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Plus Size Black Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom PantsPlus Size Black Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom Pants
White Tummy Shaper Bell BottomWhite Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom
White Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom
Sale priceRs. 2,499
Ice Wash Bottom Design Tummy Shaper Boot Cut DenimIce Wash Bottom Design Tummy Shaper Boot Cut Denim
Ice Wash Bottom Design Tummy Shaper Boot Cut Denim
Sale priceRs. 3,299 Regular priceRs. 3,499
Denim Blue Tummy Shaper Bell BottomDenim Blue Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom
Navy Tummy Shaper Bell BottomNavy Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom
Navy Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom
Sale priceRs. 2,499
Wine Red Tummy Shaper Bell BottomWine Red Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom
Dark Grey Tummy Shaper Bell BottomDark Grey Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom
Red Tummy Shaper Bell BottomRed Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom
Red Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom
Sale priceRs. 2,499
Maroon Tummy Shaper Bell BottomMaroon Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom
Maroon Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom
Sale priceRs. 2,499
Tortoise Blue Flare JeansTortoise Blue Flare Jeans
Tortoise Blue Flare Jeans
Sale priceRs. 2,999
Rose Tummy Shaper Bell BottomRose Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom
Rose Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom
Sale priceRs. 2,499
Plus Size Dusty Lilac Tummy Shaper Bell BottomPlus Size Dusty Lilac Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom
Emerald Tummy Shaper Bell BottomEmerald Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom
Ash Black Designer Flare JeansAsh Black Designer Flare Jeans
Ash Black Designer Flare Jeans
Sale priceRs. 3,299 Regular priceRs. 3,499
Mist Blue Tummy Shaper Bell BottomMist Blue Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom
Plus Size Dusty Pink Tummy Shaper Bell BottomPlus Size Dusty Pink Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom
Mint Green Tummy Shaper Bell BottomMint Green Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom
Amydus Ice Blue Tummy Shaper Plus Size Bell BottomAmydus Ice Blue Tummy Shaper Large Size Bell Bottom

Exploring the Vibrant Range of high-waisted Bell Bottom Jeans at Amydus

A pretty popular saying in the fashion industry is ‘Fashion repeats itself’ and it’s proven time and again. This time women’s flare pants or to be precise, 1960s high-waisted bell-bottom pants jeans have resurfaced in the plus-size fashion industry. 

Being a brand for plus-size beauties, Amydus welcomes you to a world of fashion where every curve is celebrated, and every style is an expression of individuality. Our collection of classic and trendy high-waisted bell-bottom pants lets curvy ladies embrace the right tool to accentuate their beauty. Some of the best-selling bottom pants for ladies in our collection are: 

Mist Blue Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom Trousers for Ladies

Perfect for office attire, these colourful, bright bell-bottom pants jeans are made of stretchy fabrics with two pockets on both sides.

Emerald Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom Pants

Are you fed up with the same old blue and black women’s flare pants? It’s time to redefine fashion for curvy women with these lively emerald green women’s flare pants. 

Ash Black Flare Jeans 

If dark, deep blacks are not for you, we have these bell-bottom pants in jeans in an ash black shade to offer you the versatility of black with the subtlety of an ashy shade. 

Yale Blue High-Waisted Bell Bottom Jeans 

Blue pants are never out of style. For every occasion, there’s a different shade of blue. But the grace and elegance this pair of Yale blue flare jeans offer comes close to no blue bell bottom trousers for ladies. 

Wine Red Tummy Shaper Flare Bottom Pants

Who thought that wine-red high-waisted bell-bottom pants could look as chic as navy or black ones? But it’s possible. The proof is right here! 

Olive Tummy Shaper Flare Bottom Pants

If green is your favourite colour or you want a pair of office-appropriate flare bottom pants, the right one is right here!


Styling Tips for Ladies' Bell-Bottom Pants Jeans

While bell-bottom pants jeans have always been here since their introduction, the styling guide for this dexterous clothing essential has gone through a massive shift. Let’s unroll them for you:

Embracing the 70s-inspired fashion revival 

Being a widely popular 70s fashion no way stops you from experimenting with women’s flare pants. From 70s topwear to modern tops and tees, bell-bottom jeans easily pair with everything. The comfortable fit of these pants and the tight fit of tucked-in shirts make the combination a perfect fit for plus-size ladies. 

