Saree Styles for Everybody: A Guide to Plus Size Elegance

One Indian attire that has retained its elegance, beauty, grace, and charm since its introduction in 2800 BCE is a saree. There is no denying the fact that the allure of a saree is timeless, breaking boundaries and celebrating the poise of femininity. It’s also one of those only few traditional clothes that do not discriminate between plus-size people and slim, thin individuals. Drape this 6-yard wonder and irrespective of your shape, size, height, skin complexion, and features, you are sure to look stunning and elegant. So it’s no wonder that women are so much in love with the plus-size saree look. Take any event and you can rock saree looks to make a statement. Nothing makes curvy beauties feel as confident as a saree. 

Let’s unveil a list of sarees for fat women, the art of draping sarees for curvy women, and the influence of colours and prints in accentuating curves:

3 Trendy Saree Styles for Fat Girls

The world of fashion is evolving, and saree styles are adapting to celebrate every body shape. Here’s a list of saree styles for curvy women that complement their figure:

Belt Over Saree

The simplest way to draw attention to your curves is by belting the saree.

Cape Over Saree

Fed up of draping sarees in the same old way? Put on a cape over your saree for a twist to your saree look.

Ruffled Sarees

If you fail to find sarees with ruffles, slip on a ruffled blouse for that extra oomph!

3 Essential Saree Draping Techniques for Plus-Size Women

The art of draping a saree is as diverse as the garment itself. So let’s find out what are the best plus-size saree draping techniques:

Traditional Draping

‘Old is gold’; this age-old saree draping technique never goes out of style as it suits everyone.

Bengali Drape

Bengali women are known for their curves. So the saree draping style queens of the East always favour is sure to look amazing on plus-size women.

Mermaid Saree Draping

Show a bit of skin with this luscious drape and draw all the eyes to your gorgeous curves.

Playing with Colors and Gorgeous Prints to Embrace your Look

Color plays a pivotal role in making or breaking looks. Plus-size women can never go wrong with dark, solid colours like deep blues, emerald greens, or burgundy. Colours like these create a slimming effect that no curvy beauties can overlook. However, don't shy away from exotic hues like yellow, red, purple, lavender, heather, moss, orange, pink, and more. Nothing makes fat girls in sarees look as outstanding as bold prints and patterns. Simply choose a saree for fat women in lightweight fabric instead of too heavy ones.

Contrary to the misconception that curvy women should stick to dark colours, they must experiment with plus-size saree draping styles and plus-size saree looks as much as they want. 

In a world that often dictates unrealistic beauty standards, embracing your curves in a saree becomes a powerful act of self-love. The world is changing and so is the definition of beauty.  Every woman, regardless of her shape and size, deserves to feel her best in sarees. There are numerous images available online of fat girls in sarees; get inspiration from them.

If no plus-size saree look strikes a chord with you, stick to the diverse plus-size clothing collection of Amydus, all designed for plus-size ladies. So, curvy queens, let your unique style shine!

FAQs on Plus Size Saree Draping

Q. Does a saree look good in plus size?

Yes, a flowy saree looks good in plus size. Even a saree gives an elegant look to everybody, if it is carried well then you are going to rock on every stage.

Q. What is the length of a saree draping?

The standard saree for fat women is around 5.5 to 6.5 meters long. It is considered enough length to drape it easily and flaunt your style.