Bell Bottom Jeans Top Ideas

6 Best Bell Bottom Jeans Top Ideas

Since fashion trends keep coming back, one trend that has hopped in the fashion industry once again is bell bottoms, and we’ve never been happier. Bell bottom jeans are a type of jeans that look great on every body type, from skinny to plus-size beauties; they fit everyone without a flaw. The gorgeous silhouette of these pants makes them a perfect element to give a retro touch with a contemporary flair in your outfit. 

Bell bottoms have found their way back from the 70s and are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe these days. One dilemma that might occur in many people’s minds is how to style bell bottom pants. Don’t worry because that’s exactly what we’ve covered in this blog. So let’s have a look at some of the best bell bottom jeans top ideas for modern women.

6 Bell Bottom Jeans & Top Ideas

Here are some of the most practical ideas to style tops for bell bottom pants:

  • Flare Jeans with a Centre Pleat Top

Centre pleat tops are undoubtedly among the best plus size tops for ladies. They not only look decent but are the most comfortable option. This comfort makes them easy to wear throughout the day. Centre pleat tops are ideal for office wear since they’re not revealing at all. 

By pairing these two together, you get sophistication combined with a retro charm accentuating your upper body structure and having a flare at the bottom. This light pink floral centre pleat top is a perfect outfit for professional meetings or semi-formal occasions. Isn’t this one of the best bell bottom jeans top ideas?

  • Bell Bottom Jeans with a Wrap-Top

Talking about tops for bell bottom pants that provide a cinched waist, wrap tops are also a great idea. If you like being simple yet classy, a wrap top is a fashion-forward choice. It’s a perfect balance between comfort and style. This one, too, is a great choice for professional settings. 

Choosing the right colors for your jeans and tops is a game changer, so don’t forget to focus on that. If you’re a plus-size girlie, consider checking out this cute satin wrap-top from Amydus, and we assure you that you’ll be impressed.

  • Bell Bottom Jeans with a Shirt

Another one on the list of our wonderful bell bottom jeans top ideas is the classic and evergreen shirt. If we could, we would write an entire blog on the timeless elegance and numerous ways to style a classic black shirt from Amydus. 

When paired with bell bottom jeans, they’re like a symphony together. If you’re wondering how to style bell bottom pants and give them a traditional look, you can style it as an indo-western outfit by adding chunky silver jewelry and traditional juttis. It’s a perfect look for office, college, brunch, etc. 

  • Bell Bottoms with a Corset Top

As we said earlier, trends keep coming back and make their way from the past to today’s modern wardrobes. Corset tops are again in trend, and for the right reason this time, fashion! Pairing bell bottoms with corset tops is like a match made in heaven. 

The silhouette, the vibe, and the confidence it delivers are commendable. Corsets accentuate your curves, giving a cinched look, and bell bottoms tend to make your legs look longer. So, all the girlies looking to embrace their bodies can go with this exquisite and one of the most stylish bell bottom jeans top ideas.

  • Bell Bottom Jeans with a Bodysuit

Bodysuit is one of the most elegant tops for bell bottom pants as it gives a very sleek and professional look, giving the limelight to the flared pants. A bodysuit gives a polished appearance, making it look neat which is suitable for professional settings.

The bell bottom jeans, on the other hand, become the center of attention, adding a touch of drama to the outfit. If you’re someone who prefers comfort over fashion, this option is definitely for you, but without compromising on style. 

  • Bell Bottoms with a Loose-Fit Sweater

For a casual, easy-breezy look, loose-fit tops for bell bottom pants look very cute. Flared pants hug your body from the right places delivering a perfect proportion, offering a relaxed yet attractive silhouette. This look also provides warmth and comfort, making it ideal for a cuddly winter. 

Loose-fit sweaters and tops are a popular choice among plus-size women. Now, with this styling tip, plus size flare jeans for women will also become an everyday choice. You can experiment with different color combinations, from basic black to trendy beige; every color has its own uniqueness and charm.

In a Nutshell

So, this marks the end of this blog. Now that you’re still reading, we believe you found the above information quite interesting. Bell bottom jeans are a versatile choice for any body type, and it must be clear by now because we’ve given you ideas on what to wear with bell bottoms

This was just the gist of choosing the ideal tops for bell bottom pants. You can experiment with different types of tops and see how many looks you can create. Don’t forget to accessorize, and you’re good to go. If you’re looking for great quality plus-size clothing for women, don’t forget to check out Amydus!


Q. What do you wear on bell bottoms?

A: Several types of tops look great with bell bottoms, like crop tops, tank tops, corset tops, bodysuits, blazers, shirts, and the list goes on.

Q. Can I wear Kurti with bell bottom jeans?

A: Jeans with a kurti is the pair that is the most favorite outfit of the Gen-Z. Pairing a kurti with bell bottom jeans is a great idea indeed.

Q. Is Bell Bottom jeans trendy?

A: Bell bottoms jeans have again come in fashion, making their way back in the fashion world. They’re the new staple in everyone’s wardrobe these days, so yes, bell bottoms are trendy.

Q. Do bell bottoms look good on apple shape?

A: When paired with the right top, bell bottoms can look great on an apple-shaped body. By balancing out the silhoutte, it can enhance your curves and boost your confidence.