Screw the norm. Plus size women deserve clothing options. Check out these diverse collection of XXL long t-shirts for ladies and be the best version of yourself.



Shirts are a must-have in the wardrobe. No matter what the occasion is, shirts are the right choice for it. However, you need to have a versatile set of shirts, too, for them to become your go-to choice for regular and fancy wear. This is where Amydus comes in, with its wide range of shirts in plus sizes so that you don't have to worry about your fits anymore. That being said, let's find out what Amydus has to offer!

The challenge of not being able to find your favorite style, pattern, and print of shirts in plus sizes has been there for quite a while, but not anymore. Every size deserves fashionable, stylish and comfortable clothing, but very few brands understand this. This is why Amydus brings you the coolest and widest range of plus-size clothing, especially when it comes to shirts.

Get Your Hands On XXL Size Shirts For Ladies With Finest Prints

Polka Dots

A polka dot print has a solid-coloured background and small circles in a contrasting color. This pattern suits both- daytime and night-time occasions and can be worn pretty much everywhere because they are easy to style.

Camouflage Print

This kind of print is in-trend as of now, majorly because so many celebrities and influencers have been wearing it. These look great for everyday wear, and when styled with a good pair of jeans and sneakers, they can bring a really cool and trendy look.

Tie And Dye Print

This print gained popularity during the lockdown as people started experimenting with their clothing at home, giving it different colors and patterns with little effort. A shirt in this print would be a good fit for everyday errands or even while working out.

Well, these were just a few of the options; the list goes on and on.

Fabric variety


The love for cotton shall never die. Why? Because they are versatile and oh-so-comfortable. Everyone should have a good amount of cotton shirts in their wardrobe, and the ones at Amydus are certainly some of the best.


Shirts in rayon material will give your outfit just the right amount of jazz and style. The good thing about shirts in this material is that they are very easy to style as they usually come in black prints and can be paired with pretty much any kind of type of denim or trousers. 

Polyester Satin

Have a party to go to but don't know what to wear? This is where a polyester satin shirt will come to the rescue. These shirts have the right amount of spark and dazzle in them and will definitely help you out-shine everyone else at the party.

Types Of Shirts

  • Longline tunic
  • Longline Shirt
  • Round neck Shirt
  • Party wear Shirt
  • Glitter Shirt
  • Bodyfit Shirt

Shirts Styling

Regular Wear

Longline tunics or longline t-shirts are perfect for regular wear. They don't need much styling. Just throw a pair of jeans and shoes, and you are good to go.

Summers Only

Simple, cotton, round-neck T-shirts are meant to make your summer easy, breezy, and bright. Style them with white jeans and a pair of sandals, and just like that, you have the perfect summer look.

Party Wear

The party-friendly shirts have all sorts of prints and summers, ideal for your weekend parties. Pair it with a skirt or wide trousers with heels, and your party outfit is ready!


In a nutshell, Amydus has something for everyone! No matter what your style or size, there is ample variety in each kind of clothing. So, what are you waiting for?