Top 10 Women's Pear-Shaped Body Outfit Ideas

Top 10 Women's Pear-Shaped Body Outfit Ideas

Do you have a Pear-Shaped Body?

So you have hips wider than your shoulder. Does that mean you need to restrict your fashion choices? You don't have to restrict yourself from purchasing an attire due to your body type, as your pear-shaped body's unique shape opens up a whole new variety of fashion ideas. However, a trick for triangular body types allows you to look leaner, which includes balancing the attire with your bone structure, shifting the perception, and the colour choices. Based on these attributes, we have shortlisted some of the best outfit ideas. 

A Blessing in Disguise

A pear-shaped body is a blessing in disguise. Yes, you heard it right. Various outfit ideas go exactly with your body type. You must start gaining confidence in yourself and rock these outfit ideas to enhance your curves. There are no fashion restrictions for a pear-shaped body; however, the restriction appears when you stop being creative. Don't worry; we've got you covered with these top pear-shaped outfit ideas. 

Here Are Some of The Top 10 Ppear-Shaped Outfit Ideas For Your Curves; 

1) Skirts

Skirts are an iconic clothing option for ladies, especially for triangular body types. They dramatically alter your curves and project a slimmer look. Knee-length skirts with beads and ruffles make a great add-on to your wardrobe. Your waist and hips make a great base for knee-length frill skirts. However, it would be best if you avoided skirts like mini skirts and pencil skirts since they will make you look heavy & flabby. 

2) Oversized Plaid Shirt

Oversized plaid shirts are a great idea for triangular bodies, making you feel confident and comfortable with the shape of your body. Plaid shirts in combination with thin solid belts make a great outfit idea for plus size women. With long shirts and a solid belt, your waist is defined, and your curves are enhanced. It is a power outfit for casual meets and dates and even a casual Friday look at your office.  

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3) Kurtis with side-cuts

A traditional outfit is a must in your wardrobe, especially for occasions and get-togethers. You can look leaner with long Kurtis that have side cuts. This enhances your upper body and balances out with your wider hips. The side cuts make the Kurtis easy to fit, and your upper body is defined by your lower body. Your body looks proportionate and projects a leaner look you have always dreamt about. It is time to shift your perspective from going to the gym to choosing the right outfit. 

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4) A-Line Dresses

The A-Line dress is a perfect outfit to enhance your bust from your hips. The lower part of the A-line dress is built in such a way that the skirt does not stick to your waist. Hence, you get a gradual slope on the skirt, making you look leaner. The upper part of the dress enhances your bust and makes your hip, shoulder, bust, and waist look proportionate. Therefore, the A-line dress is a must-have for triangular body types.  

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5) Maxi Dresses

Fashion is all about comfort, making you feel confident in your sleeve. The Maxi dress is a comfortable and casual clothing option for pear-shaped women. It goes well with high-heels or solid colour boots that shift the perception. Your waist will look slimmer, and your hips will be hidden under the flared lower part of the dress. You could also opt for printed maxi dresses that shift attention.

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6) Denim Jackets & High-Waisted Jeans

Oversized Denim jackets and high-waisted jeans will make you a fashion icon and a pear-shaped model. It is not a way to flatter you, but to tell the truth, pear-shaped bodies are great, provided you choose the right attire. Denim jackets that reach your waist and high-waisted jeans will help you enhance your curves. You will look slimmer, and your hips will be enhanced. Your upper body will look angular, while your curves define the lower body and your legs look longer. You can wear a tee and a denim jacket over it. 

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7) Palazzo Pants

The trick to rocking an outfit in a pear-shaped body is to emphasize your lower body and make it look bigger. Palazzo pants are perfect indian dress for plus size women because it offers a voluminous look on your lower body. You can combine this with an oversized Jaipuri Kurti or tuck the oversize t-shirt inside. As a result, your upper body will look thinner, and your lower body will be enhanced, making you leaner and rock this amazing look. It is suited for outings, especially with your friends and a perfect outfit for a laid-back day at work or college. 

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8) Plus Size Tops

Jaw-dropping outfits for pear-shaped bodies do exist. The perfect combination is the right way to get a complete makeover of your body into a slimmer and leaner look. You can buy tops that define your shoulder and integrate well with the lower body choice. For instance, you can combine a top with a skirt, jeans, or palazzo. It is a must-have clothing option in your wardrobe as it is a staple clothing item for pear-shaped bodies. 

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9) Printed Blazer 

Pear-shaped women can rock a corporate look and feel confident in making the first impression while on an interview or giving a presentation during an important meeting. Wearing bright colours and printed clothing draws the eye's attention and shifts the perception making your body look proportionate and slim. You can opt for oversize blazers that combine with your inner blouse. Don't forget the colour combination is an important aspect. For better understanding you cna check our guide on what not to wear for pear-shaped body

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10) Polo shirts

Looking for an outfit for a sporty or casual look for the next outing with your friends or colleagues? Polo shirts are a great option for your pear-shaped body as they define your neck and waist. You can wear a polo shirt with a length reaching your waist and high-waisted jeans. Hence, your legs will look longer, and your upper body will be enhanced, giving you a look you've always wanted. 

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These outfit ideas are recommended based on making your body look proportionate and changing your perception. You will gain confidence with these outfits and be a fashion icon and an inspiration for women with plus-size bodies. Hence, you don't need a gym to look thinner but fashion outfit ideas that project a proportionate look. So what are you waiting for? Start stalking your cart with these outfits for pear-shaped bodies.