Will It Fit? Straddling Between Standard And Plus-Size

Will It Fit? Straddling Between Standard And Plus-Size

One of the most challenging aspects of getting the right outfit is getting the ideal fit for you. There can be situations where you find an outfit of your choice and you are unable to determine which size is best for you. However, sizing styles in women are perfectly categorized. Yes, that’s right! You can find the right size if you know where to look and what to find. As an oversize woman, you need to buy clothes from brand’s that value your beauty. Brands that offer plus-size clothing for women truly understand the importance of the essence of beauty in every individual.

Why Do Some Clothing Stores Don’t Offer Plus-Size Options? 

It is an unfortunate reality that plus-size clothing options in women are to be found. Many mainstream brands are focused on standardized clothing options which have been influenced by society’s perception of beauty. However, there are some brands that understand that each individual is beautiful and has their own essence. Brand’s have a duty to make fashion accessible to all and constraint it with sizing options. Fortunately, this norm has been changing as brands are realizing this fashion cruelty. There is no shame in being oversize and society needs to be welcoming about it. This is something that needs to be inscribed on the stone.

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Statistics Into Women’s Clothing Sizes

It has been estimated that the average size among women is between 16-18. This has increased over the years and has become a new norm. There are multiple factors that have led to this current phase. While some brands are genuinely making plus-size accessible to all; there are some who are doing so for the growing market value of the industry. As of 2019, many individuals are preferring plus-size clothing as it is compatible with their body measurement. Based on the market value capital of plus-size clothing, the gradual growth in the industry suggests that plus-size clothing will soon become a norm.

Women Struggling To Find The Right Fit

While the fashion industry is recognizing the potential of plus-size clothing, there are still things to put in work. Yes, that’s right! Brands are still behind the plus-size race. There are also apparel outlets that are offering limited options in the plus-size range. When women shop in the market, they see an outfit and ask for a plus-size. However, in the majority of the cases, oversize women don’t get a plus-size option for the outfit they choose. This has made it very difficult for oversize women to find outfits of their choice which also has a plus-size range. However, the good news is that there are brands that are understanding this and have specifically launched plus-size clothing for women.

Whom To Look For Plus-Size Inspiration?

Despite the limited choices of plus-size outfits, many celebrities who have a plus-size are set on redefining the fashion industry. Yes that’s right, celebrities like Meghan Trainor, Parineeti Chopra, popular comedian Bharti, Vidya Balani, and others are inspirations that you need to look at. When you set an inspiration, you are focused on achieving your goals which in this case is becoming fashion savvy despite limitations. With inspiration, you will get guidance to walk down the right path. If you look at zero-size models for inspiration, you will end up with disappointment. You need to accept that you are different yet beautiful. Hence, set your eyes on like minded people whose interests resonate with yours.

Tips For Plus-Size Women Finding The Right Fit

The harsh truth is that initially it will be difficult finding outfits that fit you exactly. You will need to alter it or need help navigating your outfit choices. While this is true, here are some of the tips that can help you ace the sizing aspect in finding the right attire that is a perfect fit. Here you go;

1) Take measurements and compare with sizing charts

The very first step in finding outfits of the right size, is to get your body measurements quantized. Yes, that’s right! You will need to take a measuring tape and take measurements of your hips, bust, and chest. These are essential components allowing you to compare with standard and plus-size charts.

2) Experiment with Sizes

Yes, that’s right! Once you take measurements and compare it with the sizing chart. Pick an option that is best suited with your body measurements. You will need to experiment and this stage. For instance, suppose you are in the 4XL category. You buy a 4XL outfit. However, you soon realize that the 4XL outfit is baggy or loose. Then you can return the outfit and opt for a smaller size. Hence, experimentation will help and it does not take additional charges.

3) Find brands that care for plus-size women

Last but not the least, you have a responsibility to identify which people value your presence. Don’t spend your energy on those who don’t value you. You are your greatest strength and don’t weigh it against them. Happiness does not lie outside but within yourself! Hence, find brands that value your uniqueness and the distinct beauty that you have to offer. This will allow you to find outfits personalized to your body type and size.

4) And more

There are many other aspects that you need to consider for plus-size shopping. Pick a brand that values you with sizes that fit you!

The End of the Struggle

Look, if you are straddling between standard and plus-size, your answer lies with you. Yes, you know your body well, every inch of your curves, and its measurements. Therefore, it is upto you alone to pick between standard and plus-size sizing considering your body size. Besides, you also have the option to compare your body measurements with the brand’s sizing guide allowing you to make the right decision. It isn’t hard to find the right fit, provided you are open about your body measurements and look for the sizing guide. Everything else will fall into place.