Western Wear with Style

A Curvy Girl's Guide to Mastering Western Wear with Style

Fashion and style are not limited to the range of slimmer women. Curvy women have also learnt to play the style game with confidence and zeal. It’s true that the fashion rules heavily differ for plus, thin, and slim women. As each body type is unique, so do the styles. The modern fashion industry believes in celebrating everybody. Curvy women who are in love with Western wear should start planning their wardrobe by identifying their body shape first. Always invest in a style that matches your personality. Today, we'll explore the different body shapes and ways to determine yours, and the Western wear style guide for curvy ladies. 

Understanding Your Body Shape

Picking clothes without determining your body type is a gamble that people often lose. Your body shape decides the most suitable clothes, fabric, colours, cuts and styles. So it’s safe to say that women’s guide to wearing Western wear depends on identifying the body shape. It’s the foundation of your wardrobe. So before we dive into the wardrobe essentials, let's briefly explore different body shapes to help you identify and celebrate your curves.

The journey to determine your body shape begins with measuring yourself. Take a measuring tape to find out your waist, hip, chest and shoulder circumference. 

  1. Hourglass: If your bust and hips measure the same with a visibly smaller waist, you fall into the category of an hourglass figure
  2. Apple: If your chest, shoulder and waist are heavier than your hips, you might have an apple shape. 
  3. Pear: If you rock a smaller bust and waist with fuller hips and thighs, you are pear-shaped.
  4. Rectangle: With a straight silhouette with minimal curves, where the waist, bust and hips are of similar width, you are rectangular-shaped.
  5. Inverted Triangle: when your upper body is heavier than your lower half and it gives off an athletic vibe, you fall into the category of an inverted triangle. 

Must-Have Western Wear Staples for Curvy Women

You can be a plus with any of these body shapes. Just as much as a plus woman can be an apple, so do inverted triangles or triangles. But a few rules for curvy ladies remain the same irrespective of the body shape. Let’s unravel them: 

Plus Size Tops

Plus size tops, wrap tops, V-necks, flared and bootcut tops look amazing on our fellow curvy ladies as they accentuate the waist and draw attention to the smallest part of the body. 

Plus Size T-Shirts

V-neck, boat neck or scoop neck tees in fabrics like cotton or linen that end right above your hips or below your hips are the best for our curvy ladies.

Plus Size Long Tunics

V-neck long tunics in dark shades with full or 3/4th sleeves are versatile wardrobe essentials for women. You can pair them with tailored trousers or jeans for a chic look.

Plus Size Shirts

Choose shirts with an A-line cut and V-neck to create a slimmer illusion. Tuck them into high-waisted jeans or trousers to emphasise the waist, and show off an hourglass shape.

Plus Size Bottom Wear

As much as top wear, bottom wear also plays a vital role in the Western wear style guide for plus ladies: 

Plus Size Jeans

Being a universal choice, a pair of tailored, high-rise jeans must be in your wardrobe all the time. Dark-wash denim or jeans in light blue, black or white, whichever you choose, must blend with your topwear. These are easy to dress up or down as per the occasion. 

Plus Size Pants

Tailored pants or trousers deserve a chef’s kiss. Team them up with t-shirts, tops or shirts, you can never go wrong. Choose among slim-fit, wide-leg or bootcut styles to accentuate your curves. You should always select high-waisted trousers to define the waist and cinch that waistline. 

Plus Size Coord Sets

Coordinate sets are a game-changer for curvy fashionistas. They effortlessly combine style and comfort, without the extra hassle of racing your mind to put together a Western look with minimal effort. Choose printed sets with bold prints from Amydus to eliminate the trouble of going through your entire wardrobe to find matching pieces.

Styling Tips for Plus Size Western Wear

A few styling tips for plus women to include in your women’s guide to wearing Western wear:

  1. Invest in Tailoring: There is nothing like tailored pieces that take the eyes toward your curves without being too over the top. Anything too loose or too tight doesn’t look good. 
  2. Vertical over Horizontal: Always choose vertical stripes to elongate your figure, and appear slimmer. Small prints look better on women than large prints.
  3. Play with Accessories: Belts can be your best friend to define your waist.
Now you have the perfect Western wear style guide in your arsenal, it’s time to go through the listed products on Amydus, your fashion corner online to buy plus-friendly clothes. A dedicated shopping store for plus people, Amydus has the perfect collection of Western wear that makes you feel uniquely you. So, go ahead, and let your style shine!