How to style formal pants

How to Style Formal Pants - A Complete Guide

The definition of feminine style has changed since the introduction of formal pants during the late 14th century. As women fell in love with these pants, formal trousers started to dominate the workplace and casual outfit ideas. There is no shortage of stylish office-appropriate formal pants on online sites like Amydus. But the question that remains unanswered is how to style formal pants. Whether you are in the mood to flaunt your curves or want to adhere to a professional, poised and stylish look, explore the guide on how to style formal pants for women. 

What Are Formal Pants?

Formal pants are gender-neutral tailored bottom wear of viscose nylon spandex, wool, linen, and cotton. As these pants are available in different cuts and styles, they offer the perfect level of comfort.  It’s easy to dress them up and down for both men and women to suit every event.  

How to Style Formal Pants for Ladies

Amidst the availability of so many styles, designs, and cuts of formal pants, there are plenty of top wear choices also. All these might confuse you to the core. You might have looked everywhere to find answers to how to style trousers. Worry not! Stick to the blog and find out the answer yourself: 

1. Formal Pants with Tops

If you work in an office where casual wear is allowed or for Friday casuals, formal pants with slim-fit tops have no competition. When you don’t know how to wear formal pants for ladies, you can blindly pick silk blouses or ruffled tops with formal bottom wear. Tuck your top into slate bell bottom pants and add a belt to your waist to keep the look simple yet chic. 

2. Formal Pants with a Crop Top

It’s a common misconception that crop tops are not for formal events. But you cannot be more wrong than this! Even Jackie Kennedy, former First Lady of The United States was popular for her elegant and tasteful crop top choices for formal occasions. It’s the perfect way to infuse contemporary into your formal pants. You can stick to this look for office parties, brunches, or evening events. High-waisted wine bell-bottom formal pants paired with a crop top can make you stand out from the crowd on any occasion. Once you style your trousers in this way, you won’t wonder how to wear formal pants. 

3. Formal Pants with Shirts

Nothing exudes class and sophistication more than formal pants with shirts. Button-up shirts in solid colors, denim blue bell bottom pants, and statement necklaces or scarves around your neck create a timeless ensemble that you can never go wrong with. 

4. Formal Pants with Tank Tops

Whether the weather is hot or you are in the mood for jazzing up your how-to-wear formal pants for ladies' guide, pair up mint green bell bottom formal pants with a white tank top. It’s the perfect summer look that will keep you cool and will make you look the coolest. You can accessorize the attire with a bag and shoes for outdoor events or casual meetings. 

5. Formal Pants with Blazers

A well-fitted blazer with a pair of dusty pink bell-bottom pants is a match made in heaven. You can carry this elegant look from office meetings to job interviews without a second thought. Amp up your look by choosing a matching blazer and pants set for a sophisticated ensemble. Add that extra touch of elegance with high heels and minimal accessories.

6. Formal Pants with T-Shirts

One of the most popular answers to the question of how to style formal pants is pairing it up with t-shirts. From Instagram to Pinterest, everywhere you will find ample style ideas similar to this. A rose bell bottom pant with a basic black t-shirt has no competition in style history. 

Formal pants are the safest yet bravest choice to transition your outfit from formal to casual settings. Nothing works better than these styling tips to resolve your confusion about how to style formal pants for women. Creating versatile outfits for office, wedding parties, night outs, and special events is no hassle with the right pair of formal pants. Stay true to your personal style and comfort level, and mix and match formal pants from Amydus with top wear. Amydus is a plus-friendly fashion brand. All our pants are made keeping plus people in mind. You cannot find quality tummy shaper pant options like Amydus anywhere. Check out our collection!

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Style Formal Pants for Women

Q. Can I wear a casual shirt with formal pants?

A: Yes. Formal pants are such pieces that go well with anything and everything. A casual shirt is no exception to this rule.  

Q. Can we wear a T-shirt with formal pants?

A: Yes. A well-fitted, high-quality T-shirt, and a few statement jewelry or a blazer immediately elevate the look.

Q. How do you wear formal pants casually?

A: Formal pants can be your perfect casual outfit when you opt for relaxed tops, shirts, and t-shirts with them. You can also roll up the cuffs of your pants or shirt and choose comfortable sneakers or loafers for a laid-back look.

Q. What shoes do you wear with formal pants for ladies?

A: Though it’s best to pair up your formal pants with pumps, slip-on shoes, ballerinas, or sandals, high heels are also great choices.