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Plus Size Black Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom PantsPlus Size Black Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom Pants
Black Essential Tummy Shaper JeggingBlack Essential Tummy Shaper Jegging
Crease Seam Black Straight Fit PantCrease Seam Black Straight Fit Pant
Tortoise Blue Flare JeansTortoise Blue Flare Jeans
Tortoise Blue Flare Jeans
Sale priceRs. 2,999
Blue Light Fade Straight Fit JeansBlue Light Fade Straight Fit Jeans
Plus Size White Tummy Tucker PantsPlus Size White Tummy Tucker Pants
Plus Size Fawn Tummy Shaper ShortsPlus Size Fawn Tummy Shaper Shorts
Plus Size Fawn Tummy Shaper Shorts
Sale priceRs. 1,799 Regular priceRs. 2,299
White Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom PantsWhite Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom Pants
Tortoise Blue Straight Fit JeansTortoise Blue Straight Fit Jeans
Denim Blue Tummy Shaper Bell BottomDenim Blue Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom
Denim Blue Crease Seam Tummy Tucker PantsDenim Blue Crease Seam Tummy Tucker Pants
Plus Size Navy Bell Bottom PantsPlus Size Navy Bell Bottom Pants
High Waist White JeggingsHigh Waist White Jeggings
High Waist White Jeggings
Sale priceRs. 2,499
Navy Crease Seam Tummy Tucker PantsNavy Crease Seam Tummy Tucker Pants
Black New Fit Tummy Tucker Crop PantsBlack New Fit Tummy Tucker Crop Pants
Olive Crease Seam Tummy Tucker PantsOlive Crease Seam Tummy Tucker Pants
Wine Red Tummy Shaper Bell BottomWine Red Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom
Olive Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom PantsOlive Tummy Shaper Bell Bottom Pants
Bermuda Blue No Fade Straight JeansBermuda Blue No Fade Straight Jeans
Plus Size Black Tummy Shaper ShortsPlus Size Black Tummy Shaper Shorts
Plus Size Black Tummy Shaper Shorts
Sale priceRs. 1,799 Regular priceRs. 2,299
Navy Essential Tummy Shaper JeggingNavy Essential Tummy Shaper Jegging
Plus Size Straight Pants - WinePlus Size Straight Pants - Wine
Plus Size Straight Pants - Wine
Sale priceRs. 2,499
Wine Red Tummy Tucker JeggingsWine Red Tummy Tucker Jeggings
Wine Red Tummy Tucker Jeggings
Sale priceRs. 2,499
Navy New Fit Tummy Tucker Crop PantsNavy New Fit Tummy Tucker Crop Pants

Explore the Collection of Tummy Control Pants for a Confident Look at Amydus

Curvy women are often made to believe that their wider waist and hip areas are something to be ashamed of. But they can’t be more wrong than this!

It’s time to flaunt with confidence what you got!

Amydus presents the largest collection of tummy control pants designed for plus-size women. If you are someone who is worried about her big belly and wants an elegant, smooth tummy area, look nowhere! Because it’s us who have some of the best tummy tucker jeggings to let plus-size women step out of their room with confidence and style. 

Since Jeggings are more of a mixture of jeans and leggings, therefore they have the fit of leggings and flexibility of jeans. Tummy reducer jegging is very popular these days due to their comfort level. Amydus offers a variety of comfortable, sleek and well-fitting body shaper pants for plus-size women.

Flattering Waistlines: The Ultimate Guide to Belly Pants

Our tummy-shaper belly pants come in various sizes, fits, styles and types to flatter every curvy woman.  The best part of slipping into these tummy tucker shapewear pants is they keep the tummy as flat as a pancake. So even if you are out with friends, enjoying a cake, your tummy remains flat hiding the bulges and bumps. 

These highly stretchable tummy control pants are designed keeping all plus-size women in mind. That's why they come in sizes from L to 9xl. We are sure you will find at least one tummy tucker shapewear for you.

