Discover the perfect plus-size linen coord set for women online at Amydus. We have coord set for casual outings as well as special occasions....…..


Coord is the best form of attire as they speak of comfort and elegance. Especially for a plus size woman, a coord set helps in giving a flowy feeling, one you do not experience when there's too much fabric stuck to your body.

They have a long-standing life in your closet because when you rush for a quick event to get into something on gloomy days, they can be your most viable picks.
So Should you buy a coord and adorn a chic? Surely yes!

How To Increase Your Style Quotient With Coord Sets

Here are some top picks from Amydus to help you select from a range of coord sets. Each piece has been finely crafted with high-quality fabric and designs to fit any body size.

Get Your Hands On Monochrome Coord Set

Monochrome is a perfect stylish coord set, and you should have at least one set of this spectacular design. The colors pop your beauty and give you an edge over other simple sets because monochrome is always open about fashion.

Style With Pattern- Marble Coord Set

Trying a marble patterned coordinate is a good idea to discover more styles and move out of your comforts, trying a marble patterned coord is a good idea. Additionally, a soft color coord set with let your curves embrace themselves because there's nothing wrong with being bigger!

Add A Floral Design To Your Attire

Florals have been a woman's friend from time immemorial, and here too, you shall find patterns of florals available. Floral prints are tricky as some can be soft while others can be bright and wild. However, pick any design, and they lift your elegance because the things every floral design makes you feel the same aren't true here.

Be Different- Cotton Kurta Linen Coord Cum Shrug

Want to play with your coord set designs? True a cotton linen kurta which is also a set of coord, and you can use it as a shrug. It would be interesting to know the garment you wear on the shrug. We are excited to see how you experiment!

Five Ways To Wear A Coord Set

Coord are ensembles made up of tops and bottoms. These outfits can consist of a top, a pair of pants, a shirt, and a pair of trousers. A flawless matchy-matchy outfit can provide the impression of a dress being worn with a belt across the front, especially if the matching set has the same colours. So here's how you can dress your coord and be different yet chic.

Play With The Combo!

Don't worry if the colors are too loud or soft. Playing with colors and experimenting with which best fits your skin is the best way to find out what works for you and what doesn't.

Mismatch It Sometimes!

Coord sets are intended to be worn as a pair, but you may mix and match the top and bottom with other items in your closet to create many combinations.

Remember To Accessories!

Matching your shirts, bottoms, and skirts eliminates the need for additional accessories. However, wearing your preferred jewelry pieces with your new top and bottom coord will tie the whole ensemble together.

Pick The Proper Footwear!

Coord are versatile and go with any pair of shoes, whether boots, sneakers, heels or strappy flats. It all depends on which occasion you are at or the event you need to visit.

Go Parallel With The Seasons!

Coord may be worn year-round, and there are both summer and winter coord for various climates and seasons. For a more relaxed look, experts suggest wearing your matching coord set with sneakers and a loose jacket. For a more casual appearance, you can also replace your coordinated top with a loose-fitting white t-shirt.

Choose Amydus For The Best Cotton Linen Coord Set

Amydus has been incredibly popular with its customers for its wide selection of plus size clothing alternatives, which includes women's Cotton linen kurtas and tops. Amydus offers coordinated sets that are simple to acquire and versatile in how they are worn. You, too, can find your pick here.

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