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Plus Size Black Lehariya TopPlus Size Black Lehariya Top
Plus Size Black Lehariya Top
Sale priceRs. 1,799 Regular priceRs. 2,999
White Black Plus Size TopWhite Black Plus Size Top
White Black Plus Size Top
Sale priceRs. 1,799 Regular priceRs. 2,999
Plus Size Black White Floral Print Centre Pleat TopPlus Size Black White Floral Print Centre Pleat Top
Plus Size Black White Floral Print Centre Pleat Top
Sale priceRs. 1,799 Regular priceRs. 2,999
Plus Size Pastel Floral Centre Pleat TopPlus Size Pastel Floral Centre Pleat Top
Plus Size Pastel Floral Centre Pleat Top
Sale priceRs. 1,999 Regular priceRs. 3,499
Plus Size Black White Print Centre Pleat TopPlus Size Black White Print Centre Pleat Top
Plus Size Black White Print Centre Pleat Top
Sale priceRs. 1,799 Regular priceRs. 2,999
Maroon Paisley Print Cotton Plus Size TopMaroon Paisley Print Cotton Plus Size Top
Maroon Paisley Print Cotton Plus Size Top
Sale priceRs. 1,999 Regular priceRs. 3,499
Plus Size Red White Tropical Print Centre Pleat TopPlus Size Red White Tropical Print Centre Pleat Top
Plus Size Red White Tropical Print Centre Pleat Top
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Plus Size Light Blue Floral Centre Pleat TopPlus Size Light Blue Floral Centre Pleat Top
Plus Size Light Blue Floral Centre Pleat Top
Sale priceRs. 1,799 Regular priceRs. 2,999
Plus Size Black Tropical Print Kurta Cum ShrugPlus Size Black Tropical Print Kurta Cum Shrug
Plus Size Black Tropical Print Kurta Cum Shrug
Sale priceRs. 2,499 Regular priceRs. 2,799
Plus Size Black White Monochromatic Floral Print Centre Pleat TopPlus Size Black White Monochromatic Floral Print Centre Pleat Top
Plus Size Black White Monochromatic Floral Print Centre Pleat Top
Sale priceRs. 1,799 Regular priceRs. 2,999
Maroon Black Plus Size TopMaroon Black Plus Size Top
Maroon Black Plus Size Top
Sale priceRs. 1,799 Regular priceRs. 2,999
Plus Size Purple Paisley Print Cotton TopPlus Size Purple Paisley Print Cotton Top
Plus Size Purple Paisley Print Cotton Top
Sale priceRs. 1,999 Regular priceRs. 2,499
Lotus Print Plus Size TopLotus Print Plus Size Top
Lotus Print Plus Size Top
Sale priceRs. 1,799 Regular priceRs. 2,999
Plus Size Pink White TopPlus Size Pink White Top
Plus Size Pink White Top
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Plus Size Black White Striped Centre Pleat TopPlus Size Black White Striped Centre Pleat Top
Plus Size Black White Striped Centre Pleat Top
Sale priceRs. 1,799 Regular priceRs. 2,999
Black Luxe Floral Plus Size TopBlack Luxe Floral Plus Size Top
Black Luxe Floral Plus Size Top
Sale priceRs. 1,799 Regular priceRs. 2,999
Plus Size Yellow Paisely Print Cotton TopPlus Size Yellow Paisely Print Cotton Top
Plus Size Yellow Paisely Print Cotton Top
Sale priceRs. 1,999 Regular priceRs. 2,499
Plus Size Red Blue Striped Centre Pleat TopPlus Size Red Blue Striped Centre Pleat Top
Plus Size Red Blue Striped Centre Pleat Top
Sale priceRs. 1,799 Regular priceRs. 2,999
Plus Size Black Tropical Print Centre Pleat TopPlus Size Black Tropical Print Centre Pleat Top
Plus Size Black Tropical Print Centre Pleat Top
Sale priceRs. 1,799 Regular priceRs. 1,999
Plus Size Black White Geometric Print Centre Pleat TopPlus Size Black White Geometric Print Centre Pleat Top
Plus Size Black White Geometric Print Centre Pleat Top
Sale priceRs. 1,999 Regular priceRs. 3,499
Pink Floral Plus Size TopPink Floral Plus Size Top
Pink Floral Plus Size Top
Sale priceRs. 1,799 Regular priceRs. 2,999
Plus Size Cream Luxe Ethnic Print Centre Pleat TopPlus Size Cream Luxe Ethnic Print Centre Pleat Top
Plus Size Cream Luxe Ethnic Print Centre Pleat Top
Sale priceRs. 1,799 Regular priceRs. 1,999
Plus Size Grey Printed Cotton TopPlus Size Grey Printed Cotton Top
Plus Size Grey Printed Cotton Top
Sale priceRs. 1,999 Regular priceRs. 2,499
Purple Ombre Plus Size TopPurple Ombre Plus Size Top
Purple Ombre Plus Size Top
Sale priceRs. 1,799 Regular priceRs. 2,999

