Unveiling Modern Blouse Designs for Sarees Catering to Curvy Women

Unveiling Modern Blouse Designs for Sarees Catering to Curvy Women

There’s already been enough buzz around choosing the perfect regalia for women but recently this bustle is slowly shifting from sarees to blouses.

Just one click on the internet and you’ll unfurl a treasure trove of tips and tricks, all surrounding sarees. But women know turning a blind eye to the plus-size saree blouse designs won’t be of any help. So why not be vigilant with plus-size blouse designs? Modern women pay as much attention to plus-size designer blouses as they do the same with sarees or lehenga skirts - nothing gets left behind. 

Now, you might be wondering about the source of help - the blog that is the bedrock of this discussion. Don’t worry, you’re on it! Here we’ve discussed all you need to know about modern blouse designs for curvy women: 

Classic Elegance: Timeless Plus Size Blouse Designs

When it comes to curvy fashion, timeless designs play a pivotal role in accentuating the beauty of every silhouette. Some of the blouse designs have been here for a long time, while some are the latest blouse designs for fat ladies. Let’s take a deep dive into them:

The boat neck

Boat neck designs with 3/4th sleeves have won the hearts of curvy ladies since time immemorial. Such plus-size blouse designs with sarees are an amazing combination. It draws attention toward the face from broad shoulders. 


V Neck

There’s nothing like a V-neck blouse - it’s a must-have for every plus-size woman. The decolletage of V-necks draws attention to the soft, subtle, feminine and narrow neck and collar bones. A versatile Plus Size Gold Shimmer Readymade Blouse or a Plus Size Beige Shimmer Readymade Blouse looks perfect for every event or attire, no matter the time or season of the year it is.  


Sweetheart Neckline

Just like V-necks, the low neckline of sweetheart necks elongates the silhouette and takes eyes on a vertical journey rather than a horizontal one. 

Puff Sleeves 

It’s not only the blouse necklines that do the entire work. The sleeves also play a role in helping curvy women style effortlessly. While we’ve already mentioned the craze of 3/4th sleeves among plus-size beauties, the same holds true for puff sleeves as well. If flabby arms are your concern, this sleeve style immediately frees you from the stress of it. Puff-sleeved blouses with chiffon sarees are a match made in heaven for curvy ladies. 

Trendy Blouse Back Designs for Fat Ladies

Nah, it’s not only the front of a blouse that needs consideration, the back of a blouse can be just as captivating as the front. While curvy women already take too much stress about blouse necklines, the same doesn’t need to be true for the back. There are plenty of blouse-back designs for fat ladies. Want to explore some? Let’s do it: 


High Neck Blouse 

You can never go wrong with high necks such as mandarin collar or shirt collar but this time with a twist. A high-neck blouse with a diamond-shape cut out at the back is perfect for plus ladies. It narrows down the vision and slims down the look.

Off Shoulder

A little skin goes a long way for plus-size ladies. When high necks are not your thing, pick an off-shoulder blouse to be a little daring and sexy without being over the top.

Must-Have Plus Size Saree Blouse Designs

As you now have an idea of what to look for while choosing the right plus-size blouse designs, make your shopping experience for the latest blouse designs for fat ladies simple and fun. No need to hop from store to store physically or scour through the net to find the best match, simply browse through the blouse collection, Amydus. Being a frontrunner in plus-size fashion, you’ll surely find modern blouse designs featuring intricate embroidery, contemporary cuts, and whatnot!

The era of fashion exclusivity is gradually fading, making way for a more inclusive and diverse industry. The demand for trendy plus-size designer blouses to pair up with lehenga and sarees is a tell-tale sign of the changing dynamics of fashion. Curvy women are no longer settling for limited options; instead, they are embracing modern elegance in every aspect of their wardrobe. The journey towards body positivity and inclusivity in fashion is undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

FAQs on Plus Size Designer Blouses

Q. What kind of blouse designs are perfect for chubby ladies?

The blouse designs have already been mentioned in the blog and full sleeves, sleeveless, smooth back, backless, and keyhole neck offer a timeless look to plus-size ladies.  

Q. How do you choose a readymade plus size designer blouse size?

Simply compare your size and the size chart mentioned beside the readymade plus size designer blouse and select the size that matches your size the best.