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High Waist Pants For Women: Solve Your Fit Problems

Step into a new, comfortable, stylish era of fashion and pull on your best high-waisted jeans or pants and let the world be your runway. High-waisted trousers are one of the most flattering styles of bottoms for women. They are versatile and can be styled to suit various looks for different occasions. Pair it with western or ethnic wear and you’re ready to take on the day.

Explore the wide range of high-rise jeans for women for plus-sized women at Amydus.

Insights Into Womens High Rise Pants

High Waisted pants are really in trend and are very popular among the ladies. They are quite popular among teens and Women in their early 20s. So how do you differentiate between a High-waisted or High Rise pants or jeans then regular pants or jeans. High waisted pants are worn above the navel and help in balancing your body shape and proportion. 

Plus Size clothing can be tricky and depending upon the body shape, the proportion of waist to hip ratio can vary. Amydus, an online clothing brand which exclusively focuses on Plus size women's clothing has solved shopping problems for plus size women. They offer a variety of clothing options at affordable prices .

How Do High-Waisted Jeans Differ From Regular Jeans?

High-rise trousers women are different from regular jeans because they are high-waisted and their button stays above your belly button. Whereas regular jeans or pants have their buttons below the belly button. The shorter the distance between the inseam and the waistband the lower the rise.

How Do I Choose The Right Size For High-Waisted Jeans?

The waistband should fit and sit flush on your ribcage. The fabric should not bulge too much when you bend over or sit. Some high-waisted pants have fitted legs and others have wide legs, so go for fits that are a little slimmer on your thighs. To complement your body shape and height, adjust the hem or inseam of the ladies' high-waisted pants.

Styling Tips

Styling High waisted Trousers are much easier to style than you think as they are similar to tummy shaper for women. As they help in balancing your body shape and using simple pieces from your wardrobe you can really up your outfit game. We help you how you can style High waisted pants for short torso or long. 

  • Using A Top:

Any basic Top or any printed top containing graffiti can up your look so much, it not only adds volume but focuses more on your body proportions. Using a Baggy t-shirt which is slightly tucked in helps in adding more detail to your outfit. Tops are definitely something you should wear with High waist pants. 
    • Using Crop Top:

    Wanna go a bit Chic and edgy, crop tops help in achieving that chic and Edgy look to your outfit. Pairing these outfits with some minimum accessories like ringed earrings hoops or gold plated small earrings and a messy bun. You are set to make a statement. This outfit is perfect for dinner dates or even a party. 
      • Coats:

      If you want to achieve a Girl boss look, we have got you. Any sort of formal shirt in contrast to your jeans or even t-shirt or crop tops, on this a coat or a jacket with belt around your waist and accessories Viola, you are good to achieve the girl boss vibes. 

        Do's And Don'ts

        Using your High waisted jeans right is very important to give your body a definite proportions and gives a balanced look to you. 

        • Use a cotton, linen or Georgette shirt if you decide to pair a shirt with High waisted Trousers. 
        • Add layers to your outfits by using coats and vests. 
        • Bodysuits and Camisoles are also an excellent choice of pairing with High waisted jeans. 
        • Accessories well in a minimum way, using a black belt helps in adding length to your waist. 
        • Use bags like tote bags or oversized bags. 


        • Avoid wearing large Bumper jackets, if you have a short torso, because instead of giving you a more chic look, it makes your body look more square like and helps your body proportions be hidden. 
        • Choosing right sizes: Buy a correct size of high waisted or tummy tucker pants as the right fitted pants will go with any outfit.
        • Don't accessorize too much. 


        High waisted pants for plus size women can be easily purchased at Amydus without compromising size and comfort. These are one of the most easiest outfit to style and can be paired with anything simple to achieve a classy look.

        FAQs on Plus Size High Waisted Pants For Ladies

        Q. Can I wear high-waist pants with a crop top?

        A: Yes, you can. Crop tops look amazing when they are paired with stylish high-waisted jeans or pants.

        Q. How to wear high-waist jeans?

        A: You can choose to wear your plus size high-waisted pants in any way and pair it with anything depending on the occasion.

        Q. Can I wear high-waisted pants every day?

        A: Yes, you can. They are trendy, stylish, comfortable, and versatile. You can wear them everything and dress them up or down to achieve different looks.

        Q. Can I wear high-waist pants with the shirt?

        A: Yes, you can wear your high waisted pants for women with a shirt and you can choose to tuck it in or not.

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