Trendy Modern Striped Kurtis For Plus Size Women: From Day To Night

Trendy Modern Striped Kurtis For Plus Size Women: From Day To Night

Striped Kurtis are a great option if you're a plus-size woman seeking a fashionable and functional outfit to add to your collection. These cosy and stylish shirts may be worn up or down, making them appropriate for any situation. 

Also, plus size women may consider striped Kurtis since the designs can lengthen the body and have a slimming impact.

Plus Size Striped Kurtis: The Perfect Mix Of Comfort And Style

There are several striped kurti styles, each with a distinctive appearance and feel. Here are a few well-liked choices from Amydus:

Horizontal Stripe Kurtis- The Best For You

These stripes span the whole garment width, giving it a bold and graphic appearance. Use thicker stripes that are pretty close if you want to wear this look well. By doing so, you'll be able to maintain proportion and prevent the "tent" effect. 

When appropriately used, horizontal stripes may provide an advantage, so browse through Amydus to assist you in choosing the best designs and patterns.

Discover Comfort With Vertical Stripe Kurtis

Get a striped kurti with narrow, closely spaced lines to further lengthen your shape. These stripes span the entire length of the clothing, giving the body the appearance of size. Use broader, wider stripes for a more relaxed, boho look.

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The ideal patterns for plus size ladies are vertical stripes since they give your body a very slender impression and minimise the bulky areas on the sides.

Get Adventurous- Choose Mixed Striped Kurtis

Some striped Kurtis combine horizontal and vertical stripes for a distinctive and striking appearance. This look is fantastic for plus-size ladies who wish to experiment with various striped patterns and produce a more dynamic shape.

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Try wearing these striped Kurtis with bottoms in a similar solid hue to complete the look. For instance, you might wear a blue and white striped kurti and combine it with either white pants or a turquoise skirt. You can accessorise with striking jewellery or a belt if you want to add visual appeal and define your waistline.

Plus Size Striped Kurtis For All Body Types - The Ultimate Guide

When choosing the right kurti, you need to consider your body type. To understand how these stripes will affect the shape of your body, here are some quick tips to consider according to your body type.

Hourglass Body

If you are blessed with an hourglass body, your bust and hips are proportionately balanced, and your waist is narrower. Choose a striped kurti with a tight core and a flared bottom to draw attention to your curves. Doing this may define your waist and give you a feminine appearance.

Apple-Shaped Body

If your body is structured like an apple, most of your weight is distributed in the middle. Choose a striped kurti with vertical stripes that extend the entire length of the garment to complement your shape. Your physique will lengthen, and you'll have a slimming impact.

Pear-Shaped Body

If you have a pear-shaped figure, your hips and thighs take up most of your weight. Choose a striped kurti with horizontal stripes across the bust and shoulders to balance your proportions. This will make the shape more balanced and pull the gaze higher.

Rectangle-Shaped Body

If your physique is rectangular-shaped, your bust, hips, and waist are all around the same width, and you lack a marked waistline. Choose a striped kurti with a tight core and a flared bottom to give curves and visual appeal to your shape. You could also choose a striped kurti with mismatched stripes for a more dynamic appearance.

3 Best Ideas To Accessorize Plus Size Striped Kurtis For Women

To make your appearance more complementary, try accessorising your overall look. For a plus size woman, her confidence lies in herself and how she carries herself. Forget the talks about having an ideal body size because if everyone looked the same, how would we find natural beauty? You are gorgeous the way you are, so slay it, girl!

Always Wear A Piece Of Jewelry

Your striped kurti attire might be enhanced by adding shine and sparkle from statement jewellery. Pick earrings, necklaces, or bracelets that go well with the hues of your kurti. Choose a modest set of stud earrings or a tiny bracelet for a more subdued appearance.

Pick The Complementing Footwear

Your striped kurti outfit may transition from day to night with the proper footwear. Consider wearing your kurta with sandals or sneakers for a laid-back afternoon appearance. Use heels or ankle boots for a more elegant nighttime appearance.

Combine A Purse/Clutch

Every striped kurti outfit looks great when accessorised with a chic purse. Choose a bag that fits the event and the colours of your kurti. Choose a crossbody purse or tote bag for a relaxed afternoon style. Use a clutch or shoulder bag for a more formal evening appearance.

Amydus- Top Striped Kurti Designs For Plus Size Women Looking To Make A Statement

In conclusion, plus size women may look chic and fashionable in striped kurtis. There is a striped kurti pattern for every body shape and personal taste, whether you choose horizontal, vertical, or mixed stripes. 

Accessorise with the appropriate jewellery, shoes, and purse to complete your style, and be bold in mixing and matching various items to create a stylish ensemble. Check out fashion blogs, publications, and online stores specialising in plus-size apparel for further ideas and inspiration.

Go check out Amydus for the best-striped kurtis for women in the market at attractive prices.