Discover Amydus' collection of comfortable plus-size formal pants for women. Style yourself to perfection with our ladies' formal trousers, designed for comfort.


If you are someone who is looking for plus-size formal pants, but always have to be disheartened for not getting the right size. Amydus is an online shopping platform for formal for plus-size women, and it is an ideal place for you to find your ideal size clothing, that fits your body perfectly and hugs your curve. Pants are not only limited to formal wear and to be fair it's quite a broad term. 

What Are Formal Pants?

Formal pants for women are staple bottom wear worn in a professional setting. Women with curvy bodies can wear plus size formal pants for officewear and pair them with shirts or formal tops. Well-tailored formal trousers for ladies for plus-size bodies are designed to exude sophistication while keeping your look professional. 

Formal trousers for women often have well-defined seams for a structured look. Pair them with shirts or blazers to make your workwear look seamless.

Get Your Hands On Formal Pants & Trousers For Plus Size Womens

Formal pants for plus-size women are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing one could wear. As said earlier when we talk about pants, it's just not about the plus size formal pants we are talking about, this specific piece of clothing is fit for Work commitments to Casual outings to late night clothing hacks. Pants are a need. 

One of the most important things people don't know about is how they should purchase a perfect pair of pants. Every type of pants are purchased in a different way, and when plus size formal pants or bell bottom jeans for ladies are being shopped it is important to buy plus size formal pants for ladies that help in flaunting those curves.

Plus Size Formal Pants For Ladies  - Tailored For Style And Comfort

Curvy Women do not have the option or rather the freedom to select the desired piece of clothing like pants for themselves. Very few brands make plus-size formal pants for women in limited sizes. This makes it very inconvenient to shop and buy plus-size pants for women at affordable prices. 

Amydus is an online shopping platform dedicated to plus-size women and helps them find their style and the desired piece of clothing. We understand that curvy women do not want to hide their curves but rather flaunt them. At affordable prices, Plus-size pants are easily available in all sizes.

White Formal Pants For Corporate Occasion: 

If you are not sure what you are supposed to wear for a welcome party or an annual party or even any other corporate event, then plus size formal pants are definitely one of the pieces of clothing you can style. Chinos are definitely one of the easiest options one can choose and style it easily with tops and shorts especially when you're running late. 

Formal Pants For Women At Weddings:

Weddings are an special events and many people have an eye on you, if you are looking to keep it simple yet classy, and give boss vibes, then Wide leg pants are a good choice, again one of the most versatile piece of clothing, can be easily worn with fancy top or blazer and helps in maintaining body proportions. 

Formal Wear For Everyday Use: Stylish Plus Size Bottom Wear For Ladies

If you have a goal of looking more casual, formal clothing is what you prefer then you can prefer wearing Culottes as these pants are cropped and are quite trendy, definitely makes its a good everyday wear option. You can style it differently and wear it for everyday work or even for Sunday Brunch. 

Reasons To Choose Amydus Comfortable Formal Pants

Amydus formal pants for women are your perfect choice when looking for formal wear for curvy body type. 

It can be difficult for plus-size ladies to find confidently fitting formal attire that is both fashionable and comfortable. Fortunately, at Amydus you can find a host of fashionable yet figure-flattering formal trousers for women that fit your bodies and exude confidence and style.

Tummy Shaper Belt - Our plus size formal pants come with a tummy shaper belt so that you are always in shape comfortably. 

No button closure - Buttons become a problem and look untidy for curvy ladies, at times. Our formal trousers for ladies don’t come with any buttons. 

No Back Gaping - The high waist tummy tucker belt ensures there are no back gaping and you can move around comfortably throughout the day. 

Four-way stretch - The superior quality of spandex ensures there is a four-way stretch for a snug fit. The buttery-soft fabric keeps you comfortable, always.

Secret To Buy Perfect Trouser: Tips For Women's Formal Pants

  • Knowing the right occasion is very important, and buying the right type of formal pants for plus size women helps in saving a lot of time. 
  • Choosing to buy a versatile color of Formal pants or even a darker shade of formal pants as they can be paired with a variety of tops and shirts. 
  • Choosing the clothes that fit you and hug your body. 
  • Knowing your pant length you don't want them to be very shorts, but it depends on the type of fit you are comfortable with.

Why Choose Amydus

Style is for everyone at Amydus, irrespective of size and shape! Our plus-size formal pants for women range is centred around the notion of enabling curvy women to confidently face the world at work. From L to 8XL you can find the right size for every curvy body at Amydus.

Our carefully curated selection of plus-size tops, plus-size dresses, and other items represent the values of comfort, style, and inclusion in fashion. Let’s show off the curves with pride.


Q. How should I choose the right size for formal pants?

A: It is important to pick the right size when choosing plus-size formal pants. Go through the size chart to pick the right fit for yourself. 

Q. Can formal pants be tailored for a better fit?

A: Formal pants from Amydus are tailored for the best fit. Find the right size for yourself from the size chart.

Q. How to wear formal pants for ladies?

A: You can pair formal pants for ladies with formal plus-size tops or formal shirts.

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