Tips for pairing bell-bottom jeans with different tops

  • It’s best to choose loose and flowy tops
  • Off-shoulder tops, ruffled blouses, or bohemian-inspired tops complement the flare of the jeans
  • Tops that end right at your mid-section or end right above the pants’ waist look chic with bell-bottom pants.

Accessorizing to enhance the bohemian look

As bell-bottom pants jeans are associated with the hippy era fashion and were popular among hippies, accessories like a wide-brimmed hat, a statement belt, headbands or layered necklaces look stunning with these pants.

Bell Bottom Pants For Women That Define Your Lower Body

Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. Amydus cares about you and thus offers a wide range of plus-size, elegant, and fashionable plus-size flare jeans and bell-bottom pants for women in different beautiful colours and prints, which makes you not only look good but also feel good. Bell bottoms pants for ladies and plus-size flare jeans are back in fashion. Our bell bottoms and plus-size flare pants are exclusively made to recreate the trending vintage look.

Log on to Amydus and grab your desired pair of denim flare pants or bell-bottom trousers for ladies, to add to your exclusive collection. We offer comfortable plus-size flare jeans that fit you perfectly and give you full confidence. 

What Are Bell Bottom Pants, And How Do They Differ From Other Pant Styles?

Bell bottom pants are trousers with a flare. Bell bottom pants for women, are those trousers that are fitted from the waist and get wider from the knees giving a bell-like appearance to the trouser legs. Bell-bottom trousers for ladies are one of the most comfortable choices for curvy women and plus-size bodies. 

Bell bottom pants for women differ from other pant styles because they are characterized by wide flared legs, a design that allows a unique silhouette. Bell bottom pants stand out when compared with other styles like straight or tapered due to this unique trumpet-shaped flare. Apart from exuding a vintage charm, high-waisted wide-leg pants are easy to style and perfect for curvy ladies.

Introducing Printed Plus Size Flare Jeans For Women

Patterns And Designs

Herringbone printed high-waisted bell bottom trousers - This pattern is called herringbone due to its visual similarity to the bone of a herring fish. This pattern looks sophisticated.

Gold baroque high-waisted wide-leg trousers - Golden highly decorated style of art.

Mustard black snake print high-waisted wide-leg pants - This print resembles the skin pattern of a snake. Pair it with neutral colours or go for all black.

Black pinstripes printed plus size flare pants - A very thin stripe on fabric. It looks very elegant and graceful and is always in fashion.

Mint green high-waisted wide-leg pants - Beautiful coloured flared bell bottom, smart fit on waist and thighs, tummy shaping belt for best fit and shape. It makes you look gorgeous. 

Geometric play-printed plus-size flare pants - A pattern, which includes geometric designs like shapes, lines, circles, rectangles, triangles, and polygons. These patterns look good in evening wear and casual wear.

Amydus has a variety of colours available in ladies bell bottom trousers like wine, black, white, navy, olive, ice blue, brownish gray, dark gray, emerald, slate, cream, Choco brown, English grey, tan, mint green, and so on.


  • Tummy shaper plus size flare pants
  • Tummy shaper bell bottoms
  • High-waisted wide-leg trousers


Nylon Viscose Spandex

These are some excellent breathable fabrics with very relaxed fitting. It would keep you comfortable throughout the day. You should check out the white bell-bottom pants for ladies as it goes well with contrasting tops. 

Polyester Spandex

A very soft yet durable fabric makes great bell bottom pants and size palazzo pants. Perfect for bottom wear.

Styling Tips on Plus Size Flare Jeans

Party wear

Mustard black tummy shaper Snake print plus size flare pants paired with a black collar shirt and heels, would make You look gorgeous at parties and evening events.

Evening outings

It’s time for rocking evenings, pick Amydus’ gold baroque tummy shaper printed plus size flare jeans, paired with a black top. It is the perfect attire for evening outings.