Explore Our Collection of Comfortable Plus Size Kurtis for Ladies

Every season is ideal when it comes to putting on Kurtis! After all, Kurtis are one of the most versatile and elegant clothing options, that every woman must have in their closet. However, when it comes to the chilly days, you may want to have some full-sleeve plus size kurtis that keep you protected from the cold and still make you look all gorgeous and glamorous.

But, do you face difficulties while selecting the plus size kurtis online? Well, don’t worry anymore. Amydus - a plus-size clothing brand for women is your one-stop destination for all plus-size clothing needs, including woolen kurtis or plus size short kurtis. Let's get to know more!

What Makes Amydus Your First Choice For Plus Size Party Wear Kurtis

Designs of Plus Size Kurtis Online

Amydus' summer & winter collection has numerous trendy woollen kurtis plus-size. We have checks, lining, blocks, and art prints on the plus size Kurti, making them truly outstanding yet capturing their simplicity.

Fabric of Kurtis

Since the material used in making these fashionable plus size party wear kurtis are velvet, satin, and other fabrics, they keep you comfortable and make you look stylish with their beautiful designs. Our woollen kurtis can be perfectly paired with your casual sweater, outing jackets, office blazers, or festive shawls.

Length of Plus Size Kurta for Women

Long plus-size kurtis will have full sleeves, and the length of the kurtis ends at your calf. When styled properly, our plus size short kurtis look incredibly elegant and sophisticated. It is easy to style the XXL Kurtis for ladies as they are so versatile.

Styling Your Plus-Size Winter Clothes

Here’s how you can style the plus-size woollen kurtis and look gorgeous.

Denim It Out

Plus size party wear kurtis can be blended with any attire so easily that it is crazy how not many people prefer kurtis. How about this season you get a short kurti plus size and throw on a short denim jacket with your stylish denim jeans? To complete the look you can put on sneakers or even trendy jootis.


Old is gold, truly. Kurtas and coats are a great combination and styling your plus-size woolen kurtis with some old-school coats from the wardrobe would be an iconic pair. Pick your favorite plus size kurti from Amydus and pair it with a black/brown trench coat with a waist belt.


It is unlikely that you will make a fashion blunder with Kurtis and shawls. Shawls are some of the most ethnic and elegant winter wear and they just enhance the appeal of your Kurtis. Get plain or embroidery-filled shawls to pair them with your favorite plus-size winter Kurtis from Amydus. Put on some printed palazzos and maybe loafers.

Get Access To The Latest Warm Kurtis For Winter Now!

All in all, winter Kurtis are great as the chilled wind breezes through your body. They are cozy, warm, comfortable, and most importantly, super stylish, especially when layered well. So head to Amydus and get your hands on some really lovely winter Kurtis right away!

Plus Size Kurtis For Festival - Top Collections For All Indian Festivals

As we live in a country of different cultures and festivals, we come through celebrations all year round. Therefore, we have a wide range of plus-size Festive Kurtis for all festivals coming around the year.

Amydus is a clothing brand that strongly believes in positive shaping and providing beautiful, stylish, traditional, ethnic, and trending Kurtis for women irrespective of their size, shape, and color. Amydus believes and respects that every woman is beautiful in their own way and we are here to enhance her beauty with our festival collection kurtis. Our special kurtis for festivals or casual kurtis online offers some of the finest prints, fabrics, and designs which are custom-made and designed for various festivals.

