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Ice Blue Tummy Tucker Jeggings
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Upgrade your workout wardrobe with plus-size gym pants from Amydus. Browse our selection of women's workout pants for active lifestyles that are stylish & comfortable.


Feel Athletic With Plus Size Gym Wear Pants

Everyone has the right to exercise their body and feel good. Those who look slim to those looking to shed some fat for health purposes have the right to buy workout clothes that fit them well. In the fitness industry, where major athletics and leisure wear dominate the fashion industry for gym apparel, there are still limitations for women with plus-size faces. This demotivates them from working out, and they start feeling low. If the motto of the fitness industry is to promote a healthy life, then fitness brands should not be hypocritical in their gym apparel collection. Well, for women looking to buy plus-size pants for Gym, you are in the right place. 

What Are Gym Pants And Why Are They Essential For Workouts?

Gym pants or workout pants for women are a kind of athletic clothing that are designed specifically for your physical fitness and outdoor activities. Gym pants for women are typically lightweight, comfortable and offers a good fitted look.

Plus size workout pants works specially well for curvy ladies when they are doing physical activities like weight training, aerobics, zumba or yoga. 

Ladies workout pants are an essential part of every workout attire because fo the various benefits they offer. 

Comfort & Mobility - The snug fit of gym pants for ladies allows full flexibility and comfort that is essential while working out. Wear plus size workout pants if you have a curvy body and want that comfortable feeling while working out. 

Moisture Wicking - Special moisture wicking fabrics of gym pants for ladies ensures your body is dry even when you are sweating it out at the gym. Moisture-wicking fabric draws the sweat away from the skin and also helps in preventing chafing or discomfort. 

Style & Confidence - Who said workout clothing needs to be boring? Colourful gym track pants for women ensures you are working out in style and feeling confident 

Versatile - Plus size gym pants are comfortable and versatile. Just like athleisure, you can wear loose gym pants while working out or for relaxing or going out casually.Pair them with plus size tops and you are ready to look gym-ready.

Can Chubby Women Wear Gym Leggings?

Of course! Chubby women deserve the right to wear workout clothes. It doesn't matter if you are fat or thin; working out is a recreational activity that should be accessible to everyone. Indeed, many clothing brands don't believe in this and manufacture gym pants and attires with standard sizing. However, this is not the case with Amydus, as it has access to one to one of the best collections of gym pants for chubby women. It would help if you remembered that what matters is your strong mindset and the ability to feel confident. Hence, always be bold and never settle for less. What follows is your clothes, your shoes, and your look. 

Reasons To Choose Amydus Gym Pants For Women

At Amydus, we believe in celebrating women of all shapes and sizes. Style comes from you and there is a joy in celebrating your curves. Amydus plus size workout pants are high waisted gym pants that ensure you can move around in comfort while working out. 

Our tummy tucker gym pants come in vibrant colours and cute prints to make you look and feel good even when you are sweating it out in the gym. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to Amydus Gym Pants for ladies because you can find them in over 20 beautiful colours.

With no button closures, our gym pants for ladies ensures there are no oops moments. The high waist fit also ensures you don’t get to see the dreaded muffin tops. 

Our stretch fabric is made from high-quality spandex that stays in shape even with consistent usage. The butter-soft feel of the fabric keeps you comfortable throughout the time for your physical activities. 
Be it a plus size dress or a plus size jeans you can find it all on Amydus.

Enhance Your Workout Looks With Plus-Size Gym Clothing?

Well, it isn't rocket science to style gym wear for chubby women. You can quickly achieve this by putting together an outfit or two. An outfit doesn't need to be categorized as gym wear. Besides, anything that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable is perfect for workouts. However, it is essential to choose outfits whose material is sweat-absorbent. Many often prefer antibacterial clothing that allows them to work out efficiently. This makes you focused on workouts and prevents bacterial infections. Here are some of the ways you can style your plus-size pants.

Capris & Knotted Tees

Well, capers and knotted tees look gorgeous on women. It is comfortable, sleek, and has an achievable look with minimal investment. You can opt for solid-colored capris and oversize printed tees. You can tie a knot to your knees and give it the appearance of a crop top. This look will make you feel comfortable while working out, allowing you to achieve your goals for a healthy life. 

Oversize Tees and Shorts 

Oversize tees and shorts will look good on you anyway. The oversize tees and shorts are a staple fashion attire at the Gym for women. It is one of the most casual and comfortable looks that one can come across. You can wear short plus-size gym pants on leg days and feel relaxed while working out. 

