
Sale priceRs. 2,499
Olive Beige Camouflage Tummy Shaper Printed LeggingsOlive Beige Camouflage Tummy Shaper Printed Leggings
Olive Beige Camouflage Tummy Shaper Printed Leggings
Sale priceRs. 1,499 Regular priceRs. 2,499
Mint Green Tummy Tucker JeggingsMint Green Tummy Tucker Jeggings
English Grey Tummy Tucker JeggingsEnglish Grey Tummy Tucker Jeggings
Emerald Tummy Tucker JeggingsEmerald Tummy Tucker Jeggings
Emerald Tummy Tucker Jeggings
Sale priceRs. 2,499
Plus Size Dusty Pink Tummy Tucker JeggingsPlus Size Dusty Pink Tummy Tucker Jeggings
Fawn Tummy Tucker JeggingsFawn Tummy Tucker Jeggings
Fawn Tummy Tucker Jeggings
Sale priceRs. 2,499
Ice Blue Tummy Tucker JeggingsIce Blue Tummy Tucker Jeggings
Ice Blue Tummy Tucker Jeggings
Sale priceRs. 2,499
Plus Size Dusty Lilac Tummy Tucker JeggingsPlus Size Dusty Lilac Tummy Tucker Jeggings
Denim Blue Tummy Tucker JeggingsDenim Blue Tummy Tucker Jeggings
Tan Tummy Tucker JeggingsTan Tummy Tucker Jeggings
Tan Tummy Tucker Jeggings
Sale priceRs. 2,499

Leggings are women’s clothing that fits tightly over both legs from the waist to the feet, like a thin pair of trousers. We have a large collection of leggings, in a variety of patterns, prints, designs, and colors. We have tried to present some of our comfortable range of women plus size leggings here.

Amydus offers a wide range of plus-size comfortable and stylish plus-size leggings for confident and stylish women for casual as well as daily wear.

Introducing Women's Plus-Size Leggings & Jeggings At Your Fingertips!

Types of plus size leggings

In women’s plus size jeggings there is a huge variety to explore at Amydus, few of them are-

  • Camouflage Tummy Shaper - Camouflage print is a fashion name for military print.
  • Denim Inspirational Warm Winter Fleece - Women’s plus size leggings with soft thermal fleece inside for a warm and cozy feel in winter.
  • Black White Plaids Print - Plaid is a pattern in which vertical and horizontal lines of two or more two colors, cross each other at right angles forming box layouts.
  • Monochrome Tropical Triangle Print - Monochrome is a pattern where only black color is used on white fabric. Tropical includes designs of palm trees, flowers, or leaves. Triangle is a geometric shape. Therefore, this pattern of leggings includes a black and white triangle with leaves or flower prints on it.
  • Black Directional Print - Directional print or one-way print is when it is cleared up and down to the pattern on the fabric.
  • Teal Mermaid Printed - Mermaid scales are printed in dark blue-green color (aquatic), cotton spandex leggings XXL size.
  • Gold Baroque Print - Baroque style employs plentiful and intricate ornamentation. It has overlapping figures and elements in deep colors and contrast.
  • Racer Checkered Print - The stripes of the same color run vertically and horizontally on white fabric.
  • Quirky Comic - Comic prints are printed on the xl size leggings.
  • Tie-dye Winter Fleece - Tie-dye is a method of dyeing by hand in which colored patterns are produced in the fabric by tying a small portion of the material to make a design before dyeing the cloth. These prints look colorful, beautiful, and soothing.
  • Galaxy Print - A galaxy print includes a collection of stars, sun, moon, and planets in a colorful pattern.
  • Black and White Snake Print - In this print snakeskin design/ pattern is printed.


Most of the women’s plus size jeggings and xxl leggings are made of blended cotton and polyester spandex.

Fleece is used for winter leggings for warmth and comfort.


  • Tummy shaper 4xl leggings
  • Basic womens plus size leggings

Finding the Perfect Fit Plus Size Leggings for Women Online at Amydus

Being plus-size in no way suggests that you can only opt for jeans or trousers as your bottomwear. You can be as experimental with your clothes as the next slim person. The collection of plus-size leggings on Amydus truly reflects the freedom to experiment with outfits for curvy ladies. 

With the size and fit options as varied as we find Amydus leggings for plus-size ladies, it’s your safe place online to find the perfect fit plus-size gym leggings online. Leggings are indeed fun, functional wardrobe essentials that can take women from gyms to the office. Suitable for various occasions, and settings, plus-size leggings for women on Amydus do not leave any scope for complaint. From their fabric quality to the seams and sewing work, everything makes the leggings highly comfortable and size-inclusive. 

Comfort and Style Combined in Amydus’ Plus Size Leggings and Jeggings

Women’s leggings must not compromise on two crucial aspects of clothing - style and comfort. Both of these need each other to make you feel like an absolute princess in Amydus’s plus-size jeggings and leggings. 

A pair of leggings is of no use if it feels itchy, doesn’t fit right or the cut that flatters plus-size ladies is missing. Every woman only wants to add clothing pieces to her collection that make them feel like her absolute present. Keeping all these in our vision, Amydus has unrolled its selection of leggings in XXL size and larger pieces that stand out for their colors, prints & patterns, styles, fits, and cuts.

Our goal is to make every plus-size woman feel beautiful and help them to be comfortable without sacrificing style. Made of high-quality stretchy fabric, the leggings move with your every movement and do not fall flat on you. It hugs you everywhere to sit on your right, rather than slipping or sliding off. 

Styling plus size XXL leggings

The range of leggings XXL size and womens plus size tights is massive and you can select which enhances your style the most from geometric play, camouflage printed jeans, dye lounge, floral, plaid printed leggings and many more.


Racer checkered printed leggings XXL size are perfect for sports and exercise or you can wear them for a casual look too.

Casual Outings

A mermaid prints in 4XL leggings, for free-spirited women, as it symbolizes freedom, femininity, and magic.


Amydus’ basic womens plus size leggings are perfect for daily use as you can pair them with any of your Kurtis, tops, or shirts.

Evening Visits

Pick any Amydus women’s plus size jeggings of your choice and pair it with Kurti or a top, from your collection with flats or casual shoes, or sneakers for a comfortable and effortless look.


Amydus’ warm winter fleece leggings XXL size are perfect for winter. Pair it with a top, shirt, and denim jacket with casual shoes.

Why Trust Amydus?

Amydus is one of the leading plus-size-friendly clothing brands that pours its heart and soul into offering the best possible shopping experience to its customers. We ensure plus-size women feel the best in our plus-size clothes, whether leggings in XXL size, dresses, or anything else. 

We stand by our commitment to help curvy women find the perfect outfits in their ideal sizes. To blend the best of both worlds in our collection, we have stocked pieces that fit the plus-size ladies as gloves while also available in colors, prints, patterns, styles, and cuts that make everyone fall in love with them.

With keen attention to superior quality customer satisfaction above all else, you’ll surely enjoy the shopping journey on our platform. Let Amydus be your fashion partner and virtual stylist!

Womens plus size leggings come in so many different colors and patterns so you can wear them with anything. Collect your favorite patterns, designs, and colors from our collection of leggings. Sizes available are 2XL-9XL. Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. Be strong and be happy.

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