An Ultimate Guide To Effortless Styling With Wide-Leg Denims

Flip through any fashion magazine or scroll through your Instagram profile, and you will come across men and women rocking breezy wide-leg denim pants. What’s so chic about denim pants that everyone is suddenly strutting the streets in them? The secret lies in their versatility, my friend! Clothes that strike the sweet spot between comfort and style are always wardrobe essentials. Pair them up with anything, dress them up or down and you are never disappointed by them. Amazing, right? For all the fabulous, curvy women out there, the ideal wardrobe pieces that effortlessly combine fashion and functionality can sometimes feel like a maze. But not anymore! The solution lies in wide leg denims, a timeless trend.

From casual days out with friends to night outings, wide leg denim pants are the perfect ingredient in every two-piece clothing combination. Be it plus queens or our slim ladies, the silhouette of wide-leg denim is such that it fits almost every scenario. Team wide leg denims with any topwear and you won’t be disappointed. So ready to explore some incredible wide leg denim pants outfit ideas that you can add to your clothing collection? Let’s jump right into them: 


1. Classic Flare Wide-Leg Denim

When an extensive discussion on wide leg denim pants is ongoing, you cannot help but stop yourself from thinking about the wardrobe staple, classic flare wide leg denims. It’s one of those pants that women of any size and shape can rock without worrying about the silhouette. It’s the ‘IT’ pants that you can take from office to party and still won’t look out of place. The most loved pieces in our collection are Yale Blue Flare Jeans, Black Light Fade Flare Jeans, Blue Light Fade Flare Jeans, Bermuda Blue Flare Jeans, Ice Blue Flare Jeans, Tortoise Blue Flare Jeans, Ash Black Flare Jeans, and many more. 


2. Palazzos

When wide-leg pants are the topic of discussion, nothing comes close to denim palazzos. The epitome of a relaxed fit, jean palazzos are perfect for plus size women. It will also look equally comfortable and appealing during night outs with friends. The two must-have palazzos in our collection are Black Basic Palazzo Pants and White Basic Palazzo Pants. 


3. Cargo Pants

For the fans of street styles, cargo pants made of denim are the ultimate wardrobe must-haves. Pick one, pair it with t-shirts or shirts and you are all glammed up for the day or night out. The best in our collection are Black Tummy Shaper Cargo Pants, Denim Blue Tummy Shaper Cargo Pants, Navy Tummy Shaper Cargo Pants, White Tummy Shaper Cargo Pants, Olive Tummy Shaper Cargo Pants, Fawn Tummy Shaper Cargo Pants, and more.


4. Sailor Pants

Nautical uniforms have always been pretty popular among fashionistas. Sticking to this trend, sailor pants featuring wide straight legs and high waistlines have secured a place in curvy women’s wardrobe. Blue Denim Inspiration Pants and Denim Blue Crease Seam Tummy Tucker Pants are wardrobe staples that every plus woman must have in her collection. 


5. Bootcut Denims

For women in love with boots, or simply who love culotte-inspired denims, this is for them. Put on one pair and head straight to your office meeting. Such ultra-polished, mid-rise pants exude an authentic professional vibe when paired with a shirt. Welcome one to your wardrobe in the ice wash feature to enjoy the benefits of its adaptability. Ice Wash Bottom Design Tummy Shaper Boot Cut Denim is one of our most shopped pants that curvy women are in love with.  


6. Bell Bottom

Following the revival of the 90s style, bell-bottom pants are back on track. From Gen Z to millennials, every fashion enthusiast regardless of age is again in love with such pants. If you want the beauty of wide-leg bell-bottom pants in your wardrobe as well, choose one from Amydus’s collection. Navy Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom, Black Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom, White Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom, Navy Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom, Olive Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom 1, Wine Red Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom, Dark Grey Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom, Mint Green Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom, Herringbone Twist Tummy Shaper Printed Flare Pants, Fawn Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom, Emerald Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom, Mustard Black Snake Print Tummy Shaper Printed Flare Pants, Cream Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom, Ice Blue Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom, Red Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom are the best in our collection. 

As now the denim wide leg pants outfit ideas are off the table, it’s time to check out the style guide to always look on point in these pants. 


Styling Tips With Wide Leg Denim Pants For Different Occasions

Ready to take a leap of faith? Let’s do it: 

Professional Prowess: Interview Outfits for Women

Dressing for success is a mantra we've all heard, but when it comes to choosing plus size clothes for women, it takes on a whole new significance. Wide leg denim pants can be your secret weapon in exuding professionalism while feeling comfortable. Choose a tailored pair in a dark wash, medium wash or ice wash for a refined, polished look. The icing on the cake is simply pairing it with a chic blouse or a structured blazer for an ensemble that seamlessly blends confidence with style.

Casual Chic: Effortless Everyday Style

Transitioning from corporate office attire to casual outfits is a breeze with wide-leg denim. Choose a light wash pant like blue light fade flare jeans of Amydus for a laid-back day or night out look. Pair it with a fitted top and complete the look with white sneakers or black or brown ankle boots for the casual chic vibe. Doll up in this ensemble and instantly be the center of attention wherever you go.

Nighttime Glam: Elevating the Evening Look

As the sun goes down, it's time to lift your wide-leg denim game to brighten the atmosphere with your look. High-waisted pants like indigo marble printed flare pants leave no stone unturned to accentuate your curves. Turn this simple outfit into a head-turning ensemble by pairing it with a glittery bold-coloured top. Statement heels or flats and accessories like a statement necklace, earrings, and a sleek watch are perfect with this pair of top and bottomwear. Wide-leg jeans have no alternative when it comes to expressing your style in minimal clothes.

It’s undeniable that no style comes close to the beauty of fashion that makes you feel confident and comfortable. So, if the versatile wide-leg denim holds the true potential for you to reflect the style that resonates with you, choose pairs of this pant style only from Amydus. We have the perfect pants that complement a curvy body without restricting the movement in it. Browse through our plus size collection to pick your favourite interview outfits for women!

FAQs on Wide Leg Denim Pants Outfit Ideas

Q. What tops work best with wide leg denim pants?

Ans: Button-up shirts or buttoned-down shirts, blouses, and tailored tops look the best with wide-leg jeans.

Q. Are wide leg denims suitable for all body types?

Ans: Yes. Wide leg denim pants flatter every body type.