How to Measure Plus Size

How to Measure Plus-Size

The modern fashion industry is slowly accepting plus individuals and doing its best to turn into an inclusive industry for fashion lovers. Brands like Amydus play a critical role in welcoming this change and making it possible. Understanding your body type is crucial for everyone to select outfits that flatter oneself and boost confidence. As the average store is still somewhat lagging to ditch the idea of ‘one size fits all’, choosing the right fit for plus women is challenging. Amydus recognizes this struggle and helps plus beauties break free from sizing issues and bad designs.

The best way to measure oneself is by using a measuring tape. Take the reading of your bust, waist and hip to determine your body shape and size. Once you have these measurements, check the size chart available on Amydus. Check which clothing size comes close to your size and select it as your ideal women’s dress size.

Plus-Size Chart

The size chart usually remains constant for every body shape and size. It might differ a few centimetres but the gap won’t go beyond 3 to 4 centimetres.

Following this plus-size chart, XXL size in number for ladies’ topwear and bottom wear is pretty simple. 

Plus-Size Chart for Top Wear

Though determining the size of the top wear and bottom wear heavily differs from each other, nonetheless, both are important. 

The size of the bottom wear depends on the bust, waist, and hip. 

Plus-Size Chart for Bottom Wear

Deciding the size of the bottom wear depends on the waist, hip, inseam length, and outseam length. 

Frequently Asked Questions on XXL Size in Number for Ladies

1. Is Size 18 Large or XL?

Size 18 falls into the XL category. It's best to consult the brand's sizing chart for accurate information, and perfect fit.

2. Is a Size 20 for Women Considered Plus Size?

Yes, size 20 is considered a plus size for women.

3. What Size is 8XL in Women's Clothing?

8XL is a plus size for women. It's crucial to refer to the brand's sizing chart to understand the bust, hips, and waist measurements for both topwear and bottom wear.

4. What is XXXL Size in Number for Ladies?

XXXL size in number for ladies falls within the 18-20 range. Plus-friendly brands like Amydus emphasise inclusivity and recognize that fashion is for all body types.