Truth about Plus size Indian Clothing Scenario

“Inclusivity is the future in fashion. You can either get on board or fade into irrelevance.”

Inclusivity! Hell yeah! But sadly it doesn’t exist. Even though countless brands have entered the Plus size Indian Clothing and plus-size women are seen in media more than ever before, there continues to be discrimination and judgment against larger bodies. It can be seen at the doctor's office, in the workplace, on the dating scene, or even on airplanes. But finally, it seems society is beginning to wake up. Amydus is an effort to provide stylish merchandise to people who have been betrayed by non inclusive “brands”.

Plus size  women may want the same thing that this tiny little model has, this young, vibrant, trendy girl, but then when you got to plus, it’s a complete disconnect with who she was. In previous years, not many curvy customers had the opportunity to buy what they wanted. The majority of formal clothing in the plus-size category was limited to black, dull, and loose-fitting garments. Not at all like the image that a glamorous and trendy woman has in mind. Therefore, besides producing clothes in larger sizes, inclusion must focus on creating quality clothes in the same array of styles, comfort and functionality that are available to other customers.

There’s still a big problem with the variety of price points being offered. In the straight-size world, trends come from the top down—the inspiration comes from the runways, and then it filters down into lower-priced items. And for plus, it seems that it comes from the bottom up. Size increase, prices increases??? Are we buying vegetables here. Its punishing more if you are more fat.

The future of plus size Indian clothing  needs a fundamental change. If we want the plus size Indian clothing to become a profitable and attractive business, then we need to do a lot more than create a few extra garments, just for the sake of it.

First off, we need to stop all kinds of size discrimination and have a more inclusive approach. Fashion needs to let go of its elitist approach and constant favoritism of thin bodies. On all fronts, plus size needs to move from the margin to the mainstream.

The dialogue has started. Now, the visuals need to match up to it. When talking about plus size, we also need to see plus size and visibly fat bodies as a part of it. That is the only way forward.