Types Of Fabrics And Designs Available

We have a variety of fabrics like Cotton, Silk, Rayon, Polyester, etc. for various Indian seasons, ceremonies, and festivals. These Kurtis not only are limited to festive wear but would look great even with casual attires, office outfits, or wedding dresses.

You may select a Kurtis of your choice from a variety of patterns like necklines U, V, crew, symmetrical, floral, embroidery, ethnic, side slit, long dress side slit, printed, etc. in beautiful color combinations and best material.

We make these Kurtis with the best source material and decorate them with love.

Styling of Plus Size Kurtis For Festivals

  • National Holidays - White Kurtis with flag-colored dupatta for Republic Day or Independence Day.
  • Lohri - Bright-colored Kurtis with embroidered or shining décor work dupatta.
  • Holi - White Kurtis for Holi to enhance the splash of vibrant colors
  • Karwachauth - Heavy prints of red-colored Kurtis with exceptional embroidery.
  • Rakhi - You can put on a printed floral Kurtis for Rakhi.
  • Diwali - Diwali is the most auspicious festival in India, so you might choose a colorful and studded Anarkali pattern of Kurtis with light jewelry to complete your festive look.

Why Wear Plus Size Kurtis only on Festivals?

Office Meetings

A Plus-Size Kurtis in the neutral shade in any pattern along with a large handbag would be a perfect outfit for your office or workplace meetings. Complete your look with neatly tucked hair or a ponytail.

Café Outing

To be with your friends for a coffee, wear any of your light-colored or printed Plus-Size Kurtis with a shoulder bag and complete your look with sunglasses.

Festive Look

Since we have the festive collection with us, what better occasion to put on a festive Kurtis than this. A bright-colored, embroidered, or sequence work Amydus Kurtis with light golden jewelry or long earrings would be the best look for the festive season.

Casual Look

Shop or travel comfortably, especially during heat waves with cotton plus size jaipuri kurtis. You can complete the look with a tote bag and wearing parallel pants.

Evening Look

To look graceful and stunning in an evening event, wear an ethnic wear kurta set in a bright color like royal blue with churidar pants with a gold embellished dupatta and golden earrings with golden fashionable studded flats.

Plus Size Jaipuri Kurtis: Addressing The Gap In Fashion Choices

Jaipuri Kurtis is one of the most stylish yet traditional pieces of attire of our Indian culture, originating in Jaipur, the Pink City of Rajasthan. Jaipuri Kurtis are versatile and you can wear them for casual, formal, and ethnic occasions like Pooja, community gatherings, and more.

We live in a world governed by the stereotypes of the media and the promotion of zero-size waist being a symbol of beauty. However, Amydus is here to break down this notion and promote fashion as a choice one makes and not what influences it. 

Amydus offers you a wide range of options with vivid colors and designs so different that you are never running out of style and you will always look unique in the room you enter. You can check them all out on

Perfect Fabric For Jaipuri Kurtis: A Guide For Fashion Lovers

You can wear plus-size kurtis that are designed with love. At Amydus, you have a wide range of kurta options for various occasions and seasons.

  • Cotton: You should opt for cotton Jaipuri Kurtis for everyday use as it is breathable and easily washable. Cotton Kurtis are your one-stop destination for casual styling especially if you live in a warmer region.
  • Silk: The material that truly captures the royalty of Rajasthan. Silk is the epitome of elegance in Jaipuri Kurtis and Amydus preserves that essence at all costs.
  • Polyester: We believe that Polyester is a great pick for formal occasions because this material does not crease so easily and looks neat throughout the day.
  • Rayon: A much lighter yet heavily print-oriented type of Kurtis. This is your best pick for Traditional Day in college or office.

Styling Your Plus Size Jaipuri Kurtis

With the Amydus collection, plus-size women will get access to a wide range of options, especially carefully designed jaipuri-style kurtis. Here are some of our picks on how you can get the best out of our printed kurtis collection.

For Work

Kurtis is a great pick for work. They are easy to put on, keep you comfortable throughout the hectic day, and still do not lose the professional feel of it. You can pick neutral and plain Jaipuri style Kurtis with minimum design work to keep it professional. Put on some great plus-size palazzo pants and sandals, preferably white ones and you are good to go already. An addition of long earrings to your outfit would look beautiful as well.

