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Flattering Fashion: Indian Dress Suggestions For Fat Girls To Look Slim

Ladies, fashion is not just about size, it's about style, comfort and confidence. Regardless of your shape or body type, you deserve to look and feel your best, always. Do not let anything come between you and your fashion because we bring you Indian dresses for plus-sized women to make you look slim and feel confident. Whether you are looking for Indian clothing or fusion wear our range of plus-size clothing will help you face the world in style! 

Being overweight is more about what society makes you feel than the actual number on a weighing scale. Girl, be unapologetic about your curves and let our Indian outfits cover your body well and project a glamorous, classic, and leaner look. Indian outfits are tailor-made to suit the Indian female body type. Their silhouette and design can make you look and feel like the diva that you are. 

In this blog, we will share some recommendations for plus-size girls to look slim in an Indian dress. 

Understanding Body Proportions of Curvy Girls

Let us clarify, a curvy body type is not necessarily where you call yourself obese or fat girl! It is vital to understand the clear distinctions between terms like "fat" and "plus-size. 

Having excessive fat in the body around your belly, bottom or arms which is also obesity is a medical condition which causes various health issues. 

Contrarily, the term "plus-size" merely describes someone who is larger than the typical size for their height. Plus-size women are larger in proportion and cannot be called out of shape, fat or unhealthy just because they are not the standard dress size! 

Let us understand the different body proportions of a curvy girl. 

  • Mango Body Type - women with fuller hips and fuller thighs 
  • Spoon Body Type - in this body type the hip measurement is the largest
  • Pear Body Type - the hip and waist measurement is larger than the bust
  • Curvy Hour Glass - hips and bust are almost of equal measurement & slightly thinner waist
  • Strawberry Body Type - Fuller chest with thinner waist and hips

Indian outfits make plus-size women look slimmer, and there is a very good reason for it. Traditional Indian dresses are stitched in such a way that your entire body is covered. It gives you an angular and proportionate look despite your body type. You get a modest attire that integrates well with your body proportions.

Many curvy women opt for Indian design dresses for this very reason as it makes them embrace their natural curves. Wearing Indian outfits will make you look at least 8 Kg lighter and leaner.  Hence, it is important to understand your body proportions before choosing an Indian dress for your wardrobe and enhance your fashion choices. 

Why are tight-fitting clothes not recommended for curvy girls?

Tight-fitting clothes are generally not recommended for women with a plus-size body. Chubby women can opt for loose-fitting outfits or attires that mitigate their proportions. You don’t have to worry about tight-fitting clothes since Indian outfits are quite particular in their stitching and have the right cuts and dimensions. 

Moreover, tight-fitting outfits can cause discomfort or chafing and make you look even chubbier. Hence, it is best to choose comfortable outfits like Indian attire as they are elegant and sleek. 

Can Indian outfits mitigate uneven proportions and project a leaner look?

Yes, Indian outfits are perfect for women who don’t have proportionate figures like a pear-shaped woman. Indian outfits are articulately designed to accentuate a woman’s natural body and empower her to take pride in her femininity. 

So if you have extra flab around your midriff or have an apple-shaped or pear-shaped body, piling up your wardrobe with Indian outfits is a great option. Indian outfits like kurtis cover your body well, especially your upper body and your wider thighs. 

Indian outfits have an elegant silhouette and a slightly fitted bodice that drapes loosely around your hips and thighs and cinches your waist for a pleasing overall look. Thoughtfully chosen Indian attire will enhance your confidence about your body by making you feel comfortable in what you are wearing.

Adding Indian outfits to your wardrobe is like a magic wand to make you look leaner. 

Fashion Tips to Project a Leaner Look

There are multiple factors that can help you look slim despite your sedentary lifestyle or lack of physical activity. Yes, you heard that right. 

Clothing and fashion are powerful tools to express yourself in the manner in which you want the world to perceive you. Think of it to be a canvas, where you can paint any picture that you want. If you want to look slim and step out in the world with confidence, the below-mentioned tips for plus-sized women will help you transcend the stereotypical body-related fashion norms and carve a personal fashion sense that best suits your body and personality.

Here are some tips to project a leaner look for every curvy girl. 

Work on your Hairstyle 

Chubby women often underestimate their hairstyle. However, when you work on your hairstyle, you will quickly notice your face looks slimmer and will match traditional outfits. Hairstyles like short hair, wavy cut, and smoothened hair are recommended for chubby ladies.

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Outfit Preference 

Your outfit preference can magically help you reduce your weight and make you look leaner. But, of course, Indian outfits are the best option; as previously mentioned, they help make your body proportionate. 

Footwear Choices 

It is fascinating how your footwear choices can make you look taller and thinner. For instance, wedges along with Kurtis and leggings make you look slim and your legs longer. 

And more

There are many more tips like walking your wardrobe with earrings from long bottoms, dupattas, shawls, and more. Hence, you can find a ton of ways to make your body look slimmer. 

Here Are Some Of The Recommended Outfits To Look Slim

We have shortlisted some of the recommended Indian outfits to transform your body into a leaner look allowing you to indulge in a complete makeover. Take a look at these Indian dresses for plus-size girls to look slimmer;

1) Short Kurtis 

Short Kurtis make you look slim as they end just before the hips. You can also wear plus size jeans or palazzos on the lower portion of the body. However, ensure that your innerwear is in-sync with the outfits. Another tip: You can opt for dark-colored short Kurtis as they make your look leaner.

long indian dress designs for fat ladies

2) Anarkali 

It is time to spill some plus-size fashion tips. Anarkali kurtis is the best Indian outfit for ladies aiming for a leaner projection. This is because Anarkali has a frail portion from the hip. Hence, your hips and thighs are covered while your body looks slim. 

3) Leggings

Absolutely, a must-have in your wardrobe. Leggings enhance your curves and make your silhouette sexy. Leggings come in various colors and sizes; you can choose the one that matches your Kurtis color. 

plus size indian dress designs for fat ladies

4) Kurtis with side cuts

Various Kurtis, like Jaipuri Kurtis, have a good side cut. This side cut provides enough room for your wider hips. Hence, it projects a leaner look for your body. Don’t forget to finish the look with a bindi. 

5) Kurtis with frail bottoms

Kurtis with frail bottoms also gives your body an hourglass shape proportion. You can wear a dupatta and a shawl to give the finishing touches. You need to remember that color combination is also a key for a leaner look. Go for darker bottoms and lighter tops. 

6) Salwar Dress

Salwar dresses are plus-size coord dresses for Indian women. A similar color combination and a comfortable fit hide your curves, and you can look lighter. It is recommended for traditional outings and goes well with a ton of accessories. 

7) Indian Gowns

Long Indian gowns are the perfect fancy outfit choice for gala events. They entirely cover your body and make your lower body portion voluminous, giving an illusion that the upper body is relatively smaller. Hence, your body looks like an hourglass shape allowing you the lean-body look which you have always dreamt about.

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Outgoing Thoughts 

While these Indian dresses will make you look leaner, you can also make use of a ton of accessories for a proportionate look. Do not let anyone body shame you by calling fat girl or obese! Embrace your curves and face the world confidently. 

It is time to shop some oversized dresses and pile your wardrobe with exclusive Indian dresses for an everyday stylish look. It is time to get the lean look which you have always dreamt about by piling these outfits into your wardrobe