XXXL hoodies & sweatshirts are considered as a staple fashion attire for women. Hence, you need to add these plus size sweatshirts to your wardrobe...…..

How To Wear Hoodies For Different Occasions

Hoodies and Sweatshirts are very versatile and can be easily worn for any occasion. They are also one of the most comforting pieces of clothing you could buy is hoodies. When you have nothing jito wear, a hoodie or a sweatshirt is all you need. Here we have mentioned some tips which will help you style your favorite sweatshirt or Hoodies for any occasion. 

Casual Look: 

If you are looking for something casual for everyday purposes. You can put on an oversized hoodie or a sweatshirt with a pair of black leggings, shorts or any other bottom of your choice. You can also achieve a sporty outfit by wearing hooded shirts, t-shirts, joggers or even tracksuit bottoms. You can even pair them with a bomber jacket and some sneakers of your choice. 

A Chic Look: 

You can choose to wear a crew neck top into your high waisted pants and add a pair of sleek sneakers, and a blazer too will make your outfit more comfortable. Try wearing a cropped total neck or sweatshirt with mini skirts and you can either wear sneakers or flats or sandals. Another way for you to achieve a chic and polished look is a sweatshirt with a tough funnel neck and parrot with a middle skirt and you are good to go. 

An Edgy look: 

You can sass up your daily hoodie with some neutral colors and add some chunky boots or sneakers to complete the look. You can even layer your hoodie with a jacket and skinny jeans. 

How To Buy A Hoodie? 

Buying a hoodie online can be a bit tricky, and hence reading the description is always a safe option and this also helps you to know the product better. Things to look for in a hoodie: 

  • Material of the hoodies matters the most, choose materials which can absorb moisture depending upon the season and weather. 
  • Fit: Both hoodies and Sweatshirts have different cuts and styles. Choose a hoodie in such a way which makes you feel comfortable and you can easily style them with your other outfits. 
  • Neckline: Hoodies and Sweatshirts have different types of necklines like crew neck, fennel neck and more. Choose the one as per your style. 
  • Zips: one difference between sweatshirts and hoodies is that sweatshirts are pullovers but hoodies might contain zips, and sometimes they do not. Choose as per occasion and when you want to buy them and wear them. 
  • Hood: Some of the sweatshirts contain hoodies and some do not. 

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