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Amydus believes that beautiful things should belong to beautiful souls. Therefore, the brand presents a wide range of plus-size Kurtis for confident, carefree, yet balanced women. Self-love and mindfulness is the key to success.

Amydus introduces you to 4XL Kurtis for Ladies Patterns and Designs

Scarf Prints

Scarf print is a mixture of chains, paisley, and flower patterns in a square scarf shape on the fabric. It looks cool and trendy and you buy 4XL scarf print Kurtis online. 

Stripe Prints

Even uneven color bands are woven or printed on fabric in different colors.

Neckline Floral Embroidery Kurtis

Beautiful and colorful patterns of flowers and petals are embroidered on the round neckline of Kurtis.

Illusion Art Printed

Colors, light, and patterns are used to create images that can be deceptive or misleading to our brains. These prints are eye-catchers.

Plaid Woolen Kurtis

Plaid is a print or woven pattern consisting of box layout stripes, horizontal and vertical, crossing at right angles, making colorful similar boxes or squares. Plaids are never out of fashion. They look rich and classy.

Check Hemline Kurtis

Checks is the new black. It is a pattern of modified stripes consisting of crossed horizontal and vertical lines forming squares.

Ecru Printed Kurtis

Ecru color is a mixture of white and beige colors. It is similar to cream or ivory in color.


  • Cotton - Cotton is soft, light, and known for its exceptional breathability. Best for people with skin allergies.
  • Silk - Silk is the most luxurious and expensive fabric.  It is exclusively used for weddings, leisure parties, and ceremonies.
  • Rayon - It is a semi-synthetic fiber, made from natural sources. It has a smooth, shiny, and comfortable texture. Excellent choice for any season. 
  • Polyester – It is a synthetic fabric. It is a wrinkle-free and affordable fabric available in different shades and patterns. Best in winters and daily wear or street shopping moods.
  • Woolen - Wool is the most popular natural material for winter clothing. It would keep you warm and cozy in winter.


  •  Sleeve play Kurtis
  • Straight Kurtis
  • Round hemline Kurtis
  • Collar Kurtis
  • Roll up sleeve round hemline Kurtis

Styling Your Fit

In Office

Rayon Kurtis offers a fantastic balance of adaptability and aesthetic appeal. Choose an ecru print Kurtis and pair it with black pants with medium heels for an elegant look at office meetings.

For Festive Occasions

This festive season, dress in a chanderi bright Kurtis with dupatta and wear some light traditional gold jewelry and fancy heels. You would be surely complimented and appreciated for your traditional look.

Just Casuals

No more worries about the sudden casual outings. Pick a roll-up sleeve round hemline Kurtis from your collection from Amydus, or a collar Kurtis, pair it with pants and sandals with a shoulder bag and that’s all you are ready to shine.

For Usual Wear

A sleeve play Kurtis or a straight Kurtis with leggings or palazzo would be cool and comfortable for daily wear.

For Winters                  

Plaids have been popular for generations. They are still trending in the world of fashion. A plaid woolen Kurtis would be the wisest choice for winter evening outings.

Get Your Hands On 4XL Size Kurtis Online

Amydus strongly believes that today is the opportunity to build the tomorrow of your choice. So make your clothing a style and set an example for others. Shop at Amydus to increase your collection of Kurtis for different occasions. We provide 4XL Kurtis palazzo sets and Kurtis at the best price. Happiness depends upon ourselves, so be happy.