25 Amazing Styling Tips for Plus-Size Women

25 Amazing Styling Tips for Plus-Size Women

We have shortlisted amazing styling tips for your plus-size body. Here are some of the top 25 styling tips for oversized women allowing you to project a cleaner look.

25 Ways To Look Prettier When You Are Plus Size

1) Work on your Hairstyle

Wavy short hair is a highlight recommended for a chubby face. It will make your face angular and enhance your beauty. You can also opt for highlights and make your face look smaller.

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2) Embrace your curves

Confidence is the key to sexiness. Hence, embrace every square inch of your body and even parts like your belly or thighs. Stop feeling insecure and take command of the world.

3) Hygiene Matters

Your efforts to look stylish will go down the train if you aren't hygienic. This includes washing your body, bathing, opting for a good body spray, and more.

4) Follow the latest trends on Social Media

Be on the fashion lookout on social media and get inspiration from it. You can modify existing fashion trends and customize them for your plus-size body.

5) Choosing the right innerwear

Inner Wears like bras and underwear make a great difference in your body shape. Opt for light-colored bras that provide you support and shape your body. It is worth the investment.

6) Follow a plus-size model

You need a role model to look upon for your styling journey. You can follow plus-size models for some inspiration. This includes Isabel Hendrix, Georgina Horne, and Sabrina Servance.

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7) Opt for baggy outfits

Baggy Outfits are the best for plus-size women as it makes you feel comfortable and stylish. Besides, your body looks proportionate with baggy outfits like tees, Kurtis, and dresses.

8) Know your proportions

Mapping your body is a great activity as it will allow you to choose the ideal outfits. You can do this by trying out multiple outfits and choosing the one that makes you look proportionate. For example, try baggy top outfits and voluminous lower attires like frail skirts, palazzo pants, and more.

9) Pick plus-size friendly fabrics

You should avoid fabrics that stick to your skin, especially when you are oversized. Instead, opt for breathable fabrics like cotton blends as it gives you enough breathable room.

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10) Perfect balance of accessories

Besides your outfits, you also need to accessorize yourself well. For instance, earrings with a broader base make your face look angular. You can also wear a bindi with Traditional outfits to complete the look.

11) Know your suitable dress-type

You should use the trial and error method to find the outfit that truly brings out your beauty. Then, wear an outfit, check yourself in the mirror, and give honest feedback.

12) Experiment with your sizes

There are a range of outfit sizes that you can try. However, you won't know which one best makes your body look beautiful unless you try out each of them.

13) Follow #plus-size on IG

The plus-size hashtag of Instagram will give you a ton of ideas to wear fabulous outfits for your oversize body. Hence, it is worth following it for stylish content and staying updated with plus-size fashion.

14) Pick Vibrant Prints

Vibrant prints on your top will look gorgeous as it shifts the viewer's perspective and makes your body look leaner. Vibrant prints and dark colors with cotton fabric are a great way to start your stylish XL journey.

15) Know how color impacts your lean projection

Dark colors are well-known for making your body look slimmer. If you don't believe it, try it out yourself. Go for a lighter top and a dark bottom.

16) Invest in a shapewear

Investing in shapewear is a great use of your money and will be a magic outfit in your wardrobe. Shapewear or tummy tucker makes your silhouette look proportionate and a great base for wearing your desired outfits.

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17) Avoid being influenced by media stereotypes

Don't feel low with media advertisements as they only portray views based on the stereotypes in society. Hence, establish your own filter and make a way to streamline your own fashion.

18) Invest in compatible footwear

Wear footwear that makes you feel comfortable, and that makes you look taller. For instance, boots and high heels look good on A-line dresses.

19) Get feedback from your loved ones

Even though many will advise you on choosing different styles, you need to find a style that embraces yourself and has a unique signature tied to your body. You can achieve this by getting feedback from your loved ones.

20) Get your eyebrows done

You need to work on your eyebrows as it will bring out the beauty of your face. Recommended eyebrow designs for your face are S-shaped, soft angled, and hard angled eyebrows.

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21) Outfits that define the shoulder

Make your body look proportionate by wearing outfits that define your shoulder. For example, oversized A-line dresses make your shoulders look wider than your hips.

22) Opt for dresses with a voluminous lower portion

Dresses with voluminous lower portions with good gear make your upper portion look relatively smaller. Hence, you project an hourglass body shape.

23) Invest in Indian dresses

Indian dresses are a stable fashion outfit for a sleek look and projection of a leaner body. Hence, it is worth investing in Indian dresses as it brings out your beauty.

24) Wear oversize jeans

Oversize jeans, especially the high-waisted denims, make a perfect fit for your body. You will look good in this outfit and can combine this with a solid T-shirt or a top.

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25) Make your own style

Another tip for you to look stylish is to navigate your own fashion. Yes, that's right, you need to start your quest of finding your fashion preferences, and you can do this by trying out multiple outfits of various designs and Colors.


By working on these tips to look stylish, you will be an upgraded version of yourself. However, you also need to work on finding the style that best suits your body type. It is a journey to find yourself, and taking baby steps is the way forward.