Not All Plus-size Bodies Are Exactly the Same—Amydus Gets It

If you're a plus-size shopper, you know the frustration that comes from brands taking straight-size clothing, making it larger, and assuming it'll fit the same. This practice doesn't take into account how the body changes when weight is added, how a silhouette might need to be readjusted for different body types, how hemlines might need to be longer.

It always felt  that clothing should fit us as we are, not that we should fit clothing as it comes. Designing for a plus-size body, after all, is slightly more complicated than creating a garment for a size small or medium: Three women who all wear a size xxxl might carry their weight differently—how can clothing fit correctly with so many variations?


There haven't been any efforts specifically for the traditionally underserved plus-size community. With that in mind, Amydus debuts with an easy, versatile range of pieces, which makes it easy to bring dimensional sizing to a wider audience—tops, jeggings, kurtis, skirts, dresses, and more. The question becomes: Could this be the next great innovation in the plus-size industry?

All of Amydus's clothing is available in sizes 2xl to 9xl. It should not only increases with the size but that it be fitted and graded in a way that made sense. Not just fitted on a size 18 and then [scaled] upward, but fit every two sizes so that it’s really, genuinely tailored to [every size].

We should be very focused on serving her as a human being, and not only putting clothing on her body or shoes on her feet, but serving her soul. This is our community and this is our woman, and we’re most proud to be plus exclusive and to create that plus-to-plus community beyond the product.

So is dimensional sizing the solution to the endless fit issues plus-size shoppers endure, the fix they've been patiently waiting for? Perhaps. One thing is clear, though: It’s bound to be a game changer.

"The universe, quite literally, is endless from a category standpoint, think about the far-reaching categories that are terrible to embody and shop in as a plus-size woman, and think about how incredible it would be to have these little tweaks and have these dimensions that fit your body as it is.”