Fashion Tips For Pear-Shaped Bodies: What Not To Wear

It's not daunting to have a pear-shaped body, and you cannot blame it on your eating habits, genetics, or health. However, there is nothing wrong with having a pear-shaped body; you need to take pride in it. There are plenty of fashion outfits for a pear-shaped body; however, before checking those out, you need to understand your body type well to choose the right attire and upgrade your wardrobe.

Understanding Your Body Proportions

Pear-shaped bodies have a triangular structure where the hips are wider than the shoulder. Therefore, it does not make you look proportionate, making you project a chubby or curvy look. However, you don't need to feel embarrassed about having this body type and go to the gym only to waste money on the subscription. Instead, you can use our tactics to look proportionate and slimmer. We told you, right? There is nothing wrong with your body type but the outfits you choose.

Mitigating Your Triangular Proportions

Choosing the right outfits for pear-shaped bodies can help mitigate the proportionate look. For instance, you can choose outfits that enhance your upper body & define your shoulder, or you could make your legs look longer with high-waisted jeans. Apart from this, you can choose attire such as maxi dresses that don't stick to your hips and hide your thighs. While there are many such outfit ideas for pear-shaped women, there are certain outfits that you need to avoid as they will make you look flabby and disproportionate.

Top 10 Outfits That You Should Avoid If You Have A Pear-Shaped Body Type.

1) Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are definitely a no-no for pear-shaped women. It will make you look heavy and expose your chubby thighs. The lower part of your body will look bulgy, and the attire will make you feel uncomfortable. You need to recall the trick to look slimmer and, i.e., to change the focus of your body and mitigate your hips.

Mini Skirts


2) Skinny Jeans

Never ever wear skinny jeans if you have large hips. There is nothing to be offended by this statement as every individual has a different body type or bone structure. Your comfort matters more than anything. Skinny jeans can stick to your thighs and make your curves prominent, projecting a flabby or bloated look. In addition, your legs will look flabby and protrude outwards in tight skinny jeans.

Skinny Jeans


3) Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dresses should definitely be avoided in your wardrobe. This dress enhances your bust and thighs and narrows your shoulders. The silhouette of your body will look prominent, especially your wide thighs. The heavier part of your body, i.e., your thighs, will get exposed and make you look chubby. Hence, it is best to avoid bodycon dress.

Bodycon Dress


4) Pastel Colors Bottoms

Dear ladies having a pear-shaped body, dark colors are your best friend. Therefore, you must avoid light colors, especially for the lower part of your body. White jeans or lighter shades for your lower body shift the focus to your wide hips. Besides this, lighter colors will make you look heavier as they reveal every curve on your body. However, you can choose light colors for the upper part of your body and dark bottoms.

Pastel Colors Bottoms

5) Tight Sleeves

While looking for tops, ensure that the sleeves are puffy or wide. This will enhance your shoulders and make them look proportionate to your waist and your hips. On the other hand, if you opt for tight sleeves, your shoulders will look narrow. Besides, narrow sleeves can cause major discomfort if you have flabby hands. Hence, it is recommended that you keep your wardrobe away from tight sleeves, tees and tops.

6) Crop Tops

Keep your wardrobe away from crop tops, especially if you have a triangular body. Some crop top designs will make you expose your tummy or make it look prominent. In addition, wearing tight-fitting clothes can make your body fat protrude outwards, which prevents you from getting a cleaner look. However, crop tops that end a few inches before your hip line are great, provided it makes your shoulders look abroad. Else, it is definitely an enemy of an ideal pear-shaped body wardrobe.

Crop Tops

7) Bias Cut Skirts

Bias skirts refer to fabric being cut in a diagonal fashion in comparison to the weave. These types of skirts stick to your hips. For pear-shaped bodies, the lower portion of your body will look like an inverted U-shape. This enhances your hips and makes them look wider than before. Bias skirts should be avoided for pear-shaped women if you don't want to emphasize your hips and your thighs.

8) Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts literally stick to your skin and make your curves prominent. Further, they also make your thighs stick to each other, making it difficult to walk. It gets even worse when you decide to combine the outfit with pencil-heel sandals. If your goal is to look leaner, comfortable, and confident, you definitely avoid adding pencil skirts to your wardrobe.

Pencil Skirts

9) Clingy Kurtis

Pear-shaped body types should avoid Kurtis that are long and end at your thighs. Since your body is triangular and not proportionate, the Kurtis will fit tighter below the waist. Therefore, you should avoid such Kurtis. However, you can opt for Kurtis with a flare below the waist or longer side cuts, allowing a comfortable fit.

Clingy Kurtis

10) Slim Fit tops

Wearing tight clothes should definitely be out of the question for a pear-shaped body. There is a misconception that wearing tight-fitting clothes will make your look thin; however, in reality, it is the complete opposite. Instead, you should add your wardrobe with plus-size tops or tops that make your shoulders look wider.

Outgoing Thoughts

It is evident that by now, you have become a Fashion Guru. Avoiding these outfits will help you dress rightly and make a great impression. You must remember that the trick to looking leaner despite a pear-shaped body type is to make your shoulders look wider than your lower body. When you keep this in mind, you will start getting amazing outfit ideas and feel confident in yourself. If you already own these outfits, throw them away as it is time to stalk your wardrobe with new attires compatible with your body structure. Get started today!