Styling Velvet Dresses for Every Season

10 Styling Velvet Dresses for Every Season

Velvet has always been a symbol of royalty due to its luxe appearance and thicker material. With the evolution of fashion style, velvet ended up becoming a mainstream fashion. Therefore, the market is flooded with a variety of velvet dresses ideas from Western dresses to ethnic dresses. Yet, picking a velvet dress that goes with every season is quite confusing but not anymore as we have enlisted velvet dress outfit ideas that should be part of your wardrobe to serve every season.

10 Velvet Dresses For Every Season 

Printed Velvet Pants 

Another trendy velvet outfit that you can blend with your other options is printed velvet pants. These pants come in different prints and shades that can easily be paired with outfits like shirts, crop tops, and Kurtis. It's easy and comfortable pairing with other outfits making it evergreen for any dress. You can browse through Amydus plus size velvet pants to level up your style game. 

Velvet Kurta 

This piece is for those who want to wear something that would make them comfy as well as stylish at the same time. Pair the Amydus velvet kurta with heels and jackets for winter parties and formal meetings while casual footwear makes it perfect for summertime day outings.

V Neck Velvet Shirt/ Top

This is a must to include outfits in your day-to-day wardrobe. Pair it with your velvet pants, skirts, formal pants, lowers or anything that you want to get a perfect look. You can get this shirt or top in different shades and prints through which you will definitely get a perfect choice for yourself. To get endless options explore the Amydus plus size velvet top collection and pick what defines you best. 

Velvet V-neck Slit Cut Dress

A slit-cut V-neck style outfit is something you cannot deny. From day-to-day parties to dinner dates, this dress will make you appear more gorgeous. You can drape it in the summer season with dazzling accessories while you can also carry it with a winter jacket and heels. 

Velvet Shift Dresses

Another velvet dress idea that you should take advantage of to have in your wardrobe. Such little shift dress goes with multiple seasons from summer days to winter. You can carry this dress for a casual outing in summer; you just need to pair it with shoes or heels, a sling bag and accessories. For winter, pick a nice pair of boots and you are ready to go.

Velvet A-Line Outfit

Give an unmatchable vibe with this style statement velvet dress outfit idea. This is perfect for those who want to have a unique vibe whether it is summer or spring or winter. 

Velvet Spaghetti Strap Dress

A velvet spaghetti dress is one of those velvet dress ideas that top the list of hot outfits. With this dress, confidently flaunt your curves on any occasion. This stands as a classy and trendy outfit, no matter what season.

Velvet Dress With Puff Sleeves 

The cute puff sleeves would enhance the gorgeous appearance of the overall outfit while the fabric adds a royal touch to it. Detailing design, knee length size and features made this fall into the category of all-time favourite velvet dress ideas. 

Velvet Floor-length Dress 

How can a velvet collection be complete without a floor-length dress or gown? Such dresses are top-notch choices for last-minute party appearances. However, floor-length outfits can also go for any season with a little altering in fashion style. 

Velvet Embroidered Design Dress 

Another chic piece that you cannot ignore for any season is embroidered work on velvet fabric with knee detailing. Velvet and embroidered blend is a new trendy fashion that can go with the vibe of any season. 

Velvet Kaftan Dress

Make your kaftan dresses more elegant and charming by just adding a touch of velvet to them. The velvet kaftan outfit can blend with any season. It will make you appear unique among all. With this you can create your own style statement; just need to experiment with the accessories. 


With this list of velvet dress ideas, you can make your wardrobe more reliable throughout the year without bringing major changes. A collection of velvet dresses would also sprinkle the magic of royalty in your style statement. If you are also planning to add velvet dresses to your wardrobe that you can pick for any season then log into Amydus which has one of the best velvet outfit collections. Further, you will get a variety of sizes that definitely going to meet your choice. 


Q. What weather is velvet dress for?

A: Velvet fabric is highly suitable for the winter season owing to its thick weaving and warm nature yet by picking trendy outfits, you can even enjoy this piece in the summer. 

Q. Is velvet fabric suitable for summer?

A: Velvet is not perfectly suitable for sun scorching heat although for mild weather you can go for one comfy and cool dress. 

Q. Can you wear velvet in any season?

A: With the trendy options that come in a variety of fabric thicknesses and colours, you can embrace the velvet in any season.