Walking with confidence is not just about the right outfit; it's about how you feel in it. Our tummy tucker shapewear pants let you embrace your uniqueness with pride. The right pair of tummy control pants can transform not just your look but also your outlook, empowering you to take on the world with poise.

Enhance your confidence with plus-size shapewear from Amydus. Get body-hugging solutions that flatter your curves with online tummy shapers.

Introduction: What Are Tummy Shapers?

Tummy shapers are a part of body shapers, they serve the purpose of giving smooth and flat silhouettes. A Shapewear can be best described as any piece of clothing that hugs the body and gives a more smooth and flatter body illusion. Tummy shapers help in distributing the fats in the belly region to be more evenly distributed and give an illusion of a floating stomach with no folds. Body shapers are also known as Glide and Tights are one of the most common pieces ladies purchase while wearing dresses and pants.

The advantages of buying tummy shapers are many and are listed below:

  • Tummy shapers give a Flat tummy as the fat is distributed in the areas where there is less fats.
  • Helps in enhancing the body proportions and enhances the curves and edges of the body.
  • They are inexpensive and can be easily purchased. At Amydus you can now start shopping for tummy shapers which helps in achieving smooth silhouettes.
  • Since these are worn beneath the clothes, they not only help in giving a clean look but are practically invisible and no one knows you have worn a Tummy shaper.

What Are Boot Cut Tummy Shapers?

Having Pants that already have tummy shapers are much more needed as they make it easy to be worn and you do not have to spend an extra penny on buying Shapers differently and pants differently.

There a great fashion trend having three basic Bootcut tummy shaper pants in your wardrobe is crucial:

White Tummy shaper Bell Bottom pants: Though Bell bottom pants have returned and are considered to be trendsetters, they help in setting a more formal and casual look for your outfit. Adding neutral colours to your wardrobe will help you pair them with most of your shirts and lower t shirt for girl.

Black Boot cut Tummy shaper pants: If you are looking for more dimension to your regular Formal pants than a boot cut pants will help in adding the volume and new dimension. Boot cut enhances the shape of your leg. 

A Guide To Style Boot Cut Pants?

  • Boot cut Tummy shaper pants should fit your waist, they can be considered to be a mid rise length.
  • Boot cut pants can be styled with shoes and sneakers with Pencil heels like stilettos for formal occasions.
  • Using dark wash or dark colour like Black boot cut Tummy shaper pants will help in making your pants look more appropriate for the work environment. You can pair them with a blouse with medium size floral prints or just stripes. With this you can add some high heeled shoes and you are ready to sign in for your work with a statement outfit.

Boot cut Tummy shapers are one of the must type pants any woman should have in their wardrobe. Having a few formal pants and shirts can help you give so many outfit options. This will also help you save time and wardrobe space.

Why Trust Amydus?

Amydus is known in the plus-size clothing industry for its comfortable belly pants that make curvy women feel confident in every outfit. Our collection of body shaper pants goes beyond the conventional, offering bell bottom cuts, flare pants, straight-fit tummy reducer pants, skinny fit tummy tucker jeggings and more. 

The carefully engineered fabrics and designs of our belly pants work seamlessly to sculpt your silhouette without compromising on comfort. It’s so fascinating that women crave curves and others without them, feel jealous. 

Browse through our online clothing store to find the perfect pairs of plus-size body shaper pants for you!

FAQs on Tummy Tucker Shapewear

Q. What kind of tops can I wear with belly pants?

All sorts of tops, shirts, t-shirts, and crop tees you can wear with belly pants.

Q. Can you wear tummy tucker shapewear all the time?

Yes, our tummy tucker shapewear pants are designed for everyday wear. Simply choose the right fit and size and rock them 24*7.

Q. What is the ideal length of tummy control pants?

The ideal length of tummy control pants is ankle-length. A little shorter or longer than ankle-length also looks classy and polished.

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