Finding the Perfect Fit: A Shopping Guide for Plus Size Traditional Outfits for Women

We live in a world where beauty standards are often narrow and only favor slim, thin individuals. But not anymore! The world is changing; so does the fashion industry. Plus-size ladies have taken turns to change the fiasco for good. Diversity and inclusivity have become a constant part of fashion. 

While the above statements are true, it’s also true that plus-size women still struggle to find well-fitted traditional outfits for women. If you feel heard by this, we see you! We know that it’s not enough to just find fitted attire, clothes must also accentuate women’s beauty. And it’s the real challenge that Amydus is trying to solve. 

Let’s not delay anymore and find the ideal Indian dress for fat girl to look slim: 

Exploring Traditional Dresses for Chubby Girls

Traditional Indian attire is more than just a piece of clothes to cover women up, they are clothing essentials for curvy ladies. They boast rich colours, fabrics, textures, designs, and styles that are absent in Western costume. It’s time to unravel the best dresses for chubby girls: 


Anarkali Suits

Nothing exudes class and elegance as much as Anarkali suits. Known for their flowing silhouette, A-line cuts, and graceful flare, these are a timeless choice for women of all sizes. The long length of the suits makes them ideal to draw the eyes to your height or length rather than the width. Sew the suit to fit your curves right and you now have apparel that makes you feel your best. 


The Lehenga, a quintessential Indian ensemble, holds a special place in every woman's heart. Same as Anarkali suits, lehenga also welcomes a flowy vibe to the overall appearance of plus-size women that replaces the heaviness with lightweights. The illusion of being taller and slimmer in a lehenga is what sets it apart in the collection of traditional outfits for women. Lightweight fabrics like georgette or crepe with A-line or flared skirts make the lehenga comfortable with the freedom for ample movements. 


Nothing comes close to the timeless elegance of a saree. Draping a 6-yard wonder in lightweight fabrics like chiffon or georgette with bold, subtle prints makes plus-size women modelesque. 



Almost all Indian ladies own at least a few kurtis in various prints, styles, and colors. Kurtis are versatile wardrobe essentials that seamlessly blend comfort with style. Longer hemlines and A-line cuts of kurtis elongate the silhouette and provide a flattering fit. 


Long Tops

Long tops have never gone out of style. Indian-style long tops for jeans come with empire waistlines or cinched belts to define your waist and create a slimming effect. It’s best to experiment with different necklines and sleeve lengths to find what suits you best and don't be afraid to pick them in bold colours and prints.

Dress for Confidence: Styling Tips for Plus Size Traditional Outfits

Confidence is the key to carrying any outfit with grace and poise. Regardless of your size or shape, it’s best to be proud of yourself, your curves, and your individuality. This journey to feel confident and fabulous in dresses for fat girls to look slim begins with choosing the right clothing fit. 

Finding the Perfect Fit

When shopping for traditional outfits for women or simply choosing Indian-style long tops for jeans, follow these tips to help you find the right size:

  • If you are unsure of your size, always start your shopping spree with accurate measurements of your bust, waist, and hips to determine the size.
  • Never skip the size charts listed beside each product you are eyeing on 
  • Nothing is as comfortable as fabrics with stretch or elastane-mixed
  • If the fit is not right, do not sit on it. Always invest in alterations to let the clothes fit your body shape.

Tips for Online Shopping and Size Charts

Online shopping offers convenience and accessibility, but it's essential to navigate it wisely, especially when it comes to sizing. The best tips for a seamless online shopping experience are as follows:

  • Don’t ignore reviews. Customer feedback gives you an insight into the product.
  • Never skip the return and exchange policies of the retailer to ensure hassle-free returns in case you’re not a fan of how the outfit fits you.
  • Refer to size charts before purchasing for the perfect fit

As you now have a detailed guide to pick the best traditional dresses for chubby girls, simply stick to it while shopping for dresses for fat girls to look slim. If still you are unhappy with the purchase experience, hop on Amydus for the best contemporary and traditional outfits for women. From Indian-style long tops for jeans to Indian dresses for fat girls to look slim, you get everything high-quality in our online shopping store at reasonable prices. 

FAQs on Dresses for Chubby Girls

Q. Which dress is suitable for a fat girl to look slim?

No-waist dresses like Anarkali suits and A-line Kurtis are suitable for fat girls to look slim. 

Q. Which type of Kurti is best for a chubby girl?

A-line Kurtis with longer hemlines and empire waistlines are best for chubby girls.