Dress According to Zodiac Sign Colors - A Style Guide for Plus-Size Individuals

Dressing according to your zodiac sign isn't just a trend; it's a way of life or just a fun, little experiment that you can participate in from time to time. No matter how you interpret astrology or the study of zodiac signs colors, it says every sign has colours, styles and elements for its growth, luck and development. These traits and characteristics remain the same irrespective of your shape and size. So these zodiac signs colour guides are universal and work for both plus people and standard sizes. So let’s find out how to dress according to your zodiac sign and feel confident in your skin:

Styling Tips to Dress According to Zodiac Sign's Traits

It’s time to deep dive into the discussion of zodiac signs clothing: 

Aries: Bold and Adventurous 

Aries individuals are known for their fiery, bold, and confident nature. Being dominated by fire elements, red is the colour of Aries. Anything edgy, and unique draws the attention of Aries. Plus Size Red Lurex Dress, Red Casa Centre Pleat Top, Red Tummy Tucker Jeggings - everything red is for Aries.

Taurus: Comfort-Focused Fashion

One fashion trick Taurus individuals have up their sleeves is mingling comfort with luxury. You’ll find the individuals influenced by this sign always rock clothes made of high-quality fabrics like soft cotton, cosy knits, and flowy dresses. Plus Size Yellow Paisley Print Cotton Top, Knit Love Printed Kurti or Plus Size Black Tropical Print Maxi Dress are ideal for Taurus. 


Gemini: Mixing Patterns and Textures

It’s hard to locate Gemini individuals who look any less than a runaway model. Being a fan of trends, and loving all things patterned, the Black White Stripe True Wrap Midi Dress, Plus Size Black Party Dress or Plus Size Red Lurex Dress are pieces for Gemini. 

Cancer: Soft Fabrics and Flattering Silhouettes

Being a sign under the water element, Cancer individuals have a romantic, lucid, drapey and creative approach to fashion. They are in love with soft fabrics like silk, chiffon, and lace that drape beautifully and accentuate the curves, perfect for curvy ladies. Blues On My Mind True Wrap Dress, WildBlue Floral Print Top, and Plus Size Emerald Dress are some of the clothing essentials that highlight Cancer individuals’ feminine charm. Pairing up delicate accessories like pearl earrings or a dainty necklace enhances their ethereal vibe.

Leo: Regal and Glamorous 

A sign influenced by the fire element, Leos love all the attention of people around and bask in the spotlight. Plus Size Black Cruelty-Free Leather Dress, Red Metallic Georgette Drape Dress and many similar flamboyant pieces help them make a statement wherever they go.

Virgo: Classic and Timeless Elegance

Virgo individuals have a refined and understated sense of style. They love everything muted, beige, classic and jewel tones. White Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom, Brown Grey Centre Pleat Top or Plus Size Maroon Satin Centre Pleat Top are clothing items that help your wardrobe stand the test of time. 

Libra: Balanced and Harmonious Fashion

Libras have a natural eye for beauty and balance in their fashion choices. Co-ords such as Ivory Velvet Top, Ivory Velvet Pant, Teal Printed V Neck Velvet Kurta, and Teal Printed Velvet Pant help them strive for harmony in their wardrobe.

Scorpio: Mysterious and Seductive 

Scorpios exude mystery and allure by choosing clothes in hues like burgundy, emerald green, and midnight blue. Form-fitting silhouettes, plunging necklines, and sheer fabrics help them maintain their clothing balance. 

Sagittarius: Free-Spirited and Adventurous 

Sagittarius individuals must opt for eclectic pieces in vibrant prints, bohemian-inspired patterns, and ethnic motifs. Flowy maxi dresses, peplum tops and tunics, and bold accessories help Sagittarius ladies feel confident. 

Capricorn: Practical and Polished 

You’ll never spot Capricorns dressed up in anything other than practical and sophisticated clothes. Navy Crease Seam Tummy Tucker Pants, Blue Grey Centre Pleat Top, and Plum Kurta are clothes for people influenced by this earth sign. 

Aquarius: Quirky and Eclectic 

The eccentric individuals we see in movies or series who confidently rock bold colours, unorthodox prints, and edgy accessories might be Aquarius. They’re not afraid to push the boundaries and express themselves freely through their fashion choices.

Pisces: Dreamy and Romantic 

Anything lacey, dreamy, pensive and tranquil clothing essentials you find on the rack of shopping stores are perfect for Pisces. Spring Green Ethnic Printed Kurti, Mint Green Crease Seam Tummy Tucker Pants, Rust Midnight Ombre Centre Pleat Top, and Plus Size Purple Floral Printed Centre Pleat Top are made for Pisces individuals in love with whimsical fashion. 

Personalising Your Wardrobe With Zodiac-Inspired Accessories

The tips and tricks you follow for zodiac sign clothing, remain there while you dress according to zodiac signs. So the zodiac sign colours you embrace in your clothes according to your sign, you can do the same for jewellery or accessories such as handbags, shoes, belts, and ties as well. 

We have unfurled the most effective clothing suggestions as per the 12 zodiac signs and the elements that influence them. Get all your plus size clothing essentials from Amydus! 

FAQs on Dressing According to Zodiac Sign

Q. Which zodiac sign has a sense of fashion?

Leos often receive the most attention for a sense of fashion. 

Q. How to dress based on the zodiac sign?

Simply follow the tips mentioned in this blog on zodiac sign clothing and plan outfits according to your zodiac sign.