what is a pear shaped body

Do I Have A Pear-Shaped Body?

Women are diverse and they cannot be normalized with standard sizing. Brands are quite biased while portraying their ambassadors and launching their collection on models who don’t represent the majority of women body types. If you are wondering what your body type is then you are in the right place as it will be covered in this article. Ultimately, you will know in which body type category you lie.

What are the different body types in Women?

It is important you know there isn’t an average or mainstream body type. Each woman has her own signature body type. However, based on body measurement ratios, women can be categorized into various following body types. Take a look at it to better understand how body types are categorized.

1) Pear-Shaped Body

Women who have a pear-shaped body have a sketch that resembles a pear. The ratio of the body measurement is wider in the middle and relatively smaller on the upper portion. This means that pear-shaped women have wider hips and narrow shoulders. The ratio is comparable to the pear where the upper portion is smaller as compared to the lower portion. This body type can either be due to your genes or your lifestyle. However, no matter your lifestyle or genes, pear-shaped women are also beautiful.

real life pear body shape

2) Hour-Glass Body

Have you seen an hour-glass? Of course, you have! In an hour-gass the middle portion is narrower as compared to the upper and lower portion. The same applies to women with hour-glass body types. Most of the models have an hour-glass body-type. In an hour-glass body type, women’s legs and upper portion are proportionate while their waist is relatively less wide. Hour-glass body type can be achieved by doing Yoga or becoming a fitness freak. While in the majority of the cases, it is genetic.

pear shaped body measurements

3) Diamond Body Type

In a diamond body type, the largest measurement would be of your waist as compared to your upper body and lower body. Hence, the sketch gives a representation of tapered ends on the upper and lower body portion making it look like a diamond. It is the inverse of hourglass body type where the waist is the smallest as compared to other body measurements. Diamond shaped body types are unique in their own sense.

4) Inverted Triangle

Inverted triangle body type is also called Apple shaped body type. In this body type, the shoulders and bust are larger than the hips. Inverted Triangle body types are mainly genetic and the wide shoulders make a great asset for dresses. Hence, the inverted triangular shaped or apple shaped body type makes compatibility with one of the best outfits.

Inverted Triangle

5) And others

there are many more other body types for women depending on the ratio of their bust, shoulder, hips, and waist. Some other body types include bottom hourglass, round, athletic, and more. Identifying with a particular body-type will allow you to explore your collection of compatible outfits. This will allow you to bring out your best version.

Why is body type associated with a fruit name?

Well, this is a genuine question and it doesn’t make sense verbally. However, the graphic correlated of fruits and body types makes it easier to understand and visualize. This makes it look less scientific and allows a visual categorisation without referring to figures or measurements. Therefore, on a large scale fashion industries or individuals use fruit names to talk about a particular body type.

Do you have a pear-shaped body type?

If you are still wondering if you have a pear-shaped body type you should take a look at these questions.

  • Are your thighs and hips wider than your shoulders?
  • Do you have a narrow waistline?
  • Are your legs muscular?

If your answer to all these questions are “Yes”, then you are a pear-shaped woman. However, it isn’t something that you should be ashamed about as pear-shaped women also look beautiful. The pear-shaped body type does not have a proportionate body; however, your fashion choices can be a great asset.

Understanding pear-shaped body measurements

In a spoon or pear-shaped body type, your measurements will look like this: “32-28-39, 34-30-38, or 36-30-44”. The format correlates to measurement of Bust-Waist-Hip. Therefore, with comparison it becomes evident that the waist is narrow while the hipps have the largest body measurements. This is how a pear-shaped body measurement looks like. Hence, if your body measurements look like this then you are a pear-shaped woman.

Does having a pear-shaped body limit your attire options?

Absolutely Not! If you have a pear-shaped body, it doesn’t limit your fashion options. You will have plenty of options provided you know where to buy your outfit. Brands like Amydus are launching exclusive collections for pear-shaped women. It makes the body look proportionate and offers a great fit. You get a variety in ethnic wear, dresses, pants, tops, and more designed keeping in mind your pear-shaped body requirements. Hence, pick the right brand to shop pear-shaped outfits.

How to style a pear-shaped body type?

If you have a pear-shaped body type, you should pick your outfits such that it obscures your body proportions. For instance, since pear-shaped women have relatively smaller shoulders, try wearing outfits that make your shoulders look wider. Another option is to shift the perspective of the observer to your upper body by wearing bright outfits. Hence, doing this you can manipulate your body measurements and bring out your best beauty.

Embrace your pear-shaped body with the right outfit

So you know if you have a pear-shaped body or not. Well, if the answer is “Yes” you shouldn’t worry about it. Plus-women also look great provided they wear the right outfit. Hence, the key to enhancing your beauty is by wearing outfits that redefine your body proportions. It is important that you know how to shop wisely and add your wardrobe with compatible outfits.