For Outing

Have plans with your gals to have brunch somewhere? No need to trouble yourself by looking at numerous outfits, just pick any light-colored plus-size Jaipuri Kurtis and hop in white or beige trousers with small heels to match the same. Maybe put on a dupatta, some bangles, and a matching handbag and you would be good to go.

For Festivals

Now, every festival is incomplete without a nice Kurtis. Jaipuri Kurtis at Amydus not only has the styles to fit the theme of every festival but amazing colors to make you stand out yet blend in. A true preservation of the heritage. When sarees feel too heavy, switch it up a knob and get a yellow/pink Jaipuri Kurtis instead. Get leggings and jootis, throw on some nice jewelry, and be a part of the culture.

For A Lazy Day Out

Sometimes, the will to dress up just sleeps off but that does not mean you go without style. For a lazy day out, maybe a walk to the grocery store, or going for a movie, casual kurtis are going to be your best friend. A comfortable white print Kurti with pants and flats would make for an awesome casual look.

Elevate your office attire with Amydus' plus-size formal kurtis for ladies. Boost your professional look with stylish and comfortable office wear kurtis online.

It is just wonderful to look at how far we have come as a society. Not only are women working but achieving greater heights every day. To celebrate the women who believe in themselves, Amydus brings you the Plus Size Formal Kurti collection. A collection of Kurtis every working woman must have. The styles, designs, and materials are so different that you would have newer ways to style your office look every day.

Amydus supports the mindset of body positivity and not the trend of it. Our Formal Kurti collection for Plus Size women says more than we could ever type. This one is for the achievers, the rebels, the go-getters.

The Shapes

Plus-Size Formal Wear Kurtis

Straight Kurtis are much easier to adapt with formal clothing. They are certainly the most popular as well. Plus size straight Kurtis are mostly ankle length. They look great in the office. What makes them look professional is the lean silhouette on them.

A-Line Formal Kurtis

A-line is as popular as straight fit. It consists of a single panel and fits well from the shoulders to the calves. This creates the shape of an ‘A’, which explains the name. Plus size women with an apple or pear-shaped body would look gorgeous in these.

Anarkali Formal Kurtis

Anarkali Kurtis are widely popular for their frock style design which makes them look beautiful and sophisticated. The traditional sprinkle on it enhances its beauty and you get 5xl anarkali kurtis, 4xl anarkali kurtis, and woolen anarkali kurtis too.

The Fabrics of Formal Plus Size Kurtis


Relaxing, comfortable, and truly light is the definition of cotton formal Kurtis. These are surely your best friends if you have a job that requires physical work as well as mental toll. You need to be relaxed in such cases at all times, and the light cotton plus size Kurtis would be the best. The moisture absorption is pretty good, so no more sweaty days. It is very easy on the skin too.


This is a heavier option but the look and style it brings to the table are miles away from any other clothing. A true royal feel. However, this should be your choice on important days, such as board meetings or presentations. It makes a great option for wearing kurtis for formal occasions.

Styling Your Formal Kurti

The “Usual Office” Look

Straight-fit cotton Kurti from the Amydus Plus Size Formal Collection would be apt for the regular office look. With the number of colors and designs we have; you can have different Kurtis every day. Put on some pencil trousers and matching wedges to complete this simple yet stunning outfit.

The “Important Meeting” Look

Silk Kurtis in A-Like and Anarkali shapes would look great for an important meeting. It would add a royal touch to your look while keeping it professional to the core. Pairing A-line Kurtis with leggings or straight fits with palazzo pants would work wonders.

The “Office Party” Look

Office parties or traditional days, you need to stand out. With the Amydus Formal collection, you can easily do it by picking up your favorite shape and design and pairing it with pajamas and juttis. Bangles, earrings, and rings would add to the effect.

Don’t consider the Formal Kurtis collection to be strictly for office wear only. Pairing the Kurtis with the right bottoms could make them work out for brunches, casuals, or even dinner parties. They fit in all. Whether modern designs or traditional styles, Amydus has it all to offer under the Formal plus-size Kurti range.

A-Line And Anarkali Kurtis For Plus Size Women's

No matter what the occasion is, a Kurtis is always the perfect fit. Be it a festival, a shopping day, or a meeting, Kurtis happens to be an excellent statement maker in terms of clothing and fashion in general.

