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Kurtis is the pride of India and a staple fashion attire which are endorsed by billions in the country. Whether it is a festive occasion, a casual outing, or even court marriages, Kurtis is the first choice by women.

The design, the variety, and the comfort that Kurtis offer is a discovery to many women. Despite the biases of the media to portray fashion icons with slim figures, Plus Size women are also the fashion inspiration in India. Introducing our plus size Kurtis collection for oversize women in India.

Now be the pride and inspiration of India on this year of 75th Independence by buying clothing that is not biased to Zero Size figures. 

Indulge in Shopping Traditional Attire

Traditional attire is the reflection of India’s proud culture and authentic traditions. Whether you are representing Indian traditions or going for a casual look you become an ambassador of the culture of India.

Taking this as an opportunity, we have introduced plus-size clothing for all women. Hence, you won’t have any problem picking clothes as they are available in all sizes. No matter which festival you like, the religious background you are from, or the shape of your body, Kurtas look good on all women. You can buy Kurtis of various prints, patterns, and designs that reflect the culture of many cultures in India. For instance, we have Jaipuri Kurtis and frail Kurtis. 

Buy Kurtis for the Perfect Occasion 

We have a range of collections solely with a theme of Kurtis for all occasions. If you have chosen Kurtis as attire for your next outing or function to attend, you are fortunate as we have Kurtis for all occasions. Here are some of Kurtis outfit ideas for various types of Kurtis that we have in our collection online. 

1) Jaipuri Kurtis

If you are going for a cocktail party or have been invited to a formal occasion like baby showers, college events, and others, Jaipuri Kurtis will look good on you. You don’t have to worry about the sizes as we have got you covered with 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL sizes. 

2) A-Line Kurtis

If you have been invited for weddings or formal occasions then the A-line Kurtis with intricate designs are perfect for the occasion. You can make a great first impression by wearing Kurtis from our collection. 

3) Casual Kurtis

Kurtis with a straight fit is perfect for casual outings as it looks sleek and neat. You also look leaner which makes you the center of attraction. Kurtis with floral prints and checkered prints look attractive. You can get all sizes of casual Kurtis which include 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL. 

4) Winter Kurtis

Kurtis is a staple fashion icon that you could wear for all weather including winters. Check out our winter Kurtis collection that has the right fabric. 

5) Festive Kurtis

India is a land of festivals and it is important to update your wardrobe accordingly. The festive Kurtis collection at Amydus has come to your rescue to look fashionable for festive occasions.

Scroll Down for a range of options 

We have a range of options and we are sure that by scrolling down through various designs, collections, and fabric quality, you will soon get the fashion inspiration and the confidence to indulge in a complete makeover with our plus-size Kurtis for women. Our collection also includes plus-size Kurtis sets, formal Kurtis for the workplace, check plaid Kurtis, and printed Kurtis with various shapes and colors. 

Tips for Color Combination

1) Always go for contrasting colors with either the Kurtis being in a light color and the leggings or pants in a darker shade.

2) Darker colors make you look leaner and slimmer. 

3) Make sure your prints are in combination with your attire. 

4) Wear Kurtis that make your shoulders look broader.