XXXL jumpers that fit right are hard to find for plus-size women. Hence, take a deep breath and start adding these plus-size designer jumpers to the cart.....

Oversized sweatshirts bring in extra comfort during gloomy days if you want to wear your Oversized sweatshirt everywhere. Here we have mentioned how a plus-size woman can wear an oversized sweatshirt. 


  • You can wear or not wear an oversized hoodie depending on your comfort you can choose what is best for you. You can even wear shorts or biker shorts. This will give you a desirable sweatshirt-based look. 
  • You can wear denim jeans either skinny fit or high-waisted ones. This will help in attenuating your figure as it will complement the structure of your legs. 
  • You can even style them with joggers and get a simple and easy look in a few minutes. 

Pair your sweatshirts with boots or sneakers or any other shoe you have to depend upon the occasion

Many of us confuse what is the core difference between a hoodie and a sweatshirt. 


Hoodies are a piece of clothing that lies between formal and casual occasions. They are the best for chill and fun moments. Hoodies are much more comfortable and are for tougher seasons. They can be worn regularly for everyday activities. 


You can dress up or down a Sweatshirt depending upon the occasion whether it's a formal or casual type of occasion. Sweatshirts can also be worn for the everyday task and are very versatile. 

A sweatshirt is a long-sleeved garment, the fabrics used to make sweatshirts are classic French Terry types of knots like cotton, plastic, and other material which is dependent on the manufacturer. A sweatshirt might have no buttons and occasionally you can find some sweatshirts having hoodies. 

If you want to wear a comfortable outfit for rough weather conditions it is better to wear Hoodie over a sweatshirt even with their similarities. Hoodies are good for rough conditions. 

Where To Buy Hoodies Or Sweatshirts? 

One can easily buy Sweatshirts and jumpers online. There are many perks why one should buying online. Especially for plus-size women. Shopping for plus size women can be difficult to find and have many restrictions which include not being able to find the right size, if you find the right size the sweatshirt is something you do not like. To avoid any such situations, Amydus is an online platform that helps women in the plus size range to shop comfortably and easily. 

At Amydus you can find a wide variety of clothes that include all the latest designs, prints, and trends without compromising your size or comfort. 

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