However, women often face the issue of not being able to find a kurta in their size, and this stays true, especially in the case of plus sizes. Finding pretty casual kurtis in a variety of colors and textures in plus sizes can be a bit of a challenge. But we are here to solve that!

Amydus is a plus-size-only clothing brand with a wide range of all kinds of Kurtis, including the most commonly demanded A-Line style Kurtis. Let's find out more!

Must Have A-Line Anarkali Kurtis

There are some kinds of A-line Kurtis that everyone must have in their wardrobes because these Kurtis make a perfect addition to your wardrobe which can be worn for casual outings and even festive occasions.

  • Cotton Plus Size Kurtis

If you are looking for everyday Kurtis, for college or work, then A-line cotton Kurtis must be included in your closet in a variety of colors, mostly because of how comfortable they are and how they can be styled with pretty much everything.

  • Silk Plus Size Kurtis

Silk as a fabric adds great amounts of depth to any piece of clothing, and an A-line Kurtis is no exception. Even a plain Kurtis made with silk fabric can make a royalty statement that can be worn for special occasions.

  • Rayon Plus Size Kurtis

Rayon fabric-based A-line kurtis look extremely beautiful, especially when paired with the right accessories and jewelry. In addition, these are more print-heavy, making them ideal for festive occasions and plus-size anarkali kurtis, plus-size festive kurtis, or suits are your best option.

There are a few fabrics for Kurtis that you must include in your wardrobe as it will make you look effortlessly fashionable and add a whole new layer of charm to your look. But how do you style these Kurtis? Well, the good thing about A-line Anarkali Kurtis is that they can be styled in multiple ways without having to think much about it. So let's look at some options.

Here's How You Can Style Your A-line Kurtis

Everyday Wear

Wish to go to college looking all dolled up without having to spend too much time on your outfit? Here's a hack! Throw a simple A-line cotton Kurtis and pair it with any skinny jeans and a sandal. Put on a bracelet or two and wear simple and elegant earrings. And there you have it!

Festive Wear

Want to go all out with your festive look? Well, there's nothing better than a plus-size Anarkali dress being worn with matching pants and a dupatta. Pair it with some bold, oxidized jewelry such as Jhumkas and maybe an anklet too. Wear a traditional Jaipuri jootis, and your festive look is ready.

The Truth About A-Line Anarkali Kurtis

A-line Kurtis serves to be a savior when no other outfit feels right because, let's be honest, there's never a bad day to put on your favorite Kurtis and a pair of Jhumkas. So what are you waiting for? Head to Amydus and find your perfect-fitting A-line Kurtis soon!

Casual Kurtis is a name for the contemporary look. Casual attire is an article of informal clothing that is used for comfortable, relaxed, cool, occasional, classic, unplanned, and everyday wear. If you are looking for a casual, simple, and classy look then casual Kurtis are your best choice.

Amydus is a brand that strongly believes in the inner beauty of a soul and positive shaping. Therefore, Amydus only makes Kurtis for the plus-size beautiful, stylish, confident, and free-spirited women. We present a wide collection of plus-size Kurtis in different patterns and fabrics according to the various Indian seasons and occasions.

Types of Fabrics in Plus Size Casual Kurtis


Cotton is the most comfortable, cool, and skin-friendly fabric. It is a boon for the people living in hot regions like Rajasthan. It is the most loved material for casual wear but at the same time, cotton jaipuri print kurtis are the symbol of grace and elegance and are also used as a status symbol. In the fashion industry, most of the casual plus-size dresses are made from cotton fabric.


Silk is a natural, royal, and most delicate fabric that is best for both winters and summers.


Linen is another soft and cool fabric especially best for summer. It gives a rich, elegant, and graceful look. It is available in all ethnic and soothing shades.


Rayon is an artificial textile material. It is a soft, smooth as well as comfortable fabric. It gives a beautiful fall look to the Kurtis.


Polyester is quick-drying, machine washable ruff, and tuff fabric that is wrinkle-resistant, travel-friendly, and the cheapest fabric on the market. This material is suitable for winter.  


