Inspired Plus Size Pant Ideas to Rock Your Wardrobe

When we talk about fashion and styling, a garment that is often used in the most versatile manner is pants. They have a cool, nonchalant, and quirky vibe that works wonders to help you put together amazing ensembles depending on the order of your day.

From plus size fashion to conventional size styling, pants appeal to people of all shapes and sizes. No matter if you are going for a casual rendezvous with friends or wanting to create a crisp and clean look for a more formal setting, plus size pant ideas are an absolute winner. In this blog, we shall touch upon the various ways in which you can style pants and jeans for chubby outfit ideas.  

Fashion Forward Plus Size Pant Ideas for Every Occasion

Here are some options that you can use while putting together plus size outfit ideas with jeans and pants:  


Cargo Pants

Cargo pants have a casual and laid-back appeal. These have multiple pockets and a relaxed fit. Amydus’s Denim Blue Tummy Shaper Cargo Pants are our personal favourite. You can browse through the website to check out more cargos that resonate with your choice and style. 



Bell Bottom

Bell bottoms have a wide flare around the shin area and a flattering fit around the hips and thighs. They look super classy with shirts or tops. The Black Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom from Amydus has a great fit and it seamlessly blends into casual or formal styling of plus size outfit ideas with jeans and pants. 




This has to be one of the most versatile garments in your wardrobe. Jeans can be paired up with almost anything and everything to go with the order of your day. The Tortoise Blue Straight Fit Jeans from Amydus are a great pick for you. You can browse through the website for more amazing options. 

We hope that the above-mentioned plus size pant ideas will help you step out in style by creating stunning looks. From the laid-back plus size outfit ideas with jeans, to the classy appeal of bell bottoms, there is so much that you can experiment with in terms of styling. If you want to incorporate these plus size pant ideas into your style, we suggest you check out Amydus for the most stylish and comfortable plus size jeans and pants that work very well for plus-size fashion. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Plus Size Pant Ideas

Q. What pants are considered plus size?

Ans: Plus size is a cumulative term given to garments that are outside the purview of conventional sizing. Pants that fall in the size range of 2XL and above can be considered plus size.  

Q. Do cargo pants look good on plus size?

Ans: Yes. Cargo pants look amazing on fuller-bodied people, provided they style it correctly and carry their outfit with confidence. 

Q. What style jeans are good for plus-size?

Ans: Flare jeans look very nice while choosing jeans for chubby outfit ideas.