Denim Dreams: Types Of Jeans For Women That Flatter Your Figure

Denim Dreams: Types Of Jeans For Women That Flatter Your Figure

Jeans are an essential component of every woman's wardrobe. Not only are they versatile and comfortable, they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion - plus size women often find finding jeans to their exact specifications difficult.

But finding jeans that flatter your figure and make you feel confident and stylish can be challenging; in this article we explore different types of denim dream jeans that flatter women and make you look stylish and suave.

Different Types Of Jeans For Women That Flatter Your Figure

Fade Flare Jeans For Women:

Fade flare jeans are a timeless classic that flatters all body types, including plus size women. Featuring a fitted waist, flared outwards from the knee and featuring either faded or distressed finishes - plus size women can pair faded flare jeans with fitted tops or longline tunics to create a balanced and streamlined look.

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Fade flare jeans come in various washes from light wash denim all the way through dark wash denim, so there are options when matching with crop tops tucked-in blouses to show off waistlines while creating balanced looks; when worn as formal look pairs them with blazer and heels - or pair with crop top and tights.

Straight Fit Jeans:

Straight fit jeans are another timeless classic that flatters curvier women, fitting through hips and thighs and featuring straight legs. Straight leg jeans create a sleek appearance and lengthen legs - ideal for hourglass or pear-shaped figures.

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Plus size women can pair these chic denim pieces with tucked-in blouses and heels to complete this chic yet stylish look. Straight leg jeans make styling effortless by creating simple yet suave looks - from casual daytime casual attire, or dressed up night out options when worn with dark wash jeans in combination with heels for an elongated silhouette effect.

Boot Cut Jeans:

When it comes to types of plus size jeans for women, Boot cut jeans are an enduring style that suits all body types, including plus size women. Crafted with elasticized hips and thighs that flare outwards at the knee to form a boot-like effect, boot cut jeans balance out wider hips or thicker thighs while creating a streamlined silhouette.

Plus size women can pair boot cut jeans with fitted tops and boots to achieve stylish yet comfortable outfits - pair it with graphic lower t shirt for girl and sneakers for an eye-catching look.

Bell Bottom Jeans:

Bell bottom jeans have made a comeback recently as retro styles. Fitted through the hips and thighs and flaring outward from the knee, creating an eye-catching bell-shaped effect, bell bottom jeans make a fashion statement and bold look perfect for plus size women who wish to make an impression in fashion.

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Pair them with fitted tops or blouses and chunky heels to complete a chic outfit - or modernize with leather jackets, ankle boots or platform shoes which elongate legs.

How To Style Jeans

Jeans are an adaptable wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down depending on the event or occasion. Here are some helpful hints on how you can wear jeans in different ways for different events:

  1. Casual Look: For an effortless casual look, pair jeans with a basic t-shirt or tank top, sneakers or sandals, and a denim jacket or cardigan to add warmth and style.
  2. Office Look: For an elegant office look, pair jeans with a blouse or button-down shirts, dressy flats or heels and add a blazer or cardigan as finishing touches for added professional sophistication.
  3. Night Out Look: For an eye-catching night out look, pair jeans with a blouse or camisole, statement heels or ankle boots and an elegant clutch or crossbody bag.
  4. Boho Look: For a chic boho style, pair jeans with a flowy top or tunic and sandals or ankle boots, adding statement necklaces or earrings as accent pieces for added color and flair.

When styling jeans, pay special attention to their fit and wash as these can have an enormous impact on how the outfit appears and feels. Dark wash jeans work best for more formal events while lighter washes work great for more casual settings. Make sure that they fit comfortably.

This will make all the difference in how well they flatter your figure and reflect your personal style. With this knowledge in hand, there are endless ways you can style jeans to blow away both yourself and others around you with your looks.


Overall, there are a plethora of types of jeans for women of all body types, plus size women included.. From faded flare jeans, straight fit jeans, boot cut jeans and bell bottom jeans, all should fit well and comfortably when choosing them.

When purchasing denim make sure that the rise, inseam and waistband details affect how your jeans feel; with this knowledge in hand you are sure to find that perfect pair which flatter your figure while keeping you stylishly confident.