Amydus offers a variety of colors and designs for plus-size casual Kurtis like printed Kurtis, ikat print Kurtis, stripe Kurtis, scarf-printed Kurtis, floral Kurtis, embroidery frill sleeve Kurtis, lace detailed Kurti, block printed Kurtis, motif printed Kurtis, solid straight kurta, indigo ethnic printed Kurtis, tassel Kurtis and so on


Roll-up sleeve Kurti, collar Kurtis, frill sleeve Kurtis, round hemline Kurtis, straight Kurtis, sleeve play Kurtis, lace sleeve Kurtis, A-line Kurti, tail cut Kurtis, Anarkali style Kurtis, frock design Kurtis, plus size anarkali kurtis, shirt style, indo-western Kurtis, kaftans style and many more.

Styling of Plus Size Casual Kurtis

Office Wear

To give your casual wear a formal look, combine it with some formal looking such as heels and minimalistic makeup.

Daily Wear

Kurtis are one of the best casual plus size dresses that look great for daily use. Keep it with minimum accessories like simple matching earrings and happy vibes that’s all.

Casual Plus Size Dresses For Café Outing Or Market Visit

Complete your look with flat footwear and a tote bag with an oversize dress for casual outings. 

College Wear

A short Kurtis with denim would be a great style for college wear.

Get ready to shine at every party with Amydus' comfortable plus-size party wear kurtis for women. Shop online for flattering kurtis designed to enhance your party look.

Party Kurtis: An Unsaid Outfit That You Should Have!

Kurtis are quite popular and in the modern age it has taken many roles from casual Kurtis, short Kurtis, solid color Kurtis, ethnic Kurtis, and party Kurtis. There are many more variations to this allowing you a wide range of options in Kurtis alone.

Party Kurtis are uniquely designed from the fabric, design, choice of colors, and many more aspects. These aspects are quite important to make party Kurtis a reality.

Easy To Party Outfit

Party outfits take a long time to come together and require a lot of your time for choosing since you wish to be the best version of yourself for parties. Of course, that is an unsaid rule. For parties, “You need to put efforts to look the best.” However, there are outfits that effortlessly look good for parties such as party Kurtis. Engage yourself in an array of formal wear Kurtis collections at Amydus and establish your closet to be ready for every party and rock the look.

Check Out Amydus’s Exclusive Party Kurtis Collection

Here are some of the glimpses of the party Kurtis collection offered by Amydus:

Beige Ethnic Party Wear Kurtis

Every party Kurtis listed at Amydus is unique and has a vibe of its own. There are various options to choose from and one of them is this beige printed satin Kurti. The neutral color with the sheen of the satin cloth makes it unique and gives a bright radiant look. The outfit will look good with long earrings, and a compatible hairstyle. It is easy to wear and style. So equip your closet with this party Kurtis.

Navy Bandhej Inspired Satin Printed Kurtis

Navy colored Kurtis are quite elegant and offer a royal look. Navy colored satin cloths from which this Kurtis are derived as an attractive look. It brings our royalty and helps you bring your best foot forward. Hence, it is a great idea to buy Navy Bandhej inspired satin printed Kurtis.

Black Center Panel Print Party

Black is of course a great option for parties especially when there is a Noir themed party. Black satin Kurtis have a unique sheen when the moonlight is incident on it. It will look amazing with silver and golden jewelry alike.

Red Center Panel Print Party

Red satin outfits always give a rich look and the same applies to this Kurti option at Amydus. Red is known to be one of the most attractive colors. If you want to be the center of attraction in the party then definitely go with this red center panel print Kurti.

Elevate your style with Amydus' plus-size linen kurti for women. Get a comfortable & stylish linen kurta that flatters your curves while keeping you cool & fashionable online.

 Perhaps the most flexible piece of Indian clothing is the kurta. The lady's kurta may have whatever design or embroidery you choose, can be made in various shapes and forms, and will look great in any setting. Everyone needs a variety of women's kurta sets in their closets.

A simple cotton linen kurta for ladies is the best option. It is a versatile piece of clothing that can be dolled up for festivities with a thick dupatta and spectacular jewelry or worn casually to work or office events.

Plus Size Cotton Linen Kurtas You Must Have In your Closet

Women's plus size Kurti sets have historically been malformed, unstylish outfits designed to cover curvier figures with miles of material. It's crucial to realise that curvy women desire to display their curves rather than hide them. Amydus understands this and has a classic range of cotton Linen Kurtas to fit your needs.

