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We Are Glad You Stumbled Upon Our Plus Size Ethnic Wear Kurtis

When it comes to fashion, Kurtis are evergreen. No matter what the season is, Kurtis will probably never go out of trend. In fact, Kurtis have become the go-to option for most women, whether they are going to college, the office, or even fancy meetings. There is a kurti for every occasion. However, finding a good variety of kurti sets in plus sizes is an issue many women face.

To solve that, Amydus is here to provide an extensive range of fashionable traditional party wear Kurtis. To know more about Amydus and its plus-size kurta sets, continue reading this guide.

Must Have Ethnic Kurti Sets

There are some types of plus-size kurta sets that everyone should have in their wardrobe, majorly because of how versatile they are and can fit any mood or occasion.


Cotton kurta sets are great for everyday use. Having a couple of them in your wardrobe will eradicate the question of "what do I wear today" and make your mornings stress-free.


Silk is quite a luxurious material. So, having a silk-made kurta set will keep you sorted for all festive occasions, celebrations, and whatnot. Witn amazing plus size festive collection kurtis you can stock your wardrobe with plus-size ethnic wear by shopping online in India.


The best part about this material is that it is pretty much anti-crease. So, if you have an important meeting to go to, a polyester-made kurta set will be perfect for you.


If you like prints and can pair them well with good jewelry and accessories, then rayon kurta sets need to be in your wardrobe! 

Styling Your Oversize Ethnic Wear

Well, styling kurta sets is quite easy, considering these come with the entire outfit. All you need to do is find some good accessories, jewelry, and footwear to go with it. Remember that plus size party wear kurti for women looks absolutely stunning and elegance enhancing your beauty.

For Work Or College

Most people struggle with styling clothes when going to work. This is where a kurta set can help you as it will already sort your clothes. You can probably pair a cotton kurta set with oxidized jhumkas, a sandal, and a small bindi on the forehead.

For A Fun Day Out

For an outing, you can probably go with a rayon kurta set as it is light and easy to carry for the entire day, and at the same time, the print makes it quite a statement-making outfit. This can be paired with solid-colored earrings and slip-on.

For Festive Occasions

Festive occasions call for a silk kurta set as they are subtly luxurious. These kurtas are easy to style, and pretty much anyone and everyone can pull it off. All you need to do is wear it with some classic, minimal golden or silver jewelry and maybe a comfortable pair of heels to go with it.


In a nutshell, having multiple kurti sets in different materials can make aceing fashion a piece of cake for you. Chubby ladies deserve to look beautiful and our ethnic wear collection will help you gain confidence and make you look stylish. These sets are quite easy to manage as you only need to figure out the right accessories and additions to go with them. And the best part is that Amydus has something for everyone when it comes to kurta sets! You can find your perfect fit in your favorite design and up your fashion game real quick, only with Amydus.

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