Oversize Tees & Leggings

It is important to remember that while working out, your attire should make you feel comfortable. This will allow you to gain confidence while working out and keep you motivated. Therefore, the oversized tees and leggings will also look great when you work out the next time in the Gym. 

Breathable Jacket and solid tees

Printed jackets and solid tees also look great. Even though it is a laid-back look allowing you to feel comfortable, it also makes excellent activewear. You can enjoy working out in this plus-size gym wear, enabling you to achieve your target of a healthy lifestyle. 

Printed Lounge Pants & Solid Tees 

Amydus has a ton of collections for printed lounge pants. They are perfect companions while working out and come in various colors. The material is also uniquely acquired and comes in various sizes. If you are searching for plus-size gym pants, you are in the right place. 

How To Complete The Plus-Size Gym Look?

Well, styling your look for the Gym is not everything. Other items make you stand out in the Gym and help you become a fashion inspiration that everyone will look at. Tweaking your outfit a bit or adding the right accessory will enhance your outfit and make you feel confident while working out. Hence, you will have the power to break the cycle of body-shaming as you will start embracing your body. Here are some accessories to add to your gym outfit and work out comfortably. 

Wear Sneakers

Investing in a great pair of sneakers for the Gym is always a great idea. They bring out your whole gym ensemble together. It is recommended to invest in solid sneakers if you are going for printed pants. However, it is essential to ensure that you opt for comfortable sneakers as they will encourage you to work out and give your best. 

Buy a Headphone 

Headphones look great on gym outfits for plus-size women. Besides, working out and listening to music is a great idea. It is said that music can channel energy in your body, encouraging it to complete daily workout goals. Hence, buying headphones and wearing them around your neck is a great idea.

Invest in Gym Accessories 

Gym accessories like Fitbit and fitness tracking watches also pair well with plus-size outfits for women. If you are going for plus-size gym pants, consider buying fitness tracking watches allowing you to stay motivated and focused and track your calories.

Few Things To Consider Before Buying Gym Pants For Women Online

While buying plus size gym-pants for women you should consider the following things. 

  • Check the size and measurement of the gym pant and buy according to your size. At Amydus you can find gym pants from L to 8XL size. It is advisable to go through the size chart to find the right size for you. 
  • Check the care instructions for ladies workout pants because different materials may require different care. 
  • Everyone has a preference of colours and prints, check online for the colours that suit your personal taste. 
  • While buying gym pants for women online, always check the return policy. Try it at home without hampering the tags. Go through the return policy before placing order.

The Bottom Line

With plus-size gym pants, you will work out quickly without worrying about online sizes. Clubbing your plus-size gym pants with oversized tees with sweat-absorbent material is a great idea. You will be super gorgeous in plus-size printed gym pants from Amydus. They come in various prints such as unique, camouflage, checkered, and more. Therefore, you shouldn't worry about getting access to plus-size gym pants as Amydus has launched this remarkable collection of comfortable gym pants for chubby women. Working out should be accessible to all, and access to plus-size workout clothes is the first step towards this acceptance. Brands need to understand this.


Q. How do I choose the right size of gym pants?

A: It is better to go through the size chart mentioned on the site to get the perfect fit for your plus-size gym pants. 

Q. Should I opt for high-rise or low-rise gym pants?

A: High-waist gym pants are preferred for curvy body types. Amydus gym pants for women come with high waist tummy tucker band. 

Q. Can I wear gym pants for activities other than working out?

A: Yes, gym pants for ladies can be worn for other activities like athleisure clothing.

Q. How do I style gym pants for a fashionable athleisure look?

A: Pair them up with fitted tops or plus-size tops with sneakers for a stylish workout look.

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Plus Size Pants For Women - XXL, XXXL Pants - 9XL Pants, Plus Size Trousers PRODUCTS PRICE
Plus Size Pants For Women - XXL, XXXL Pants - 9XL Pants, Plus Size Trousers PRICE (Rs)
Black Essential Tummy Shaper Jegging Rs. 2,499
Denim Blue Tummy Tucker Jeggings Rs. 2,499
Red Tummy Tucker Jeggings Rs. 2,499
Plus Size Dusty Lilac Tummy Tucker Jeggings Rs. 2,499
Fawn Tummy Tucker Jeggings Rs. 2,499
Ice Blue Tummy Tucker Jeggings Rs. 2,499
Plus Size Dusty Pink Tummy Tucker Jeggings Rs. 2,499
Mint Green Tummy Tucker Jeggings Rs. 2,499
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