Knowing the difference between plus size labelling can help in finding the right size clothes, specially knowing the difference between XXL and 2XL...…

Is 2XL And XXL The Same Size? 

When you style a Plus size clothes, or you know someone who wears a plus size clothing, its important to understand that shopping cannot be a pleasurable experience for people in the plus size range. There are various reasons why shopping is not so pleasurable for plus size women, it's difficult to find clothes which are trendy, difficult to make outfit slim and the third one, understanding the size convection. Don't worry we have got solutions for each of your problems. 

The First Question Arises: Is 2XL The Same As XXL? 

When you reach the plus size range, the sizes are much more complex, it might be easy to understand that XXL and 2XL are similar, but in reality that's not the case. 2XL is half the size of what XXL represents. XXL is used as a Linear measurement for clothing, whereas 2XL is the multiplication XL range. Why is there a difference between these two sizes? One of the big reasons could be import and export and this can cause a lot of changes and the sizes also depend on standards set. 

How Can One Wear Flattering Colors In Plus Size Women! 

While the color of the clothes is most dependent on the skin tone. It is first important to understand if you are a Cool, warm or neutral skin tone person. 

Cool Tones: if you are a person with a cool undertone, then the colors that will look more flattering on your skin are the shades of blue, deep lavender, pink, lavender. For using warmer tones on yourself you can style with pale yellows, and rose colors. 

Warmer Skin Tone: for warmer Skin tone, the earth based colors look more flattering like choosing for colors like Red, green, Brown and mustard and their shades helps in Flattering your body. Using colder tones like violet red and moss with some neutral tones. 

Irrespective skin type you can easily wear colors such as bright red, purple, pastel pink and teal as these are universal colors and can be worn by any type of skin tone. 

Why Is It Important To Buy Right Size Clothing?

There is a simple answer to this, right size clothing can help fit your body in the proper proportion which hugs the curves at the proper place. How can one find the perfect size; 

  • Try in two or three sizes, this will help in determining what your right size is. 
  • For t-shirts make sure the seam of your shirt aligns with your shoulders. 
  • Mid-rise and High-waisted pants are important to give a long and slim fit from the waist to the hips.  

Make sure you find the right size and while buying plus size clothes choose websites and brands that offer a huge range in sizes. Amydus is one such platform which offers a wide range of plus size, they are one such online store which serves and helps women in Plus size to find the right size clothing.