Pear Shape Vs Hourglass: Flattering Plus Size Fashion Tips

Pear Shape Vs Hourglass: Flattering Plus Size Fashion Tips

A woman’s body can be rightfully stated as one of the greatest creative marvels of mother nature. Women are blessed with different body shapes and sizes, each one as unique as she is beautiful in their own way.

Society often encourages us to compare ourselves against an "ideal body type", leading some women to feel as if they don't measure up despite feeling great no matter their body type. But the truth is there is no single ideal body type; every woman can look and feel amazing no matter her own unique features.

Beauty and diversity of all women should be celebrated, including those with plus size figures. Feeling comfortable and stylish in every outfit is crucial, whether you have a pear shape vs hourglass figure - in this blog we'll go through their differences and offer styling tips and product recommendations to highlight their best features.

Pear Shape Vs Hourglass Figure

Let's first understand the concept of pear shape vs hourglass figure. Women who possess the pear figure have a smaller upper body - bust and shoulders- and wider hips-than those of hourglass figures (known as triangle bodies). Women with this physique typically boast defined waistlines which make for great focus points when dressing to show off this body type.

On the other hand, an hourglass figure can be defined as having an evenly balanced upper and lower body with a distinct waistline - it's often considered the ideal body type and gives off the illusion of curves in all the right places. Women who possess this type of figure typically possess curvier features with larger bust size, narrow waist and wider hips.

Acknowledging Your Curves Confidence and beauty should come naturally for every woman regardless of her body shape or size, regardless of whether it's pear shaped or hourglass figure. With ample plus size clothing options that enhance features such as flattering the bustline and waistline.

Here Are Our Favorite Picks:

Tummy Shaper

If you are pear shaped and carry excess weight around your lower body, a tummy shaper may help smooth out any lumps or bumps and achieve a sleeker silhouette. Tummy shapers come equipped with high waistbands for additional support while remaining comfortable enough for all-day wear.


Coord sets for women with hourglass figures can be an effective way to highlight your curves while creating an effortless look. There are numerous styles and colors of coord sets available so that you can find one to complement your personal style; everything from crop tops and high-waisted pants to skirts and blouses are suitable options - making coord sets truly versatile and easily wearable for any event or occasion.

Concealed Placket Shirt

A concealed placket shirt should be an essential wardrobe piece for every woman, no matter her body shape or size. This classic style creates a professional, polished appearance and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the event or occasion. There is an array of colors and prints available so you're sure to find one to meet your personal aesthetic.

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Plus Size Kurtis For Ladies

Plus size Kurtis offer you comfort and style with plus size Kurtis. Kurtis are an easy and stylish everyday wear option. Their loose fitting tunics flatter curves while still providing a comfortable, breathable fit - pairing well with leggings or skinny jeans, they create an effortlessly casual, yet chic look.

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6 Styling Tips For Pear Shaped And Hourglass Figures

No matter what body shape you are, here are a few styling tips that can help accentuate the best features on your figure and achieve a more proportioned, balanced appearance.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Accentuate Your Waistline: If you are a pear shape, chances are that you have an obvious waistline. Make sure that this feature stands out by choosing clothes that cinch at the waistline - such as fitted tops or dresses with waist-cinching features.
  2. Highlight Your Arms And Shoulders: Since pear shapes tend to carry extra weight in their lower bodies, drawing attention to your upper body is key. Look for tops or dresses with interesting necklines or sleeve details like off-the-shoulder or cap sleeves in order to bring out these features and emphasize them.
  3. Balance Your Proportions: For an even look, wear tops or jackets with slight flare at the bottom to balance out hips and avoid tops that accentuate lower body. Tight and clingy garments tend to accentuate lower bodies and should be avoided as these may draw attention away from other features of your physique.
  4. Emphasize Your Waistline: For hourglass figures, emphasizing their waistline should be one of their strongest characteristics. Wear clothing that emphasizes this feature through fitted tops or dresses designed to hug curves and highlight waist.
  5. Select Appropriate Fabrics: Soft and stretchy fabrics are your go-to companion if you have an hourglass figure, such as jersey or spandex, which will conform to your curves for an aesthetically pleasing silhouette.
  6. Stay Away From Shapeless Styles: To show off your curves in an aesthetic manner and create an appealing proportioned appearance, choose fitted styles which show them off. Stick with proportionate styles which flatter them.


No matter your body shape or size, there are ways you can find ways to look and feel your best. Celebrate your curves, enhance your best features, and celebrate what makes you beautiful as an individual woman. Remembering diversity should be celebrated. Finding stylish plus size clothing options that help make you feel beautiful and confident can only increase the sense of wellbeing.