Casual wear

Amydus’ plain bell bottoms with a perfect flare at the bottom, smart fit on the waist and thighs, and tummy-shaping belt give a smart, gorgeous, and remarkable look. Pair it with Amydus’ printed top and heels to capture the crowd's attention. For a casual look, you can also consider plus-size flare jeans.


An elegant, stylish, and comfortable office outfit needs no effort anymore. Pick a cream tummy shaper high-waisted bell-bottom trousers, and team up with a black collar shirt and heels. This look would make heads turn.

Reasons to choose flare pants for women at Amydus

Amydus brings you plus-size flare bottom jeans that provide unmatched comfort and accentuate your curves. Let us check some reasons why Amydus Bell-Bottom Pants are perfect for you. 

Flattering Silhouette - Our ladies' bell-bottom jeans with flared ends balance out curvier hips and thighs accentuating your waist and giving a more balanced appearance. This flattering silhouette of bell-bottom pants is perfect for pear-shaped body types.

Comfort and Mobility - Plus size flare bottom jeans have a relaxed fit, especially in the thigh and hip area that offers unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement. Our plus-size flare pants for women are made from the finest fabrics that let you move around in comfort all day long. 

Styling - You can style Amydus denim flare pants in various ways with plus-size tops, shirts, and even short kurtis. 

Trendy - Amydus ladies' bell bottom jeans are trendy and timeless and give off the vintage charm. These bell-bottom pants for women are a must-have in every curvy woman’s wardrobe. 

Things to consider before buying comfortable bell-bottom pants for ladies

Fashion is not just for glam or style, it's about comfort and ease too. Here are a few things you can consider before buying comfortable denim flare pants for ladies.

  • Before buying flare pants for ladies check the quality of the fabric and the level of comfort it can provide you. 
  • Darker shades of bell-bottom pants are suited well for curvy body types. Pick a colour that flaunts your curves. 
  • Choose a bell button pant print or design that suits your style.

Why Choose Amydus?

Amydus stands out in the fashion landscape as a brand dedicated to celebrating the beauty of plus-size women. We leave no stone unturned to offer premium quality, affordable plus-size dresses, kurta, pants and jeans that curvy ladies appreciate and fall in love with. 

More than a mere brand, Amydus is a movement that encourages plus-size women to not shy away from expressing themselves through fashion. All fashion brands are about looking beautiful. Amydus has thus brought a wide range of plus-size women’s trousers, bell bottoms, and flared pants for you that are trending. We have sizes from 2XL to 9XL. Amydus believes that you need to be happy and confident to look beautiful. Good looks attract the eyes. Personality attracts the heart. Stay beautiful.

FAQs on Bell Bottom Pants Jeans

Q. Do girls still wear flare-bottom pants?

Yes. The fashion world is cyclical, and flare-bottom pants are making a glorious comeback. Girls and women of every age group are reinventing their love for the retro-chic vibe of flare bottoms.

Q. What kind of shirts or tops to carry with bell-bottom pants?

Button-down shirts or regular tees carry nicely with bell-bottom pants. 

Q. Which type of footwear is suitable for bell bottom pants and jeans?

Sneakers, platform heels and gladiator flats suit bell bottom pants jeans. 

Q. What body types do bell-bottom pants flatter the most?

Bell bottom pants are best suited to flatter pear-shaped bodies. If you have a heavier bottom and thighs, go for the bell-bottom pants. 

Q. Can I wear bell-bottom pants for both casual and formal occasions?

Yes, you can wear bell-bottom pants for both casual and formal occasions. Choose a formal top for a formal occasion.

Q. Are bell-bottom pants suitable for plus-size women? 

Bell bottom pants are perfectly suited to plus-sized women as it balance wider hips and thighs with the flared cut. 

Q. How can bell-bottom pants be styled to flatter different body shapes?

For a pear-shaped body choose fitted tops with bell bottom pants. For Apple shaped body wear a flowing top along with flared bottom pants. If you have an hourglass shape, you can practically pair it with anything and it will look good.

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