Style Icons: Pear Shaped Body Celebrities For Fashion Inspiration

Style Icons: Pear Shaped Body Celebrities For Fashion Inspiration

While the fashion industry is full of chatter about hourglass body types, the pear-shaped body celebrities are often underestimated for their killer looks. The Met Gala is one such event where pear-shaped body celebrities have managed to drop the media's jaws and be confident in their appearance. However, you don't need to be disappointed to have a pear-shaped body. In fact, you need to work on choosing outfits that are compatible with your body type and look up to the right fashion idols and not be strayed by the stereotypes of the masses.

Genetics Or Habits To Blame

Clearly, your habits are not to blame for your pear-shaped body. Therefore, you must stop body shaming and embrace your natural body type. Indeed, genetics can play an important role in body types; however, your creativity and dressing sense will take you a long way and make you an inspiration for pear-shaped friends and colleagues. Hence, it is time to stop the blame game and look up to the right idols.

No-Diet Needed! Embrace Your Natural Pear Shaped Figure

Many pear-shaped celebrities have also gone through the same misconception as you, i.e., "Diet cannot change your body type". It can change your body fat percentage; however, it does not change your body type as the base is your bone structure. This is not to demotivate you but to make you aware you are taking steps in the wrong direction. You don't need to diet to look leaner but the right fashion attire. You can look up to these celebrities as they are fashion divas with pear-shaped bodies who will inspire and make you feel confident in yourself.

These celebrities with pear-shaped bodies will inspire you to take your fashion choices up a notch and become a Fashion Diva.

1) Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is an inspiration to all pear-shaped women. She has transformed her body, and even before the transformation, her fashion sense was bang on. Yes, you might know her from Pitch Perfect, Isn't It Romantic, and many other popular movies. Even though she has lost a lot of weight this year, as seen in the movie "Senior Year", Rebel is known to be quite confident in her sleeve. You can look up her Instagram profile and be stunned by her gorgeous fashion attire. She has proven to the world that going against the current indeed makes you strong.

Rebel Wilson

2) Meghan Trainor

This sassy British singer has rocked the world with her voice. Her music video outfits are full of creative outfits for pear-shaped women. If you look closely at her attire, her trick is to make her shoulders look wider and sometimes wear baddy jackets. She rocks the frail dresses that do not fit her hips. She is quite confident in her body and has stunned viewers in every music video.

Meghan Trainor

3) Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti Chopra has been body-shamed on multiple occasions by the Indian media. However, she has learned to ignore the masses and embrace herself. Today, Parineeti has shaken the media with her amazing fashion outfits. So, it is worth checking out her Instagram profile and getting inspiration for triangular-shaped body outfits. She has proved the world wrong and showed the masses that a pear-shaped body is underrated and that it is a blessing in disguise.

Parineeti Chopra

4) Munmun Dutta

Munmun Dutta, popularly known as Babita Iyer from Tarakh Mehta, has a pear-shaped body. She is a fashion icon for pear-shaped women as every episode on TMKOC has made her embrace her curves and wear iconic outfits like jumpsuits, high-waisted pants, dresses, and more. Besides her fashion choices in TMKOC, she has rocked social media with her stunning portraits.

Munmun Dutta

5) Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson is known for her amazing vocals and songs that have inspired a generation. She has a pear-shaped body, and in an interview, she clarified that she has been quite comfortable in her skin since her 2002 debut on American Idol. Her outfits are gorgeous and really bring out her true beauty. You can take fashion inspiration from her as her outfits are comfortable, sleek, and gorgeous.

Kelly Clarkson

6) Illeana D'cruz

The next pear-shaped spotlight celeb is Illeana D'Cruz. She received a lot of hate comments for her figure. However, she doesn't care for it. This inspired her to find fashionable attires that match her body shape. Illeana's Instagram posts are full of fashion inspirations, especially her swimwear choices and traditional dresses like lehengas, kurtis, gown and more.

Illeana D'cruz

7) Camila Mendes

The popular Riverdale actress Camila Mendes was conscious of her figure and was on a vigorous diet to please people. However, she soon realized that her pear-shaped body is just how it is, and nothing can be done about it. So, she shifted her focus to choosing outfits that bring out her body and make her a fashion idol for other pear-shaped women.

Camila Mendes

8) Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello's baggy and laid-back style, especially on the beach, projects her comfort zone with her body. She is not ashamed of her wide hips and dares to be quite creative with her outfits. Her 2022 Met Gala look was a long trail dress with a bias cut. She embraced her curves and made them look prominent. The cameras wouldn't stop clicking her portraits.

Camila Cabello

9) Jennifer Lopez

When you say pear-shaped body, all one can think about is Jennifer Lopez. Her outfit choices are bold and enhance her silhouette. Her outfit for the Tribeca Film festival was gorgeous in a hot black dress. You don't have to wear outfits like her; however, you need to learn from her how to feel confident in your skin. You can get advice on what not to wear for pear-shaped body types.

Jennifer Lopez

10) Rihanna

Lastly, not forgetting the popular Barbadian singer Rihanna. Her debut albums have rocked the world. Apart from this, Rihanna has always been quite open about her pear-shaped body, and time & again, she has made the world pause and stare at her with their jaws dropped. So take inspiration from celebs like Rihanna instead of zero-size models who project what is expected from the stereotypical media.


Outgoing Thoughts

As you have seen, these celebrities have made quite a name with their pear-shaped body. They have changed the world's perspective and opened it up with options for pear-shaped women. They should be an inspiration to your fashion choices instead of zero-size models. Therefore, start looking to people who are no different from you; however, a better version of yourself.