An Impressive Official Look- Cotton Linen Collar Kurta

You can opt for a collared kurta whenever you have to be on an official outing or to make it more versatile. Kurtas with a collar offer you a very sophisticated look, presenting the kurta as a piece of an extended official outfit. The collars can be loose or crisp, but they shape the shoulders and give you a structured look. The edges of the collars can be best adorned for carrying heavy pieces of contrasting jewelry. If you want to wear sharp and loud jewelry on a collared kurta, ensure the color does not include rich prints.

Flaunt The Retro Design- Cotton Linen Polka Kurta

Polka designs can be your best pick as they offer a change in the overall appeal of an individual. As polka dots are placed vividly across the kurta set, they hide the parts that pop out and give you a slimmer look. When paired with palazzos or tights, a white kurta with black polka dots gives you a great fit to get you ready for any event.

Be Modern Yet Traditional- Cotton Linen Kurta Cum Shrug.

Yes, you read it right. This unique set of kurtas can be worn as a shrug over any piece of garment, or it can be worn as a kurta as it has buttons for this quick transition. When wearing it like a shrug, wear inners and pants that contrast or are monochromes. The shrug can be added to give you a bright look.

Experiment Prints- Cotton Linen Print Kurta

Prints are tremendous, and many plus size women think these loud prints make them look heavier. It's time to change your thinking, as patterns can be great for you, for they take the observer's attention to them. In addition, prints and a collared neck make an exciting combination that can be styled with any pants or trousers.

Shopping For Kurtas For Plus-Size Women: Things To Consider

Choose vibrant plus size kurta pants set in bursting colors for buffets or even more relaxed holiday parties so that you will stand out everywhere you go.

You may get the ideal plus-size cotton-linen women's kurta at Amydus, which you can wear with a choice of bottoms or a subtle kurta in rustic solids with touches of gold embellishment.

Also, wear heels when you buy long kurtas that have extensions, as the long ones, when not paired with the proper footwear, can make you look short.

A large selection of cotton linen kurtas for plus-size women to select from at Amydus is ideal for festive evenings, ceremonies, and receptions.

Check The Top-Most Cotton Linen Kurtas At Amydus

In addition to a variety of plus-size cotton linen kurtas, Amydus offers a large selection of kurtas for plus-size women in various designs, patterns, and materials. And be sure you will only find your favorite plus size kurtas at Amydus, irrespective of your size.

Why Trust Amydus?

Amydus strongly believes in the inner beauty of a soul and presents fashion with love and across size boundaries. We make smart, fashionable, and traditional Kurtis in sizes 2XL-9XL. If you want Comfort, Style, and Trendy Kurtis, check out our plus-size Kurtis collection.

Jaipuri Kurtis by Amydus is not a collection of clothing but of heritage and culture. Now you don’t need a festival to wear traditional Kurtis; stylize them with any casual or work fit and you would be prettier than ever. Get access to plus size Anarkali kurtis collection by Amydus, and enhance your beauty to gain confidence and look elegant.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and, thus, Amydus presents a collection of lovely and comfortable plus-size casual Kurtis in sizes 2XL-9XL for Indian women. Kurtis are traditional outfits that are easy to carry and make you look sophisticated. Amydus’ collection of various patterns of plus-size Kurti with jeans would give you a stunning look.

Frequently Asked Questions On Plus Size Kurti for Ladies

Q. Which type of Kurti is best for plus-size ladies?

Ans: Plus-size kurtis online from Amydus are available in different fabrics such as cotton, satin, and velvet, which can be preferred by everybody. 

Q. How do I choose the right size for a plus-size winter kurti?

Ans: Check the size chart and be mindful of your body inches while selecting a plus-size woollen kurti online.

Q. How can I style a winter plus-size kurti for different occasions?

Ans: The versatile nature of plus-size woollen kurtis makes them apt clothing choice for various occasions. You can style them with a denim jacket for a casual brunch day, with a shawl for a formal office look, with sneakers and jeans for an adventure, with a dupatta for a festive event. 

Q. Can I layer a winter plus-size kurti with other clothing items for extra warmth?

Ans: Yes, you can layer woollen kurtis with denim jackets or overcoats for added warmth. 

Q. Where can I find a wide variety of winter plus-size kurtis for ladies?

Ans: You can find the best quality plus-size winter kurtis for ladies online at Amydus.

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